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The Ten Hottest Gingers

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | April 28, 2010 | Comments ()


In comprising the list of ten hottest gingers, I had to take into account more than just the red hair. Simple attraction (or lustiness) had to be weighed along with the person's gingerness. The paleness of their skin, the number of freckles, and the brightness of the hair were balanced alongside the individual's pure aesthetic attraction. It's a very complicated formula, but for a Seriously Random List as hard-hitting, important, and crucial as this one, I actually developed a complex algorithm that I ran through WOPR in order to determine the rankings. (Serious bonus credit for anyone not named TK who gets that reference).

I appreciate that some may disagree with the people on this list, and the rankings, but you have to understand that, in the end, this is science. You can't argue with science, folks.

10. Bryce Dallas Howard


9. Isla Fisher


8. Rupert Grint


7. Christina Hendricks


6. Seth Green


5. Emma Stone


4. Michael C. Hall


3. Karen Gillan


2. Damien Lewis


1. Felicia Day


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