When Everything's Dark, Keeps Us from the Stark Reality: Five Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week
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When Everything's Dark, Keeps Us from the Stark Reality: Five Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | July 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Such Important Frivolous Stuff provides small respite from this week’s distressing events…

5. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Married in France.


The Oscar winning actress made it legal with her baby daddy in a small ceremony held Saturday at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery. This is Martinez’ first marriage and Berry’s third.

4. “Parks and Rec” Announced Kristen Bell Will Be Stopping By Next Season.


Bell will play “snooty Councilwoman” Ingrid, who meets Leslie at Pawnee-Eagleton’s high school basketball game. Filming will take place after Bell finishes shooting Veronica Mars, and is expected to air this October.

3. “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy” Dropped New Promos.

Both shows are nearing their ends (“Breaking Bad” has only eight more episodes, Sons of Anarchy” is set to end at Season 7); both promos are short and enticing. Truth be told, we’re all on the edge of our…*ahem,* seats over “Breaking Bad’s” final eight, but “SOA” did up its season 5 game, so it’ll be interesting to see how Sutter wraps things up as well. There are no words to adequately describe my “BB” anticipation though; what the hell is going on with Jesse? “Breaking Bad” returns August 11th and “Sons of Anarchy,” September 11th. *Mark spoilerish discussion in the comments, please.

2. We Got a First Look at Wally Pfister’s Transcendence.



Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser star in Pfister’s directorial debut (he’s known for his work as DP and/or Cinematographer on Nolan’s Dark Knight series, Inception, The Prestige, Insomnia, Memento), a science fiction outing that takes a look at competing scientists who are trying to create the first machine that can think for itself. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. Executive produced by Christopher Nolan, Trancendence is scheduled for release April 18, 2014.

1. The Second Gorgeous The Grandmaster Trailer Debuted.

Watch it. Then you’ll want to watch it again and again. Kar Wai Wong’s latest, a chronicle of the life and training of Ip Man (Tony Leung) (who taught Bruce Lee), looks to be a masterpiece; I cannot wait. The Grandmaster also stars Ziyi Zhang, Chang Chen, Xiao Shengyang and Song Hye Kyo and hits theaters August 23rd.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is freaking out over the impending Hank/ Walt showdown.

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  • MissAmynae

    holy shiznit Grandmaster. The husband may in fact wee in his pants a bit when he sees this trailer. Will report back.

    it looks stunning, can't wait.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    That Halle Berry wedding photo makes me feel icky. Seriously, feels really creepy & invasive.

  • gnibs

    Calm down.

  • thewatcher

    i'm waiting for the night to fall too....it's too damn hot. transcendence looks interesting.

  • the dude

    Is nthis the same ip man from the ip movies. Is he some dude that changes your digital footprint?

  • Fredo

    The cinematography for The Grandmaster is beautiful. Wong Kar Wai, Tony Leung, Zhang Zhi Yi and Yuen Wo Ping are all involved and it's all those beautiful shots that keep getting to me.

  • $192913

    Kristen Bell also blamed the KTVU incident on the news-watching public and let the station off the hook, so ... yeah.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Even assuming this is true, is it really a big deal? I have a 1000 opinions a day. If just 10% prove stupid or ill-advised whether I realize it upon further reflection or not, that's a good batting average. So I'm not going to think less of Bell for one particular opinion when weighed against all the good will (sloths!) she's built up from her other publicly-expressed opinions and general delightfulness.

    Opinions have a sliding scale of weight, and deserve a certain level of credence or disdain accordingly. This is pretty low on the scale.

  • $192913

    Whatever you say, white lady.

    But seriously, it's not like I said she was completely devoid of human worth. I merely pointed out one more thing she did this last week. It's one small part of a larger picture, but it is still a part (that I'll probably think about from now on whenever she comes up).

    But thank you for talking down to me. It's not ok for me to be angry about the KTVU situation and have my own take on how much weight It has, apparently. I'm glad that this isn't important to you.

  • $192913

    LOLOL at people downvoting me.

  • koko temur


  • Guest

    Her Twitter.

  • $192913

    Her Twitter...

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    I only came for the Depeche Mode reference. Bye!

  • DeistBrawler

    Are you sure it's the final season for Sons of Anarchy? I don't think it is. I thought they were guaranteed at least one more season under their belt after this one.

    Also, how many movies are they going to do about Ip Man?

  • Stacia Daniel

    FX has signed SOA for season 6 AND 7. The article is incorrect.

  • My bad--though six really should be the last.

  • Pretty Hate Machine

    I agree with questioning whether this is the final season of SOA as well. I surely thought there were seven. I'd ask Kurt Sutter on Twitter, but I don't want him saying ugly things to me about my mother or for him to call me the C word.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Kristen Bell is very pretty.

  • toblerone

    So is Amy Poehler.

  • firedmyass

    I am utterly indifferent towards her. Sorta the same way I view asparagus... I don't seek it out, but if it's on a plate in front of me, I'll put it in my mouth. I just won't be very enthusiastic about it.

  • babybiceps

    Your decision to share your indifference tells otherwise actually.

    Admit it, you've got the hots for her.

  • firedmyass

    Sharing my indifference is indicative of nothing more than my breathtaking self-centeredness.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Yup. That's why I'm capable of observing it in such a cold, clinical way. When it's someone like Hayek or Bellucci, the words just slur out of me in a congealed mass as my brain is completely bewildered by lust.

  • firedmyass

    edited for vague regret

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