The Most Important Question of a Generation: Who Has the Most Impressive Dance of Joy?

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | July 17, 2012 | Comments ()


Please peruse your selections and make your choice in the poll below.

Sam Rockwell


Paul Rudd

Alison Brie




Ron Swanson


Tina Fey


For Comparison's Sake: The Original (1).gif

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Comments Are Welcome, Douches Are Not

  • melissa82

    "Impressive' Sam Rockwell. "Tasty" Turk. "Giggle inducing" tie for Paul Rudd and Tina Fey. "Joyous/want to get it pregnant under the bleachers" Ron Swanson. And Alison Brie is adorable, I just don't roll that way (read: I'm jealous).

  • I am very confused by the absence of Felicity Huffman from this list.

  • TheReinaG

    For the record: may you burn in a hell where you have to listen to Justin Beiber and Carly Rae Jepsen while watching that show with the Kardashians for all eternity Rowles! It is too damned early in the morning to tear at my poor little heartstrings!

  • kirbyjay

    This is a tough one because Turk should always win if only for his vast library of joyful dances, but at this point he is in the Joyful Dance Hall of Fame and is out of contention
    Paul Rudd should always win because he is Paul Rudd and emanates joy even when standing still, though I think he's actually running the Boston Marathon, albeit joyfully, not dancing joyfully.
    Ron Swanson is doing a drunken joy dance and hybrids should not be in the running. Ron is not joyful unless drunk.
    Alison Brie looks to be getting off on a beachball.
    Tina Fey is channeling Elaine Benes, but she does look joyful
    Balki and Larry are quite the joyful duo but I don't think that's a dance of joy, it's their morning wake-up ritual.
    But the win goes to Sam Rockwell ( and Jimmy Fallon) because
    A. He's got the moves
    B. Who expected that from him
    C. I'm feeling joyful just watching him

  • embertine

    Alfonso Ribeiro eeees not on this list? WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK?

  • maxwell/maxpurr

    using your comparison!!--tina fey is the obvious goofy choice. but sam rockwell is the best dancer--not goofy--damn hot!!

  • dizzylucy

    Most skilled: Rockwell
    Best shorts: Rudd
    Most awesomely hilarious: Swanson.

    But I have to give the vote to Rockwell overall.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Turk, without question, forever and ever. All other votes are invalid.

  • celery

    I'm sure there more more impressive dances to be found in Community, dance-wise. Surely Troy, future inventor of Dance Pants, could have made a sporting go of it.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    Rockwell for sure. Everytime I see that man dance he makes me forget he looks like, well, Sam Rockwell. Then I want to do all the bad things to him.

  • csb

    Rockwell, hands down.

  • laylaness

    It's like I don't even know you people. Paul Rudd? 7%? Shame on you all.

  • special snowflake

    Delighted to see Turk from Scrubs included, but you overlooked some smokin' moves by Sarah Chalke in the same hospital! Girl could put the FUN back in Funky when she was happy. And Paul Rudd would have had a much better showing with the dance he did on Daily Show.

  • annie

    But I admit I can't stop watching Alison Brie's.

  • Helen

    Aw, where is Merrit Wever?

  • Fabius_Maximus

    My hormones say Brie, but Rockwell's style is more impressive than her assets.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    I just couldn't decide. They're all so wonderful.

  • The sketch from the Paul Rudd dancing gif. More dancin'.

  • BWeaves

    Sam Rockwell wins for being able to do splits across the floor and still live to walk afterwards.

  • Tammy

    I want Paul Rudd to be my second husband, I want Turkleton to be my big brother, I want Ron Swanson to be my dad - but Sammy Sam? Sammy Sam has the slickest moves on Earth. No contest, Rockwell wins by a landslide.

  • stardust

    Sam Rockwell dances like he owns the world. I love it.

  • I love Rudd and the others, but you cannot deny Rockwell's boogie shoes.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    Gotta give it to Rockwell, although the original still gives me Myposian levels of joy.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I think I confused this vote with who I most want to sleep with.

  • Alex0001

    I'm giving it to Rockwell, assuming that was a totally spur of the moment dance off.

  • Top 3 contenders: Turk, Rockwell, Rudd.
    Turk's is too technical; Rockwell's is too cool.
    Rudd's, on the other hand, is pure, shambolic joy.
    Rudd wins.

  • Puddin

    I'm SO proud of all of you! I thought for sure you would choose Rudd or Turk, but you put politics aside and voted for the man! And Sam Rockwell IS the man!

    Yay all of you! Ten points for Gryffindor!

  • Ted Zancha

    I really really wanted to go with Turk. But you said best dance of joy. Sam Rockwell takes it, hands down.

  • Same thought process. Color me impressed by Rockwell's sweet moves.

  • idiosynchronic

    That Rockwell groove was the only smooth thing on Justin Hammer.

  • SchmidtUltra

    Holy crap, Sam Rockwell! Also, you can't deny The Swanson. Or those things on the front of Alison Brie.

  • EAG46

    Nope. Sorry. The original is the best.

  • Hear! Hear! Balki and Cousin Larry FTW

  • Puddin

    It's the Chanel suit of happy dances.

  • greenblue

    Not fair including Swanson AND Rockwell. In the end Swanson's hat is what won my vote.

  • sean

    Allison Brie 'cause boobies. But in a non-booby pick, Sam Rockwell. Since I just re-watched Galaxy Quest for the first time in 10 yrs.

  • idiosynchronic

    I was unaware that was Rockwell in GalQuest as Guy until the other day. I am deeply ashamed of this fact.

  • PDamian

    LOVE that he goes from "Guy Fleegman" to "Roc Ingersoll."

    "You have a name, Guy."
    "Do I? Do I? Mommy! Mommy!

  • Slash

    I don't wanna vote, I like them all. Rockwell's is the smoothest, Turk's is the funky freshest. Rudd's and Fey's are tied for dorktastic, Brie's obviously gets the bouncy boob prize. Ron Swanson's is the Swansonest. It's a word because I say it is.

  • Arran

    I fully intended to say "Paul Rudd always wins", but Rockwell won me over. FIVE STARS.

  • thatsjesstastic!

    Last min entry: Chandler Bing?
    Exhibit A:

  • Maguita NYC

    How about Elaine Benis' dancing on Seinfeld?

  • I voted for Swanson because of course, but WOW, Rockwell's got some amazing moves. HE DID THE SPLITS ACROSS THE WHOLE DANCE FLOOR.

  • I was just thinking about that line this morning Figgy!

  • Tom
  • Slash
  • Groundloop

    I was about to post:

    Lack of Numfar = List Fail

    but that'll do Slash. That'll do.

    Ah, to hell with it. LIST FAIL!!

  • Ron Swanson ftw, with a write-in vote for Joss Whedon as Numfar.

  • Tulsi

    I was wondering if anyone was going to bring up Joss Whedon as Numfar! I def vote for that one!

  • whatevs

    David Boreanaz has a pretty good one too.

  • I just learned from the comments that Joss Whedon was Numfar. How did I not know that before?? Thanks, random YouTube commenter!

  • littlealbatross

    My sister and I spent two days learning that dance....If I ever meet Joss (or as I call him God) I'm just going to break out with that.

  • BWeaves

    I didn't know Joss Whedon was Numfar, either, and I've seen every Buffy/Angel.

  • BierceAmbrose

    OK, people, you are now messing with my wa. I mean, it's like y'all have real lives or something, (and we know better than that.)

  • BierceAmbrose


    -50 points to Gryfindor for epic nerd-fail. Seriously, dude(ette) how could you not ... I just ... I can't ... dammit I thought I knew you.

  • Well, now I'm a broken-hearted nerdette!

  • BierceAmbrose

    Awwwww. I can't stay aghast at you.

  • Ha! Numfar's dance of shame was just as good.

  • moves...more feelings.

  • Bedewcrock

    Right? I'm right here, Rockwell. Hopefully your last name IS pun intended.

  • ElmoTee

    Love the Rudd and the Fey, and nothing looks more joyous than the Swanson, but, but, but...the Rockwell is just so damned SMOOTH!!! Rockwell for the win.

  • Samantha Klein


    Although if Sam Rockwell wins, I won't be sad.

  • Maguita NYC

    Sam Rockwell. All the way.

    There is something very Lord of the Dance genetically mutating into Saturday Night Fever with his moves! Kinda hot.

  • Fredo

    In spite of the implied dirtiness of Alison Brie's dance, I must (MUST!) go with Sam Rockwell's rebolation.

  • Tinkerville

    Asking me to choose between Turk's poison dance and Sam Rockwell's sick moves is like.. is like.. I'm tired and under caffeinated and the boss is harping on about something so I can't think of an adequately clever analogy, but it's HARD, okay?!

  • melissa82

    One hundred percent what I was thinking. Except I'm a tad hungover, the reason for my faulty/slow brain...

  • Puddin

    Puppies and candy? Its not clever, but I think it would be really hard to choose between puppies and candy.

    Ooh, or hookers and blow!

  • Morgan_LaFai

    You can't separate hookers and blow. They go together like homemade jam and woman.

  • NateMan

    Puppies and candy? Its not clever, but I think it would be really hard to choose between puppies and candy."

    They're both so delicious, I just can't decide! And that's when we create candy-coated puppies. They're like M&Ms but extra delicious because of the cruelty.

  • puddin

    Either that or we can find a way to genetically engineer candy to make it feel emotion. And pain.

    And then we eat the candy.

    I fear we have veered off topic...

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Thanks... now I am going to That Girl Is Poison stuck in my head all day.

  • Puddin

    You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Nope. It is WAY better than having The Heat is On stuck in my head.

  • ashipper

    I don't care about boobs, so Ron Swanson for the win.

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