TV Teflon: 7 Unsinkable Actors Who Have Shows This Year. But For How Long?
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TV Teflon: 7 Unsinkable Actors Who Have Shows This Year. But For How Long?

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | September 19, 2013 | Comments ()

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For you old timey Television Without Pity types, we might as well call this “Back, Show Killer! A Seriously Paula Marshall List.” If that’s gibberish to you, suffice it to say that the following actors refuse to go away, no matter how many cancelled shows they have. In some instances that’s a good thing. In others…well…

Andre Braugher — Brooklyn 99: This amazing man was the reason I stuck with Last Resort for as long as I did. I keep hoping he’ll find the right home because good god is he enjoyable to watch. It’s been a spotty road (Thief, Hack, Gideon’s Crossing, Men Of A Certain Age, etc.) and this new FOX sitcom would be the last place I’d expect him to land. Then again, his delivery of “man-scaping” reduced me to giggles and it seems kind of “important” to have an African-American gay man of a certain age fill that stereotypical stern boss role. (The character is gay, Braugher, to my knowledge, is not.) So, we’ll have to see.

Alex O’Loughlin — Hawaii Five-Oh: This one’s not going anywhere. CBS’s stalwart, boring procedural is here to stay. It took O’Loughlin a little while to settle down (Moonlight, Three Rivers) but that’s because I think he was swinging above his weight class. A blandly handsome young man of middling talent is right at home on CBS. Sorry, Moonlight fans, but that show should have been about Jason Dohring’s character and you know it.

Laura Prepon — Orange Is The New Black: Well we already know hot Donna is not long for the smash Netflix series, but she had an amazing run. In fact, I think this is the most I’ve ever enjoyed her. That’s too bad because she’s been bouncing around for a little while (Are You There, Chelsea?, October Road) and I wish she could stay.

Blair Underwood — Ironside: Oh if there is any justice this show will be gone STAT. I saw the pilot and yeeeeeeeeeeeesh. Not good. Nice concept, poor execution. A cancellation wouldn’t be that surprising given Underwood’s track record. (LAX, High Incident, Downtown, City of Angels, Fatherhood, Dirty Sexy Money)

Odette Annable — Banshee: Banshee was given a second season? BANSHEE WAS GIVEN A SECOND SEASON? Consider these my portentous shrieks of displeasure. Annable (once quite famous for a certain part around these parts) has found herself a rather sub-par home after wandering for a few years. (Brothers and Sisters, October Road, Breaking In, South Beach, the last season of House). If Banshee makes it past season 2, however, I will be mightily surprised.

Bradley Whitford — Trophy Wife: Of course TV will always find a home for Josh Lyman. How could it not. Is this kinda okay family sitcom the right one? I watched the pilot. It seemed to be shooting for a Modern Family vibe so it might be extremely popular. Whitford is just fine in it and it’s certainly a step up from The Good Guys. However, I still find myself wishing Studio 60 had turned out better than it did. No one does Sorkin quite like Whitford.

Scott Foley — Scandal: Please don’t kill him. Please don’t kill him. Please don’t kill him. For those of you who haven’t been rabidly following Foley, you may not know that TV dramas tend to hire him only to whack him (Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood). Foley also has a few of his own cancelled shows under his belt (The Goodwin Games, The Unit). I am awfully optimistic about his role on Scandal, though. He was terrific last season and if ABC’s smart, they’ll just recycle last year’s “Scott Speedman in uniform” promos from Last Resorts. Scott Foley in uniform, everyone. Give it up.

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  • Melina

    Scott Foley looks like a kid dressing up like a pilot for Halloween.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Wait, Banshee got a second season?
    Banshee got a first season?


    I've never heard of Banshee.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Fuck you, The Good Guys was cheesetastic brilliance. I blame its cancellation on all them computer machines people watch their TV on these days.

  • I'm in the very small minority that can't stand Laura Prepon. She's pretty, but I find her incredibly dull and monotonous, specially when she talks. She always has the same damn expression on her face and there's not a lot of life there. I think she's just not a very good actress.

    I don't get it.

  • Sean

    It doesn't help that she has botoxed the expression right off her face. She is lovely, but she is dull. I assume Xenu keeps getting her work.

  • dizzylucy

    There's something about her voice that has always bothered me. I sort of avoid shows she's in, but sooner or later I will check out Orange is the New Black.

  • The show really is amazing with or without her (which is why I'm actually happy that she's leaving), though her scenes are very dull.

  • Three_nineteen

    I'm with you. I end up staring at whatever the hell she does to her eyebrows because nothing else on her face is remotely interesting.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I don't mind her really but you're spot on about those eyebrows. They look like commas.

  • phofascinating


  • Wrestling Fan

    I'm hoping Brooklyn 99 sticks around for a while. The pilot was enjoyable, and if they can build on it, it will be a good, fun series.

  • Sean

    I love Banshee. And Strike Back. Glorious, stupid, trash. Sex and poorly staged gunfights. What more do you want?

  • junierizzle

    Odette Annable reminds me of a young Charlize Theron. Yeah, I said it. Theron at one point was just eye candy as well.

  • Guest

    +1 if Odette has as long as a career as Theron has.

    P.S. Theron is still eye candy.

  • junierizzle

    Oh yeah, I still love Theron.

  • Sean

    A much higher grade of eye candy however.

  • Slash

    I do want Blair Underwood to get a good show. I've always liked him. And I liked "The Good Guys." It was humorous. Bradley Whitford tried his ass off on that show and I think he had great fun doing it.

  • Three_nineteen

    Have you seen In Treatment? HBO show from about 5 years ago starring Gabriel Byrne as a psychologist. Underwood is a patient in the 1st season, and he is amazing. Be warned, the show is just Byrne talking to his patients. Less action than a Jane Austen adaptation.

    And The Good Guys was great! If it had stayed on the air, Colin Hanks probably wouldn't have been sacrificed on the "Dexter's Spiral Into Shit" altar.

  • Wigamer

    Oh, how I loved that show.

  • John W

    What's wrong with Banshee?

  • Slash

    I keep hearing about this show and have no fucking idea what it is, what channel it's on, etc. WTF? I know I could Google, but I don't feel like it ...

  • It's a Cinemax original. I kinda liked it. Batshit insane, with an ex-con pretending to be sheriff, Amish gangsters, Russian Mafia, and Indian casino owners battling over a small town. Oh, and the gal the ex-con sheriff is head-over-heels in love with is the daughter of the Russian big bad.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    That's just Lethal Weapon 5.

  • Sean

    And he is banging the scalding hot neice of the Amish mobster. Did I mention she is absurdly hot, as it seems, are all the female residents of this town.

  • Sir Upp

    Andre Braugher as a gay black character isn't ground breaking. Hollywood has no problem putting black males on TV. As long as they are in roles were they are not a romantic or sexual option for white females. (especially true of sitcoms)

    They are either the gay guy, the father figure, or the only married guy in a show that is otherwise filled with single people.

  • Catagisreading

    You know that they let Idris Elba on TV. And he is always a sexual option.

    For everyone....

  • Sean

    I find it amusing how much women love him. You women are much more specific then we men.

  • Wigamer

    In my fantasies, he's the ONLY sexual option.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That sounds sadly limited. Can I show you something in a nice Craig or perhaps a Raoul Bova?

  • Wigamer

    I mean, in my Idris Elba-only fantasies. I can handle but one at a time. But the Craig is no stranger to my fantasy life, I assure you.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Andre Braugher lives in the next town over from me. He is married and has 4 or 5 kids. So he's either not gay or really deep in the closet.

    Is it here I mention seeing him in a diner and correcting him on a hangman word?

  • Guest

    P.S. Did you get a photo with him? He's my LeVar Burton.

  • Guest

    That is awesone.

    *His wife Ami Brabson played Frank Pemberton's wife Mary in Homicide so gay he is probably not.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    After CABIN IN THE WOODS, I'd be okay if Bradley Whitford ended up over on AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. He does the Whedon as well as he does the Sorkin, and I think it'd be awesome to see Lemon Lyman as a high-level secret agent.

  • Batesian

    That'd be cool, actually -- Whitford would make a great foil for Clark Gregg.

    (And, heck, he played Agent Flynn (Agent Carter's boss post-WWII in the Marvel One-Shot), so it'd be easy enough to make him that character's grandson -- or even the very same Flynn, sticking around thanks to some version of the Infinity Formula. Comics!)

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I didn't know he's in the Agent Carter one-shot! That's awesome.

    I keep waiting for them to establish Nick Fury's longevity/immortality. Could be the same deal with Whitford's character.


    BANSHEE is actually quite entertaining. A very good execution of pure pulp, like a drug store spinner rack novel come to life.

  • junierizzle

    I agree, it's one of my favorite new shows. I think it gets a bad wrap because it's on Cinemax.

  • Billybob

    I watch it with a book, and look up whenever there's nudity or violence.

    I don't get much reading done.

  • mswas

    I really liked Brooklyn 99!

  • Bert_McGurt

    Yep, I agree. Watched the pilot last night and immediately set the DVR!

  • dizzylucy

    I kind of liked it but didn't live it. But considering. It's from the P&R guys and that show took a few episodes to find its groove, I'll give it a shot.
    Loved Braugher. Andy Samberg was a little grating but hopefully gets better.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I stumbled upon the last 5-10 minutes last night before New Girl, and I was really pleasantly surprised. At least enough to run over to Hulu to watch the rest! My hopes are high.

  • Milly

    It got a few belly laughs from me, which is quite rare for a sitcom (even Sunny, Archer, Parks, Happy Endings etc only elicit a smile).

    Samberg was just on the funny side of obnoxious and I'm looking to see how it fares through the series.

    The Civilian Administrator was slightly jarring though. I'm not sure if she is supposed to be dumb and talkative, snide and apathetic or something else. There wasn't really an even tone to her.

  • RenoGruber

    Chelsea Peretti is fantastic. Let it breathe a bit, she'll probably be a highlight of the show. Check out her podcast. Pure hilarity.

  • mswas

    She's kooky!

  • Milly

    And for the (inevitable) Halloween episode she could also be mysterious and spooky.

  • mswas

    And altogether ooky.

  • Guest

    YUP. I liked the pilot and it has an excellent cast with Braugher, Crews, Fumero (my new crush mostly because she looks like my other long term crush Natali Del Conte) and Beatriz. Sandberg is the only stumbling block.

    *I really would love to see Odette Annable find some sort of steady employment but Banshee isn't it.

  • Repo

    I'd be way more inclined to check out Ironside if it starred Michael. *rimshot

  • Legally Insignificant

    The season finale could be him fighting Christopher Lambert in space.

  • bleujayone

    Or have a crossover prequel episode with Sleepy Hollow so he could've met up with Clancy Brown.

    And they could've spent the episode stepping on and rolling over cockroaches.

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