The Original Flavor 'Scream' Cast: What Do They Look Like Now?
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The Original Flavor 'Scream' Cast: What Do They Look Like Now?

By Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | October 9, 2013 | Comments ()


I had a Scream marathon the other day that took me from fresh-faced Courtney Cox to OhHoneyWhatInTheHell Courtney Cox. It got me thinking about Where Are They Now And Would I Still Bang Them?: a fun game for the whole family! Let’s begin.

Drew Barrymore - Casey Becker



Neve Campbell - Sidney Prescott

Scream Neve Campbell.jpg


Rose McGowan - Tatum Riley



Skeet Ulrich - Billy Loomis


skeet ulrich 7.jpg

Matthew Lillard - Stu Macher



Jamie Kennedy - Randy Meeks



David Arquette - Deputy Dewey Riley



Courteney Cox - Gale Weathers



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  • bastich

    Mmmmm...Original Flavor Drew Barrymore....

  • Joe

    Oh, Rose McGowan. What horrors time hath wrought.

    edit: Huh. I just read further down and saw she had reconstructive surgery after a car crash, so I'm this week's guest star on "I Guess I'm The Asshole, After All".

  • Rev. Brandy

    Holy shit, what the hell happened to Courteney Cox's face? Holy shit!

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    My only regret is this isn't a roundup of all the Scream movies, so we could sneak some Olyphant pictures in here...

  • Michelle

    Oh yuck, I kind of forgot about Scream 2. I think that was the worst out of all of them.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I don't think we're judging merit with a pic roundup, but for my money Scream 4 was the worst. At least I got to look at Olyphant in Scream 2...

  • James

    Yes. From the original trilogy, the third was the worst...and then came number 4 with Emma Roberts who is ruining horror again in her Regina Sparks' impression in "Coven".

  • Slash

    They all look pretty damn good to me. Even Rose McG looks slightly less sucked and tucked or Botoxed or whatever. Not Courteney, though. She needs to unBotox or gain some weight or something.

  • axis2clusterB

    Matthew Lillard. I've always loved him, and he's aging so very well.

  • pajamas

    What about Cotton Weary? Liev so damn good looking.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Thank you. I was wondering where my sexy Liev was. I mean, if we're going to do a shallow roundup, don't leave out the one with arguably the best career post movie.

  • Artemis

    Ray Donovan called, and it wants you to take that compliment back right now.

  • SugarSmak

    I will always, unconditionally, love Matthew Lillard - so nice to see how well he's aging.

    And, as someone who is around the age of Courteney Cox, I sometimes debate the merits of fillers/plastic surgery. The pic of her above just saved me a visit to a plastic surgeon...for the moment.

  • Joe Grunenwald


  • merryxmas

    You forgot to write which ones you would still bang. Perhaps a checkable box next to their today pic?

  • e jerry powell

    At least Rose has figured out where to put those nipples now.

  • Berry

    You said what I was thinking... Or close, anyway.

  • Helo

    Courtney Cox, what the blistering fuck???

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's still better than what Catherine Bell did to herself (just to throw out a random bad example).

  • oilybohunk7

    How about Lara Flynn Boyle?

  • trixiestreats

    I had to Google her for a recent photo, too. Aaah!

    (Though I still think Courtney Cox has the more frightful face...)

  • e jerry powell

    For a second there, I couldn't decide between J.Love or Lacey Chabert. Good to know I was wrong on both counts.

  • Helo

    I just did a quick google search on that... Thankfully, my morning caffeine intake hasn't started.

  • Is it just me, or does Courtney Cox look like The Joker in that last picture to everyone else as well?

  • AM

    Nope, I'm getting a serious Janice Dickinson vibe.

  • e jerry powell

    Oooooooh, them's fightin' words...


  • Yes. And not in a freaky but enticing, Heath Ledger, kind of way.

  • ttb

    Before everyone jumps on the "what did Rose Mcgowan do to her face?" bandwagon, please note that she was in a car crash and suffered some pretty awful injuries, so a lot of her surgery is reconstructive.

    Courtney Cox, I have no defense.

  • I thought her excuse was "I had a scar from a car crash, and needed more surgery" not that her entire face was destroyed and rebuilt, which is what looks like what happened.

  • trixiestreats

    I read that her glasses cut into the area surrounding one of her eyes, and that required some work. But major facial reconstruction? I didn't think so.

  • MauraFoley

    I think she probably got a little work done prior to the accident, as it is Hollywood's way. During the accident her glasses shattered and the pieces were driven into her face, so massive reconstruction was needed.

  • stella

    Oh thats awful, honestly I didnt know.

  • So, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich and Courteney Cox = broke their faces.

  • Noting @disqus_SCwOdY3woT:disqus's contribution below.

  • Robert

    When did Courtney Cox turn into the Joker?

  • Ben

    Holy shit, Skeet Ulrich was his actual name? I always thought people called him that because he used to play some wacky character with a dumb fucking name in one of those highschool shows or something.

    What kind of sick monster calls there kid Skeet Ulrich?

    Also would still bang Mathew Lillard, I will forever love that man.

  • calliope1975

    It's actually Brian Ulrich, but he got the nickname Skeet (from Mosquito) as a child.

    Why I know this, I know not.

  • Ben

    Oh thank god. Skeet as a nickname is way better then an actual name.

  • Sara Habein

    Nice to see that everyone still looks like themselves... except for the 2 obvious examples.

  • stella

    So neve campbellteamed up with gabrielle union to find the fountain of youth?

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Lilliard appears to be growing into himself well. Age has added depth to him, and mellowed him visually.

    The most profound example of this was Patrick Dempsey. The "Can't Buy Me Love" version was stereotypical dweeby guy - all arms and legs and angular motion.
    Obviously by the time he hit Grey's Anatomy he had become a "sex symbol".

    Not sure Liilard will get all the way to having a handle like "McDreamy", but it's clear he is angling for leading (albeit flawed) roles.

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    I've always like Matthew LIllard, if you can do the Shaggy voice, you can do me. Plus, he directed and produced his own film Fat Kid Rules the World, which was great.

  • I have ever been a Lillard fangirl. Anyone who watched him play opposite Hartnett in Wicker Park should just admit that he's the superior piece.

  • e jerry powell

    Okay, I'll bite.

    But he still looks as though he's about to reach for a Scooby snack.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Rhut Rho.

    I agree, but he's hiding it better.

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