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February 13, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | February 13, 2009 |

I had a hell of a time actually finding the exact origin of the term “chick flick.” Chick flicks have been around for decades, of course, but back in the day, they were called melodramas. In the 80s, movies like Beaches and Steel Magnolias were considered female-friendly movies. Thelma and Louise was referred to as a chick flick by some, but I don’t think that the modern definition of chick flick would apply. Indeed, chick-flick seemed to have gained widespread recognition as a genre with Sleepless in Seattle. So, for the purposes of this random list, we’re going to go back as far as 1993.

I’ll also say that this is an impossible list to put together: There have been approximately 100 “true” chick flicks produced since 1993 (I’ve seen probably 90 of them), and there are maybe five decent ones, and that’s a stretch. Because the threshold for quality is so low, a movie like Bridget Jones Diary would necessarily fit into the top five (go ahead: Try to name four pure chick flicks better than Bridget Jones, and as soon as you get to The Notebook, slap the holy living shit out of yourself). So, in order to come up with a proper top five, I had to measure the lack of quality with box-office success, which weeded out a few movies, like Alex and Emma, Uptown Girls, Georgia Rule and Raising Helen because, though they were terrible, their atrociousness was not compounded by droves of women in attendance. I arbitrarily set the bar at $50 million.

So, without further ado, here is the official list of the five worst chick-flicks of all time, five movies that — if you caught them on a plane — you probably wouldn’t be terribly disappointed to find yourself hurtling toward the ground. I have built an incredible tolerance over the years for bad romantic comedies, but these five — never again. Never fucking again.

5. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde

4. Hope Floats

3. City of Angels

2. Runaway Bride

1. 27 Dresses

A Seriously Random List LVII / Dustin Rowles

Lists | February 13, 2009 |

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