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Why Those 'Jyn Is Rey's Mom' Theories Are Terrible

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Gets an Amazing Public Shaming in a Starbucks

'Full Frontal' Gets More Episodes So Start Watching The Effing Show Already

Where Has This 'Shameless' Been All Season?

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'The Real O'Neals' Is Great, But It's Not Chicago

John Oliver Is Clearly Trying To Speak To Us, But What Is He Trying To Say?

Lindsey Graham Insulting Trump Is Too Little, Too Late

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Review: When Good Storytelling Clashes With Real Life

Rape Kits Aren't Being Tested Because Apparently Serial Rapists Aren't A Problem

John Oliver Sends Us Down The Dark Hole That Is The Mind Of A Trump Supporter

Scraping The Bottom Of The White Guy Biopic Barrel: 'Genius' Trailer

John Oliver Didn't Think He'd Have To Care About Trump

In Shocking Expose, Things Are More Complicated Than Congress And The Media Make Them Out To Be

Why Is Everyone Pissed At Joe's Crab Shack? Just Some Casual Racism

#thetriggering Just Took Down 'PC Culture' And Not In The Way You Think

'Jane The Virgin' Finally Addressed The Show's Biggest Flaw

The Only Likable Person In The Republican Primary Is Megyn Kelly

'Last Week Tonight' Explains Special Districts

Tracing The Disturbing Source Of A Character Crush

'Broad City' Shows Us How 90s Remakes Should Happen

Online Dating Tips For The Modern Non-Asshole

Samantha Bee Reminds You The Candidates Are Partly Your Fault

'Last Week Tonight' Finally Addresses Trump

How Did James Franco Trick Us Into Believing He's A Good Actor?

'black-ish' Covers Black Lives Matter In A Not Good But Somehow Still Great Episode

If You're Not Watching Samantha Bee's 'Full Frontal,' You're Basically Wasting Your Life

What The Hell Is Happening On 'Shameless'?

'Last Week Tonight' Proves Regardless Of How You Feel About Abortion, Abortion Laws Are Horrible

Ellen And Adele Pranking Jamba Juice Will Make You Love Ellen And Adele

Watch Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Charm Your Face Off

Here's That Kendrick Lamar Performance Everyone Is Talking About

'Last Week Tonight' Covers Voting Rights, And Man, Is It Horrifying

Trained Comedic Actress Kristen Wiig Still Not As Charming As Actual Peyton Manning

'Mr. Right' Trailer: An Anna Kendrick And Sam Rockwell Assassin Rom-Com Is The Only Way To Rom-Com

All The Reasons Charlize Theron Should Play The Villain In 'Fast 8'

'The Daily Show' And Jessica Williams Aren't Interested In Any Of Your Beyonce Bullshit

Gloria Steinem And Madeleine Albright To Female Bernie Supporters: 'You're Feminisming Wrong'

Piers Morgan Explains that Susan Sarandon's Boobs Aren't Gross, Just Disrespectful

There's A Good Reason HBO Didn't Advertise That Edward Snowden Interview On 'Last Week Tonight'

The Only Thing More Depressing Than Planned MRA Meetup Is The Location Of Planned MRA Meetup

Better Feel Good Video: 'Archer's 'Magnum P.I.' Homage Or Trump's Schadenfreude

Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson Adorably Sexually Harass A Male Interviewer

Shhhhh, No One Tell NBC They Let A Good Show On Air: 'You, Me And The Apocalypse' Review

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Not Fucking Around About That Flat Earth Feud Anymore

Gabrielle Union Handles #WhoIsStaceyDash And Awards Diversity Perfectly

The Rap World's Newest Beef: B.o.B. vs Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The New 'Batman v Superman' Teaser Proves These Guys Maybe Don't Think Things Through

Jessica Williams And 'The Daily Show' Solve Racism

'The Boy' Trailer Might Be The Most Confusing Thing On The Internet

About The Time David Bowie Told Coldplay Their Song Sucked

Best And Worst Of MLK Day Tweets

Owning The Hill, Take 2: 5 Actresses Who Just Got Hotter With Age

A Eulogy For Severus Snape

Owning The Hill: 5 Actors Who Just Got Hotter With Age

All The Best Answers From Amy Poehler's #SmartGirlsAsk At The Golden Globes

The Best/ Worst/ Best-Worst Moments From The Golden Globes

Yes, How You Dress Does Affect How People Think Of You

'Deadwood' The Movie Is Happening. Let The Celebratory Swearing Begin Goddamnit!

Before They Were Stars, They Were On 'Happy Endings'

How To Talk About Feminism: 'The Force Awakens' Monopoly Game Edition

Camille Cosby Will Testify Against Bill Because TV Procedurals Have Lied To Us

'Sherlock: The Abominable Bride' Wasn't What You'd Call Good

'Shameless' Season 6: 'I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing'

At This Point, George Lucas Even Sucks at Criticizing 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Here's Another 'Sherlock' Teaser To Tide You Over

'The Affair' Season Two Is A Great Show Buried Inside A Terrible One

Why We Should All Be Grateful For 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

The Problem With Disney Princesses Is That They're Boring

5 Shows Canceled In 2015 That You Forgot Existed

The 2015 Best Film Compilation Will Remind You of the Many Movies You Still Need To See

Seattle Has Real Life Superheroes

Has 'The Daily Show' Finished Their Growing Pains?

'Casual' Finale: We Need To Talk About That Horrible Thing Valerie Did

The 3 Most Mediocre Shows Currently On Air

5 Perfectly Enjoyable Movies Almost Ruined By 'WTF?' Elements

Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' Promos: Yeah, This'll Do

'The Daily Show's Chris Brown Interview Went Shockingly Well

Pirelli 2016 Calendar Realizes Women Have Characteristics Besides 'Being Hot'

No, Ted Cruz Didn't Say The Planned Parenthood Shooter Is A 'Transgender Leftist Activist'

'Jessica Jones' Review: Partner Violence, Female Wish Fulfillment And Victim Blaming

'Last Week Tonight' On Retiring The Penny

The Definitive Ranking Of All The Thanksgiving Dishes

Apple Music Head Jimmy Iovine Says Women Can't Find Music

'Crazy Ex- Girlfriend': We Need To Talk About How Rebecca Is Horrible To Valencia

The Best Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Family Over Thanksgiving

John Oliver Has The Perfect Response For The Paris Attackers

The Definitive Ranking Of All The 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Songs

Jennifer Garner's New Christian Movie Has The Worst Trailer Of The Year

No, Shia, This Isn't What They Meant By 'Taking A Personal Inventory'

#BenCarsonWikipedia Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of Ben Carson's Campaign

'Last Week Tonight' On Prison Re-Entry

Ellen Burstyn Was On 'Mom.' How Is It Still Not Watchable?

Emma Watson Interviewed Malala, And Rightfully Fangirled All Over The Place

Why Are There So Many November Babies?

John Oliver, Like A Lot Of Us, Doesn't Care About Donald Trump

Harrison Ford Talks 'Star Wars' On Kimmel In Dog Costume

Best Moments From 'You're The Worst': 'Spooky Sunday Funday'

Accidental Misandrist: Women Led TV Is The Best TV Right Now

Woman Breaks Up Planned Parenthood Protest By Chanting 'Yeast Infection'

Joe Biden Explains Why He's Not Running And You Should Be Bummed Out By That

The Solution To Hillary's 'Bitch' Problem? Lean Into It

Bill Murray Spews Incoherent Word Vomit During his Reddit AMA

So What Should GQ Have Called Amber Rose? Here Are 5 Answers Better Than 'Kayne's Ex'

Bill Murray and His Cubs Are Not Having a Good Week

'Last Week Tonight' On Canadian Election

The Best Reason To Keep Watching 'The Daily Show'? Jessica Motherf*ucking Williams

'Mr. Robot' Creator Sam Esmail Had An Ashley Madison Account

Creative Ways To Find More Time To Watch More TV

Who To Root For In The Playoffs When You Really Don't Care About Baseball

'Last Week Tonight' On North Dakota And The Oil Boom

Our Fall TV Break- Ups

Hulu's New Original Series 'Casual' Review

The Internet's Newest Object Of Ire? Renoir.

'Last Week Tonight' On Our Mental Health Issues

No, Mass Shootings Are Not A Mental Health Issue

Stephen Colbert Asks The Big Questions On 'The Late Show'

Review: Rob Lowe's 'The Grinder' Is As Good As We'd Hoped It'd Be

Trevor Noah Debuts As The Host Of 'The Daily Show'

'Last Week Tonight' On The European Migrant Crisis

J.K. Rowling Is Telling Us Everything About Harry Potter, And That's Not A Good Thing

The 'black-ish' Season Premiere Tackled the N-Word, And They Are Not Effing Around

'Downton Wars' Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

Stephen Colbert Just Introduced A Lifestyle Brand You Can Get Behind

The Caddie Hall Of Fame Is A Real Thing, And Bill Murray Is About To Join It

The CW's 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Preview

'South Park' Covers Caitlyn Jenner On Season Premiere

'Last Week Tonight' On Public Defenders

A Preview Of CBS's Does Anybody Care Anymore? Line-Up

A Preview Of ABC's Surprisingly Good Fall Line-Up

A Preview of Fox's Slightly Less Terrible Fall Line-Up

NBC's (Terrible) Fall Line-Up

Why I Drink: My Labor Day Resolution Is To Drink Less

'My Brother, My Brother And Me' Is The Only Advice Podcast That Might Actually Teach You Something

The Definitive Ranking Of ABC's TGIF Line Up

Fellow Old Person Jimmy Kimmel Explains The VMAs

Chrissie Hynde Said A Lot Of Stupid Things About Rape

George Zimmerman's Virginia Shootings' Tweets Prove He's A Racist, Idiotic Asshole

Virginia Shooting -- We Are Better Than This Are We Not?

Bill O'Reilly Just Entered The Great Kelly - Trump War Of 2015

Alison Brie To Marry The Lesser Franco: A Meditation On Confusion

'Last Week Tonight' On LGBT Discrimination

Which 'Game Of Thrones' Actors Are Dating?

Tig Notaro Talks About Doing Stand-Up Topless On 'Conan'

'Honorable Woman' On Netflix with Maggie Gyllenhaal: What's It About?

'The Nightly Show' Was Finally Funny, And Then Immediately Awful

'Last Week Tonight' Takes On Televangelists, But The Big Loser Is The IRS

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About A Childless Woman But Were Afraid To Ask

David Oyelowo To Voice James Bond In Audiobook

'The Nightly Show' Proves Netflix's Parental Leave Policy Isn't That Great

'Playing House': Why You Should Be Watching the USA Network Show

How Many Ways Can Sex Educators Insult Your Vagina? 'Last Week Tonight' Investigates

Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show': A Love Letter

What Has Jon Stewart Really Accomplished?

Jon Stewart's Not Going Out Without Ruining Your Faith In Humanity

'The Daily Show' Says Goodbye To Fox News, And It Is Glorious

Oh Good, Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Winslet Think They're Experts On Sex Work Now

'Secret' White House Meetings Reveal That Jon Stewart Is . . . Influential?

'13 Hours' Trailer: Michael Bay and John Krasinski's Benghazi War Porn

Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy?

Vontouring (That's Vagina Contouring) Is A Thing Now

Why The Epilogue Of 'The Truman Show' Is More Horribly Depressing Than You Care To Imagine

President Obama Impresses In His Final Interview On 'The Daily Show'

Judd Apatow's Cosby Impression Got Real Dark, Real Fast

Paul Rudd On Conan Is Never Not Funny

Amy Schumer's Katie Couric Story Might Have Broken Jimmy Fallon

Colbert Defends Pluto To Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Fassbender and McAvoy Discuss Their 'X-Men' Bromance On Conan

Camille Cosby Believes Bill's Accusers Consented To Being Drugged And Raped

'Sherlock' Christmas Special Sneak Peek

Debra Messing On Bobby Cannavale and Jeremy Piven

Laura Prepon's Scientology Interview Is A Total Bummer

Profiles In Secret Balling: Rex Harrison Edition

Jill Scott Changes Her Mind After Cosby Confesses To Giving Women Drugs

'Last Week Tonight"s Shallow Dives Will Help Soothe Your Weekend Hangover

He's Back! Colbert Is Back! On Michigan Public Access!

The Best On Screen And Off Screen Couples

Michael B. Jordan Just Made The Rocky Movies Exciting Again: 'Creed' Trailer

'The Daily Show' Explains How We Broke Scalia

Bristol Palin Responds To Pregnancy Coverage, Misses Point Entirely

An Open Letter To Bristol Palin On Her Misconceptions On Unwed Pregnancy

Lizzy Caplan and Jon Hamm On Kimmel Just Replinished The World's Charm Supply

'The Daily Show' Weighs In: No Seriously, Guys, The Confederate Flag Is Super Racist

John Oliver, History, And Facts Reassure You The Confederate Flag Is, In Fact, Racist

The 'He Named Me Malala' Trailer Might Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans, Gives Glimpse At What Could Have Been

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Welcome Clownstick Donald Trump to the GOP Race

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: John Oliver

'The Daily Show' Doesn't Understand Rachel Dolezal Either

Another Week, Another Feud Between John Oliver And A Foreign Politician

Kim Basinger's Elle Interview Proves She's Lost Her Damn Mind

Chris Pratt Clarifies Impotency Statements

Reese Witherspoon's Bend, Snap and Stock At Walmart Meeting Is Anti-Magic

Add 'Man Of His Word' To John Oliver's Résumé: Bud Light Lime Edition

Sarah Palin Calls Out Lena Dunham While Defending The Duggars, But There Is One Blossom In This Field Of Turds

Don't Give Them Any Ideas, Conan. 'Arbitrary Judgement Lineup' Could Definitely Be A Show

This Caityln Jenner Piece from 'The Daily Show' Proves Jon Stewart's Still The Best Game In Town

The Exact Moment Our Admiration For These 5 Male Celebrities Transformed Into Shameful Lust

John Oliver Had A Very Good Night, Tries To Ruin His Arch Nemesis

The BBC Lowers The Poverty Porn Bar With 'Britain's Hardest Grafter.' Your Move, Fox.

It Has Been A Bad Week. Let's Take A Break With Some Hot Feminists

Why Stop At Just Exploiting The Poor, CBS? 5 Shows To Air With 'The Briefcase'

Max Greenfield Joins 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

So Long, Dave. Now Let's Crown The New Lovable Asshole Of Late Night

Pajiba Answers: 'Should I Threaten To Rape Someone?'

Undeniable Fact: Bill Murray Is TV's Greatest Guest

So David Letterman Is To Blame For Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'

John Oliver Just Called Out 50 Congress Members. Is He The New Face Of Political Activism?

'About Time' Is Actually Creepy As F*ck

Women Made A Hollywood Cop Movie, and Didn't Have To Mention Their Periods Once

John Oliver Says He's 'Not A Respected Journalist'

Amy Schumer Asks The Age Old Question: Do Men Want To F*ck Their Beers?

Howard Stern Asks Letterman About Leno Because Of Course He Did

'Last Week Tonight' Celebrates Mother's Day By Exposing The U.S.'s Blatant Hypocrisy Surrounding Working Mothers

What Kind Of Underpants Do Ladies Wear Under Fancy Dresses? Tina Fey Reveals All On Letterman

An Open Letter To Larry Wilmore: Please Fix Your Show

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Make An Interesting Movie? 'Maggie' Trailer

A&E's '8 Minutes' Is Why Reality TV Shouldn't Masquerade As Social Services

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers Will Always Lead To A Big Penis Joke: 'Absolutely Anything' Trailer.

Is Oberyn Martell The Gritty Reboot Of Inigo Montoya?

Samanth Bee Had Her Last Night On 'The Daily Show' And Man, It Just Got Really Dusty In Here

'The Last Witch Hunter' Trailer: Vin Diesel Mixes It Up, Appears Slow And Only Slightly Perturbed

Jon Stewart Meticulously Calls Out the Media's Bullshit Surrounding the Baltimore Riots

'Sesame Street' Continues Giving Us The Best Parodies On TV. Suck It, SNL.

Fallon Hosts A 'Shaggy Off.' In Related News, Shaggy's Still Alive

Amy Schumer Deftly Illustrates that Rape Can Be Good Fodder for Comedy

Jon Stewart Harshes Our Collective Buzz, Announces Last Show Date

John Oliver Reinvigorates Earth Day With Broken Polar Bear Penises

Zachary Levi Signs On To Host 'Geeks Who Drink' . . . Or 'Geeks Who Drink'

Timothy Olyphant Auditioned For 'Iron Man'

Did January Jones Just Spoil The 'Mad Men' Finale?

A's Rookie Quotes 'Bull Durham' In Interview, Wins Regardless of Game's Outcome

Crotchety Old Man Harrison Ford Gave Your New Crush Oscar Isaac Some Great Advice

Is Peter Dinklage The Best Or Worst Interview Ever?

You're Not Telling The Story You Think You Are: 'True Story' Trailer

John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' May Have Produced the Best Episode of TV This Year

How Bad Can Kristen Wiig Go Before We Stop Watching? 'Masterminds' Trailer

Rihanna Gives Kimmel An April Fool's Wake Up Call

About Those Problematic Trevor Noah Tweets That Are Tearing the Internet Apart

No. No, No. Why Is This? 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

Let's Get Your Weekend Started With A Dog Army: 'White God' Trailer

'The Nightly Show': Sexual Assault Isn't Satire

The Most Confusing Trailer of 2015: 'Last Knights'

Conan Issues A Robert Durst Alert, Stumbles On Hilarity

Are Ian And Mickey The Best Couple On TV? 'Shameless' - 'South Side Rules'

Miles Teller Might Be The Best Catchphrase Player Ever

Finally A Likable Nick Kroll: 'Adult Beginner' Trailer

Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

'The Daily Show' Asks How F*cked Up Is That? Takes On The SAE Video and MSNBC

Meryl Streep Isn't Supporting A 'Controversial' Documentary; She's Supporting a 'Necessary' Documentary

Unbreakable, But Not Unimprovable: 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Review

John Oliver Would Make A Terrible Criminal (For Charity)

Samantha Bee Leaving 'The Daily Show' And That Show's Dead Now

'The Last Time You Had Fun' Trailer

A Jackass Director Had the Audacity to Tell Dame Judi Dench That Everything Was Wrong with Her Face

The Greater Hemsworth To Host 'Saturday Night Live'

'Infinitely Polar Bear' Trailer

About That Time John Oliver Saved The Internet

You Win This Round, Taylor Swift

Jon Stewart Defends Bill O'Reilly In The Best Way Possible

Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, and Hugh Dancy Had A Weird Threesome

Your Four Minute 'Orphan Black' Catch Up

John Oliver Skewers the 'Pink Barbie Bus' Approach to Courting Women Voters

All Of The Callbacks From This Week's Glorious 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

'Beyond The Reach' Trailer

'The Water Diviner' Trailer

'Conan' Goes To Cuba

'Outlander' Trailer

The Weeping, Festering Gift That Keeps On Giving: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Knock-Offs

Testing Amy Schumer's Waters: 'Trainwreck' Trailer

Let Tracee Ellis Ross Scratch Your 'black-ish' Itch

Study Finds Movies Still Whiter and Maler Than Reality

'Last Week Tonight' Bids Farewell To RadioShack

Jeff Bridges: National Treasure, Oscar Winner, Recipient Of Pubic Hair Practical Joke

'Far From The Madding Crowd' Trailer

Steven Yeun Is Pretty Sure That Asian Guy You Know Doesn't Actually Look Like Him

Mads Mixes It Up, Kills People For Good Reasons: 'The Salvation' Trailer

'Madame Bovary' Trailer: Starring Mia Wasikowska and Paul Giamatti

Suge Knight Arrested For Murder After Hitting Two Men With His Car

Michael Hogan Cast In Season Two of FX's 'Fargo'

Maybe Give It One More Run Through: 'The Rewrite' Trailer

Sandler's First Netflix Movie Announced, And Oh, Good, It's Terrible

'Hindsight' Review: Finally, a Woman Gets to Time Travel

Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, And Gemma Arterton's Head In The Fridge: 'The Voices' Trailer

Animated Conan Shooting With Archer? That's A Sexual Thrill

Surprisingly Not A Goldman Sachs Documentary: 'Bloodsucking Bastards' Trailer

Because Dakota Fanning's Life Is Generally Better Than Yours: 'Effie Gray' Trailer

Miley's Masturbation Promotion Photo Is Offensive (NSFW Again)

YOU DESERVE NOTHING! 'Benched' Canceled

'SNL' Promo: Aidy Bryant Plus Kevin Hart Equals Surprisingly Little Shouting

Breaking Bad Habits? 'Appropriate Behavior' Trailer

When Twitter Shows The Worst/ Best/ Best Again Of People

What's British For 'He's Back, Bitches?' 'Last Week Tonight' Season 2 Promo

Terrifying? What Could Possibly Be Terrifying About J.K. Simmons Playing Pictionary?

Your Last Chance Catch Up: The 8 Essential 'Shameless' Episodes

This Can't Be A Good Idea: 'Let's Kill Ward's Wife' Trailer

'Downton' Against Humanity: The Ladies Of The Abbey Play Your Favorite Party Game

Donald Trump Is That Horrible Of A Person, Fires Rudy For Not Calling Cosby

'To Write Love On Her Arms' Trailer: Kat Deserves Better Than This

Aaron Paul, Chris Pratt, and The Rock Are Already Doing 2015 Better than We Are

Christine Cavanaugh, Voice of Babe, Dies At Age 51

Paul Rudd Will Be Back For The *Sobs* Last Season of 'Parks and Rec'

John Oliver Just Gave Us Permission To Skip New Year's Eve

Your Newest Celebrity Beef: Questlove and Patti LaBelle

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds Sue The Nazis: 'Woman In Gold' Trailer

Christmas Is Dead Now, Everyone: Darlene Love's Last Appearence on Letterman

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Stocking Stuffer Boyfriends

'Girls' Continues To Have The Best Parents: Gasteyer and Edwards Join Fourth Season

Amy Adam's 'SNL' Promo Reminds You She's Funny Too

After 9 Episodes, Can We Still Say Showtime's 'The Affair' Has the Potential to Be Good?

Donald Glover Is Getting His Own Show; A Measured Response

'The Newsroom' Recap, 'What Kind of Day Has It Been': We Just Got Jammed

How An Immortal Got Her Groove Back: 'Age of Adaline' Trailer

There Was A Second Funny Sketch Cut From James Franco's SNL? Really?

But What About The Musical Numbers? Ryan Murphy To Direct O.J. Simpson Miniseries

'Eaten Alive' Not Intended To Be A Factual Statment

Hannah Hart's Got What You Need For An Entertaining Pot Video: Sarah Silverman

'The Daily Show' Just Got A Little More Bow Chick Bow Wow With Trevor Noah

Vince Vaughn's Own Personal Hell: 'Unfinished Business' Trailer

You Should Be Watching 'Alpha House'

The Sorkin-iest Episode of the Year: 'The Newsroom' - 'Contempt' Review

When Even Mike And Saul Just Aren't Enough: 'Better Call Saul' Preview

Read Young Adam Sandler's Stunning Poem On Gender Diff- Nope. It's A Dick Joke.

What Anna Kendrick Is Trying To Tell You: 'Pitch Perfect' Is a Film About, and a Protest Against, 9/11

Are We Rebooting 'Lost in Translation' Already? 'Before I Disappear' Trailer

Jason Bateman's 'Kimmel' Appearence Proves He Should Have Been Sexiest Man Alive

All The Reasons Were Excited About Martin Freeman Hosting 'SNL'

Need A Break from Pop Culture's Oppressive Terribleness? Emma Thompson Is Here For You

CNN's Don Lemon's Idiotic Rape Prevention Advice? Just Bite It.

Parents Television Council Doesn't Understand 'Sons of Anarchy'

Is Colin Farrell Awesome Again? Letter of Support for Marriage Equality Says Yes.

They Are Gallaghers, But What If Gallaghers Are Bad People? 'Shameless' Season 5 Promo

In Defense of a Shorter Series: Why More Shows Should Aim For Fewer Episodes

Maybe Adam Sandler's Most Unforgivable Movie Yet: 'The Cobbler' Trailer

Woody Harrelson's SNL Promos Put The Fun In Funny. But Please Be Funny Also.

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! Colbert Covers Dewitos

Because Parenthood Wasn't Terrifying Enough: 'Hungry Hearts' Trailer

This Needs More Rafi: 'Togetherness' Trailer

On the Difficulties of Being In the Bag for Aaron Sorkin

Your New Favortie Odd Couple: Spacey and Shannon as Nixon and Elvis

Watch Dr. Phil's Astute Assesment Of The Celebrity Photo Theft

Actually 'The Real World: Skeletons' Will Be As Explosively Predictable As Usual

Discovery Life Channel's 'Those Girls' Will Follow Transgendered Couples

Fox Has Canceled 'Utopia.' Why You Should Be Thrilled

'Harry Potter' Stars Continue Being Adorable And Generally Better Than You

The CW's 'Jane the Virgin' Is Goddamn Amazing Television

Jason Bateman To Direct And Star In 'IPO Man.'

Kurt Sutter Hospitalized After Appendectomy

'The Gambler' Red Band Trailer

How Do You Feel About Halloween? Kirk Cameron's Here To Ruin That

Maybe They Should Have Called It 'Roughly Three Seasons': 'Forever' Review

Michael K. Williams Mixes It Up, Takes Gangster Role In HBO's 'Crime'

The 'Goodfellas' vs 'Simpsons' Lawsuit Is The Best. Lawsuit. Ever.

'The Real World: Skeletons' Might Be Trying To Get Someone Killed

'Mulaney' Cut To 13 Episodes. And So It Begins.

'A to Z'zzzzzz . . . Unrealistically Excesive and Boring

'Shameless' Season 5 Promo: Look, Frank's Hair Is Back!

Stewart and O'Reilly Argue About White Privilege. That's Right, The 'P' Word.

Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Poehler Both Discuss Their Drug Use

'Sex Ed' Trailer: This Clears Up Nothing

You're Not Watching 'black-ish' Yet? Let's Fix That.

Nora Dunn's Touching Tribute To Her Sweeney Sister Jan Hooks

The 'Lost In Space' Reboot Might Not Be Terrible. Here's Why.

'Stay With Me' Parody: Damian from 'Mean Girls' Gets It Right

I'm Predicting the Best Episode of the Season: Bill Hader's SNL Promo

Confession: I Do Not Like 'The Mindy Project'

'I Should Be In That Chair': Bee and Jones Fill In For an Ill Stewart

Another 'New Girl' Episode, Another Guest Star. Lisa Bonet in Upcoming Episode

Shia LaBeouf Behaves Totally Normally, Cuts Open His Face For 'Fury'

The Behind-the-Scenes Footage of a Brooklyn Decker Sex Scene Is Incredibly Awkward

About That Time Sarah Silverman Stabbed a Senator in the Head

Channing Tatum Is a Dog Apparently: 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer

New 'Horrible Bosses' Trailer. Maybe That's Enough Now.

Pitt Says LaBeouf Is a Great Actor, I Feel Cold on the Inside

Worst. Threeway. Ever. The 'Chicago P.D.', Chicago Fire' and 'SVU' Crossover

How Many Attempts Does Eric Bolling Need to Get an Apology Right?

For F@!&'s Sake, 'Celebrity Prankster' Makes Me Defend Kimye

Yay! More 'Shameless' Characters to Break Your Heart: Season 5 Casting News

Chris Pratt SNL Promo

Could I BE Feeling Any Older This Week? 'Friends' Turns 20

Wait, I Agree with Cartman? A New 'South Park' Commercial Takes Aim at the Redskins

Emma Watson's UN Address, and Why 'Feminists' Matter

Kaley Cuoco Addresses Stolen Photos on 'Kimmel' and Briefly Wins Internet

Aubrey Plaza Will Voice 'Grumpy Cat' on Lifetime, Crushes Everywhere Suffer

NBC Is Rebooting 'Problem Child'. Yes, That 'Problem Child'.

'Married Christian Man' Kanye West Defends Wheelchair Incident, Throws Ben Affleck Under the Bus

Ben Kingsley, Brie Larson and Daniel Radcliffe In 'Brooklyn Bridge'

Kanye's Wheelchair Misunderstanding Video, A Digital Autopsy

James Franco Options 'Rant', Audience Prepares Stink Eye Just In Case

Mark Ruffalo Wants In On 'Star Wars VIII', Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Your Weekly "Why Are They Making That?" News

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