The Worst Final Lines in Good Movies

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The Worst Final Lines in Good Movies

By Seth Freilich | Seriously Random Lists | May 5, 2009 | Comments ()


This seriously random list is not only random, but short. Last week, I saw something that reminded me of what is, in my opinion, the single stupidest line an otherwise good movie has ended on. "Perfect idea for a seriously random list," I thinks to myself. Trouble is, I couldn't come up with other items with which to populate said list. The best I came up with is "They called me Mr. Glass" from Unbreakable, and that's a really a half-assed entry because (i) some folks would beg to differ as to whether Unbreakable is a good movie (those people who argue otherwise are wrong, mind you); and (ii) an thin argument can be made that a cheesy line like that works because the movie really wound up being a comic book movie. Whatever.

Since I, sadly, couldn't find any other contenders, I'm leaving it to y'all to fill out the rest of this list -- and I'm sure you guys will do the job well. But there can be no doubt about Number One, with a bullet:

1. "I know things about pigeons, Lilly." Clint Eastwood, In the Line of Fire.

So what's the rest of the list look like?

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