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Who Did It Better? Madonna's Terrifyingly Smooshed Chest Edition Golden Globes Edition

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | January 16, 2012 | Comments ()

"Don't Call It A Comeback" Divison
Nicole Kidman's Face
vs. Christopher Plummer
christopher plummer golden globes.jpg

"Angling For A Role In David Fincher's Remake Of The Artist" Division
Charlize Theron vs. Gerard Butler
gerry charlize.jpg

"Eccentric Accessory" Division
James Cromwell's Scarf & Uggie The Dog

vs Idris Elba's Shoes

"Threw On Something From Bed, Bath & Beyond" Division
Amanda Peet vs. Jessica Biel
biel peet.jpg

GILF Division
Helen Mirren

vs. Jane Fonda

"The Unlikeliest of Twinsies" Edition
SWINTON vs. Kelly Osborne
SWINTON Osborne.jpg

"Best Use Of Brad's Spare Cane" Division
Comedy Prop For Giorgio Clooney

vs. Rammed Up Angelina Jolie's Backside

"The Dean Martin Sartorial and Cirrhosis" Division
The Silver Fox vs. Ricky Gervais
Matt Ricky.jpg

"Fictional Teenagers Who F*cked Leonardo DiCaprio And Then Wore Black And White" Division
Kate Winslet

vs. Claire Danes
69th_Golden_Globe_Awards_-_arrivals_ arrivals.JPEG-02da7.jpg

The Girls Of "'Glee'" Edition
Dianna "Is That A Thundercat On Your Chest Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?" Agron

vs. Lea "Stalactits" Michele

Beaded Division
Julianna Margulies

vs. Laura "Disco Dino" Dern

Ms. Golden Globes Division
Madonna vs. Salma Hayek
madonna salma.jpg

"The Grand Dames Of We Don't Give A Sh*t How We Look Just Give Us Our Damn Awards" Division
Meryl Streep vs. Jessica Lange
Meryl Lange.jpg

"Best D*ck Joke" Division
Seth Rogen

vs. The Cloonmeister General

And remember, no matter what your complaints about the awards, they gave you this hat trick of adorability:
Filliam H. Muffman

The Esteemed Morgan Freeman

And a bit with a dog.

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