The Pajiba 10 -- For Your Consideration: The Year Of The Archer
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The Pajiba 10 — For Your Consideration: The Year Of The Archer

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | June 19, 2012 | Comments ()


We've got a twofer here for you today, folks. 2012 was, without a doubt, The Year Of The Archer. And, with all due respect to Pixar's Merida, here are the two who strung our bow, if you know what I mean.



What follows is a list of both Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner's qualifications complete with, ahem, visual aids. Enjoy.

Because These Two Are A Party In The Front


And The Rear


Because They're Avid Readers


And Writers


Because They Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously


Because They Look Good Dirty


And All Cleaned Up


Because They Can Bust A Move


Even NSFW-ish Ones


And They Both Look Good In Red


In White


And In Blue



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  • PerpetualIntern

    AND both lefties!

  • Sara Habein

    Renner. Arms. Mmmhmm. Yep.

    Also, I highly support the white shirt photos of both of them. Yep.

  • DizMixen

    Renner pelt!! Rrrrrrrrrennnnnerrrr pelt. Rawr.

  • Stephen Nein

    And unless the photos are flipped, add Lefties to the list. (I'm betting they're flipped)

  • ScienceGeek

    So, based on the 'and writers' pictures, they're BOTH left-handed. I'm kinda delighted by that co-incidence.

  • ,

    If Jennifer Lawrence were 30 years older, I'd be all over that ass.

  • Straight Dudes Talking Renner - he can wear his t-shirt tucked in and not look stupid. Plus brachial artery visible = lean. Give me a combo of his plus Daniel Craig's bods and I'll be happy forever (as will my wife, who keeps pointing at them and saying, "you could look like that").

    Lawrence = insanely hot. Though I feel kind of creepy as she's only a few years older than my daughter.

  • BiblioGeek

    I don't know what a brachial artery is, but I'd like very much for Jeremy Renner's to be visible.

  • chanohack

    Very yes. I can't tell if Pajiba is reading my mind lately (or rather, picking up signals from my lady parts) or if I'm just unusually impressionable/horny.

  • MDM4

    My oh my...Jennifer Lawrence has the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. Quite talented and surprise, surprise seems to be very down to earth as well. I have long been a fan of Jeremy Renner. I thought he was hot in The Assasination of Jesse James and it would appear that he's gotten himself in fine shape recently. So, in my humble opinion, both Lawrence and Renner are quite the package; talented and HOT.

  • A. Smith

    It still floors me that he's as old as he is and she as young as she is. Me I'm just lost in between.

  • Someone on here before (sorry, can't remember) said Renner was "ugly hot and utterly bangable." I completely agree. Plus, he has gorgeous eyes, arm porn for days, and seems like a cool dude. Given the chance, the things I would do...
    Jennifer has a banging body and seems like a total goof. I would welcome both into my bed. Or just out for drinks.

  • Alice

    That was me. And I am about to send my sister to check out this collage because she wants to grudge f*ck him. I can't think of a better way to describe that, since there's obviously no grudge there.

    Well done, Ms. Robinson.

  • Guest

    I heard some archery expert on NPR talking about the two as archers. He applauded Lawrence and proclaimed that Renner had absolutely no clue what he was doing.

  • Ryan

    How can you make this list without including "We Need To Talk About Kevin" and "Brave"?

  • branded_redux

    Because it's not a list about archery in movies. It's a Pajiba 10 recommendation list for Lawrence and Renner, both of whom played archers this year. Though you're free to add John C. Reilly to your list if you choose to.

  • I don't think many people want to have sex with the little girl from Brave.


  • Or the bastard kid from "Kevin."

  • PyD

    all these pictures just further confirm that Nicholas Hoult must die in a tragic accident involving hookers and blow
    its only fair

  • Good Jiggity God, Renner. RENNER. Those eyes! The intensity!

    *falls over*

  • He's so good at wearing pants.

  • misslucyjane

    Jennifer Lawrence has one of the most perfect hourglass figures I've ever seen.

    Jeremy Renner, I think, is one of those actors where personality goes a long way. He's funny and charming, and that overcomes his unconventional looks. Then there's the biceps.Yowza.

  • Threenineteen

    Was I the only person who thought "What does Claudia Schiffer have to do with either Archer or archery?"

  • Internet Magpie

    I just love looking at JL. I just love looking at her face.

    Also her hips.

  • hapl0

    Am I the only one who find both of these people overrated? Especially when you have people like Saoirse Ronan and Matt Damon.

  • KatSings


  • fpkillkill

    It was all going so well until we got to the last one. Jennifer Lawrence looked awful, awful as Mystique. It made her eyes look beady and gave her a five-head.

  • fpkillkill

    No, no. Yes, she looked like a mutant so good job on that. What I mean is that they, the powers that be or whomever, seemed to dislike her and made her, Jennifer, as Mystique, look bad.

    Oh, wait. Was that the point of the last picture? Was I supposed to think she looked awful? Because Romijn still looked great.

    Damn it. I'm confused.

  • Dave Dorris

    Um, yeah, no.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I know, right. She totally looked like a mutant, or something.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Poor hideous creature.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Kate Winslet is so jealous right now, Joanna, that she's desperately trying to find a crossbow to win back your love.

  • schrome

    Sterling Archer anyone?

  • Groundloop

    We also would have accepted Malory or The Wee Baby Seamus as left field submissions.

  • Gumbercules


  • Guest

    2012 Archer #4: Prince Charming (ish) in "Snow White and the Huntsman."

  • E-Money

    Jennifer Lawrence! Jennifer Lawrence forever! With all my bi-curious heart.

  • John G.

    Do people really find Jeremy Renner attractive? Look at that nose. He looks like someone punched him in the face several hundred times. AND He looks to be about 5 foot zero. I don't get it.

  • John G.

    Ladies Ladies Ladies! OK! I give up! He's attractive! He's Hot! He's a greek god. The majority has spoken. I surrender.

  • A. Smith

    I've dug him since Senior Trip & SWAT. Also until that gif I never really thought of his butt.

  • Yes, I really do. It's not just his looks, which I find far more interesting than cover model type men, but his voice, his intensity, and the fact that he's a history geek. Those arms don't hurt at all. Also, he's 5'10". Everyone looks short next to Chris Hemsworth.

  • David Sorenson

    Well I don't find him all that attractive, but I think even he'll admit that he's just not that good looking of a woman.

  • Jezzer

    He was in an episode of "Angel" where I spent the entire episode going from "Hmm, dude's hot," to "WHAT IS THIS CHINLESS THING BEFORE ME?!? HOW CAN YOU HAVE A GOATEE WITHOUT A CHIN?!?"

  • Jezzer

    It depends on what angle you view him from. At some angles, he's very striking. At others, he's very struck. He's like a hologram, only instead of animating as you move around him, he gains and loses chromosomes.

  • Wait, some people don't find Jeremy Renner attractive?

  • John G.

    seriously? Even in the "because they look good dirty" pic? He looks like he just shit his pants. I seriously don't see it.

  • Irina

    I do, I really really do. That gif from M:I GP made my day. Thanks Joanna, you're always a champ, helping a girl out.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I would kill you if it meant I got to take on his visage for the rest of my days.

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