The Unpublicized Resolutions to Five Sensationalized Celebrity Sex and Violence Scandals

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The Unpublicized Resolutions to Five Sensationalized Celebrity Sex and Violence Scandals

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | February 13, 2014 | Comments ()


Yesterday over on Uproxx, I took up the sexual harassment case against Fred Savage back during his run on The Wonder Years. Why? Because it was one of those things that always stuck with me, because 20 years ago, the unchecked rumors were out of control and it grew into something of an urban legend: That Fred Savage had harassed Danica McKellar or, worse, had inappropriately touched Becky Slater (played by Danica’s sister, Crystal McKellar). It was the rumors that had stuck with me, and not the actual case itself, which was a harassment suit brought by a terminated costume designer against Savage and co-stars Jason Hervey and Dan Lauria for making inappropriate sexual comments (the case was dismissed, and according to Savage, he was exonerated on all charges, the most egregious of which was that 16-year-old Savage had propositioned the 32 year old costume designer).

Likewise, there are certain people — for better or worse — whose well publicized sex scandals I remember, though I never recall the resolutions, mostly because the resolutions were not publicized.

Take for instance, director David O. Russell, who makes award-worthy films with Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, and Brad Cooper (including this year’s Oscar nominee, American Hustle). Remember the weekend he was accused of groping 19-year-old Nicole Peloquin, the daughter of his adopted sister? Nicole was undergoing gender reassignment, and during a visit to the gym, apparently Russell groped Peloquin’s breasts because he was curious about how the hormones had affected them. This made Nicole uncomfortable. After the incident, she called the police to report it.

What most people never heard, however, is that the police investigated the matter and never filed any charges against Russell (although feeling up one’s niece — which Russell admitted, to, saying that it was consensual — is still a very creepy act, even if it was because he was simply curious).

Or what about those sexual harassment charges brought against John Travolta by a series of male massage therapists. They threatened Travolta with a lawsuits for allegedly, among other acts, touching himself inappropriately and giving himself a happy ending in front of the masseurs? What happened there? Well, we don’t actually know the details, except that Travolta’s insurers paid $84,000 in connection with those sexual harassment claims, which may have gone to the lawyers or may have gone to the accusers to drop the charges. What we do know is that the charges were ultimately dropped and dismissed.

What about the lewd conduct charges brought against Fred Willard, who was found allegedly masturbating in a movie theater? Those charges were also dropped after Willard completed a court-ordered sex education course, which I’m sure was very informative for a 73 year old.

Britney Spears was also sued for sexual harassment by a bodyguard in 2010 after she was accused of walking around in the nude, flashing the bodyguard, and exposing her genitals to him. It allegedly got so bad that the bodyguard had to quit. How was that resolved? After a two-year legal battle, Spears — still maintaining her innocence — cut a check to make the case go away.

Remember Tawny Kitaen? The star of the Whitesnake video, “Here I Go Again,” who was arrested and charged for beating up her husband, former MLB pitcher Chuck Finley, with her fists and high-heeled shoes? Yeah, those charges were also dropped after Kitaen initially pleaded guilty and underwent counseling. However, the judge in the case held up the dismissal until Kitaen also wrote an apology letter after she went on Howard Stern’s show and complained that she was forced to plead guilty. After the apology letter, the charges were dismissed.

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  • Jezzer

    I dunno about the Britney one. I can see where she could possibly be wandering around with her dress up over her head, not to be sexually provocative, but because she's Britney, and has bright cotton candy fluff where a brain would be.

  • Todd Sikkema

    John Travolta sexual harassment charges? Pfffft. What we really need to know, Mr. Travolta, is this: What the bleep is up with your hair?

  • e jerry powell


  • bastich

    I just can't imagine Fred Savage committing sexual harassment without having Daniel Stern there to do the voiceover.

  • Lee

    "All of our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone that makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope. All the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect who might be searching for us"

    "And sometimes we just want grab a handful and call it a day."

  • bleujayone

    And the backing acoustic guitar soundtrack would make it all seem far more innocent and pathetic rather than menacing.

  • manting

    I feel like there was a glaring omission to that list - Micheal Jackson.

  • emmalita

    I think there was a lot of publicity around the Jackson case resolution.

  • manting

    Which one? He was sued many, many times. Only twice were criminal charges brought but there were numerous accusations and lawsuits.

  • e jerry powell

    What I remember what that in the trial where Jackson was subjected to the physical exam to see whether what the kid said about his genitals was true, the jury said something to the effect of "We believe that Mr. Jackson has molested children, just not this one." There may have been other cases being prepared, but I don't think any of them had gotten past the preliminary phase at the time of Jackson's death, and there would be little to accomplish in suing the estate at this point because of all the debt encumbrances.

  • manting

    The crazy thing is there is at least one new suit since his death involving a guy named Wade Robson.

  • e jerry powell

    Who swore up and down that no such things ever happened... until he decided to file suit.

    It's going to be a zero-credibility situation, since Robson testified emphatically under oath in the case I mentioned that Jackson had not molested him, so the obvious question any first-year associate is going to ask is "were you lying then, or are you lying now?"

  • manting

    I think the statute of limitations ran out. It was a year after his death and I think you only have a year to sue the estate.

  • e jerry powell

    True, that. Robson filed for some kind of special dispensation on kind of weak grounds.

    Wade Robson filed an amended complaint Monday [1 July 2013] arguing that the one-year statute of limitations on estate claims shouldn’t be a defense for the "Thriller" singer’s executors because Jackson brainwashed him into thinking their sexual relations were pure.

    The updated filing cites a "clean hands” law that states “no one can take advantage” of someone’s "wrong."
  • emmalita

    Fair point.

  • BWeaves

    Well, if you have enough money, you can make almost anything go away. Unfortunately, you never really find out the truth of what really happened.

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