The Ten Items that Fetched the Highest Bids at the "Lost" Auction

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | August 24, 2010 | Comments ()


Over the weekend, the ABC network decided that they hadn't stolen enough of our time over six seasons of "Lost," and that now they wanted to extract even more money out of the series. Greedy motherfucking bastards. Some serious goddamn cash was dropped at this auction, and best I can tell, all the proceeds went to the network. They raised over $1 million.

And these "Lost" suckers are apparently willing to shell out Dharma coin for cherished memorabilia. Apollo Candy bars went for $2,000. a six-pack of Dharma beer went for $5,000, a pair of Josh Holloway's boxers sold for $850, and even the "I (Heart) My Shih-Tzu Shirt" that Hurley briefly wore went for $2,000.

Daft twits. You know somebody ended up spending their life savings on a pair of Kate's briefly worn panties.

Here are the ten items that fetched the highest bids at the "Lost," auction. If the winners sniff the memorabilia hard enough, maybe they too can find themselves in purgatory.

1. Dharma Van -- $47,500

2. Lighthouse Wheel with names, numbers and mirrors -- $27,500

3. Daniel Faraday's Journal with Jughead Details and Des is my Constant -- $27,500

4. The Frozen Donkey Wheel: $25,000

5. Hurley's Camaro: $24,000

6. Dharma Jeep -- $20,000

7. Swan Hatch Door/Computer -- $16,000 each

8. Season 6 Production Art -- $16,000

9. Pilot Script with JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof's Autograph -- $15,000

10. Season 1 Production Art -- $14,000

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