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Hey! That random top ten list was so much fun yesterday, let’s do it again. Sure beats writing about the possible sequel to Unbreakable that Shyamalan is contemplating, having already run out of stale ideas.

How about this one: Top Ten Television news personalities

10. Ali Velshi
9. Kyra Phillips / Heidi Collins (I confuse the two all the time, but I have news crushes on both)
8. Campbell Brown
7. Pat Buchanan (I can’t help it)
6. Paul Begala
5. Brian Williams
4. Jack Cafferty
3. Keith Olbermann
2. Anderson Cooper
1. Rachel Maddow

(Apologies to Chez for the CNN-heavy list)

And while we’re at it, here’s the five most loathsome:

5. Amy Holmes
4. Glen Beck
3. John King
2. Lou Dobbs
1. Bill O’Reilly

The Best and Most Loathsome Television News Personalities

A Seriously Random List II / Dustin Rowles

Lists | October 10, 2008 | Comments ()

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