What's in the Box? The Five Best Cinematic Boxes

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | November 4, 2009 | Comments ()


Richard Kelly's The Box is set to be released this week, which is about a mysterious box which is given to a married couple. If they open it, they receive a million dollars; but someone somewhere will die.

Of course, Kelly's box is not the first mysterious box in cinematic history. In fact, they are fairly common, and often act as metaphors. Or sometimes -- as in the case of number one -- they just contain really cool contents.

Here are the five best boxes in cinematic history.

5. Kiss Me Deadly


What's in the Box? Radionuclide material that causes Lily Carver (Gaby Rodgers) to burst into flames.

4. Saw V


What's in the Box? Looks like the head of "Gilmore Girls'" Luke (Scott Patterson) to me.

3. Hellraiser

Doug Bradley Pinhead Hellraiser.jpg

What's in the Box? Hooked chains that tear away flesh, in addition to Cenobites -- the enforcers for Leviathan, the Lord of Hell -- from another dimension.

2. Wall-E


What's in the Box? A sense of emotion, curiosity, sentience, and cute little quirks that melt your heart!

1. Se7en


What's in the Box? Gwynie's head, of course!

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