The Five Most Annoying Popular Catchphrases I Currently Loathe

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | March 11, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | March 11, 2009 |


Remember when, "You Go, Girl" and "Two Snaps!" was hilarious? Yeah. Me neither. "Show Me the Money." For about 12 seconds. "Chillax"? Brother, please. "D'Oh"? Oh God. Also, anything popularized by "Office Space" and/or especially "Swingers" ran its course years ago, baby! Never again. And "WTF" -- I can take it in written form, but when people say it out loud. Seriously: WTF?

Of course, we're in a new era now. An era where we borrow much of our lexicon from the Internet. And for the last forever, it seems, a new round of catchphrase has caught on like syphilitic bed bugs, little mites of annoyingness that pop up constantly in comments sections, on Facebook, and on Twitter. They are the new "LOL's" (which, unforgivably, still hasn't completely died, though it's being replaced by something equally obnoxious: "elle oh elle").

Here are the five most obnoxious of those phrases, all of which I'd kill to stamp out immediately.

5. "Meh"
4. "Woot!"
3. "Do Not Want"
2. " ... Just saying."
1. "Fail!" and "Epic Fail!"

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