Who Knew? Vincent Kartheiser, "Mad Men's" Pete Campbell, Is a Total Dreamboat

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Who Knew? Vincent Kartheiser, "Mad Men's" Pete Campbell, Is a Total Dreamboat

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | May 7, 2012 | Comments ()


In the last hour, over at WarmingGlow, I uncovered the hidden and underappreciated hotness of “Mad Men’s” Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss.

Did you know she could look like this:


(CROSSOVER POST: See the Entire Gallery)

Of course, that side of Peggy Olson is not advertised on “Mad Men” because it’s already littered with beauties like Jessica Pare, January Jones, Alison Brie, and Christina Hendricks, and I guess Matthew Weiner doesn’t want the fact that she’s the total hotness get in the way of one of the richest characters on television.

Turns out, there’s a secretly attractive guy in the cast, as well, one that’s overshadowed by the likes of Jon Hamm and John Slattery. Fans of “Angel” may already know this, but Vincent Kartheiser doesn’t always look like the slimy weasel he plays in “Mad Men.” Pete Campbell is so buttoned up and straight-laced, you just know he’s riddled with sick perversions and control issues, so it’s striking — at least to me — to see him outside of the context of a character that he is so closely associated with (so much so that he played practically the same character in Justin Timberlake’s In Time).

Indeed, hair grease and suit can really do a number on a guy. I had no idea Mr. Kartheiser was actually dashing, long-hair sometimes beardo in real life. Beards really do make the difference, don’t they? Nor did I know that he’s a car-free vegan who has decided against having children for environmental reasons.

Maybe he should be playing Abe.













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