The Jurassic Park 4 Plot: One of Six Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week
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The Jurassic Park 4 Plot: One of Six Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | June 23, 2013 | Comments ()


You can't trust Monday, but Sunday means: Important Stuff.

6. Eleven Said Goodbye.

I don't know; I think I'd have preferred him vocalizing a bit. Sorry Matt, you're no Michael Hutchence (*sob*)

5. Food Network Dumped Paula Deen After She Made a Lame Apology for Being a Racist; Her Fans Went Nuclear.

Following the release of details from her deposition (in a complaint filed by a former employee of the restaurant Deen runs with her brother) revealing Deen's despicable behavior and comments, the television chef failed to show up for a scheduled "Today" interview. Later in the day she posted two apology videos; the one here is the extended version of the earlier. But Food Network wasn't buying what Deen was selling, and they promptly issued a statement that it does not tolerate discrimination and will not be renewing her contract--which expires at the end of the month. This was my favorite response:

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.12.01 PM.png

If you fall on the opposing side, your people are here.

4. A Book Trailer for Stephen King's Doctor Sleep Hit the Street.

Are these really a thing now--book trailers? I suppose when you're Stephen King, anything and everything you write eventually gets some kind of trailer. This one will air during Monday's premiere of "Under the Dome," and it doesn't give too much information other than Doctor Sleep's general premise (The Shining sequel, Danny Torrance is all grown up--and presumably things ain't all skippity-happy like) and the release date (September 24th). And eff me, I guess I'll have to read it, even though I was so mad with the ending of Under the Dome that I threw my copy into an airport garbage can. Watch SK reading a bit of Doctor Sleep here.

3. Photos from Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave Were Released.







McQueen continues his Fassbender alliance, though this outing focuses on Chiwetel Ejiofor starring as Solomon Northup. 12 Years a Slave follows the incredible (true) story of free man Northup who leaves New York for a job in Washington DC; when he arrived, Northup was drugged, kidnapped, and transported to New Orleans where he was sold into slavery. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Northup's first owner, and Fassbender, another-- a cruel plantation owner. The film also stars Paul Giamatti, Sarah Paulson, Alfre Woodard, Paul Dano, Quvenzhané Wallis, Lupita Nyong'o and Brad Pitt; it's set to hit theaters this December.

2. Nicolas Winding Refn Announced He'll Reunite with Mads Mikkelsen (Who Wouldn't?).

mads-mikkelsen (1).jpg

The director made a surprise statement during an Only God Forgives interview that he's developing a sequel to his über cool Valhalla Rising, the story of Norse warrior, One Eye (Mikkelsen). Winding Refn said he "...had this idea of Mads Mikklesen to go back to the origins of this character. But make the movie in Tokyo." Though he was coy about how One-Eye could be transported to the future, I love the idea of seeing this character in a completely different world...and Mads--anywhere, anytime.

1. Jurassic Park 4 Plot Details Leaked.

Thumbnail image for jurassicpark4.jpg

Script details that reveal the Jurassic Park 4 storyline have leaked --the original script, that is. There have been rewrites, so take what you're about to read with a grain of salt. That said, it's an exciting idea and definitely one that would entice people back to theaters. The information is pretty specific, so I'll white it out for those of you who don't want to see. HIghlight for major plot spoilers: "Jurassic Park 4 set in present day Isla Nublar, is now an actual theme park, as originally intended by John Hammond in the first film. It garners 10 million visitors per year and is completely safe - until it's not. The park itself is described as very Sea World-esque and includes an area called the Isla Nublar Lagoon. That means underwater dino's for the first time. No indication of what kind, but there's concept art showing one of the aquatic dino's, as part of a show, jumping out of the lagoon and eating a strung up great white shark like it was a fish for a dolphin at sea world. As part of a show, you ask? That's right, folks, this will feature "tamed" dino's. In fact, our source indicated that the usually menacing Velociraptors (which will finally be muzzled, along with the T-Rex - until they're not) will actually be used to help fight the threat, which begins in the form of a new dinosaur, not seen in any of the previous films (and not disclosed to us) shows to be much smarter than originally thought and is the main cause of havoc breaking out at the park. So, to sum it all up, JURASSIC PARK 4 will take place back on Isla Nublar with a fully operational dinosaur theme park (I'm sure no expense was spared) that's both prosperous and safe, until a new dinosaur figures out a way to wreak havoc, causing the use of the now tamed Velociraptors (and T-Rex? Unclear) as a means to fighting the threat." (JoBlo) Spoilers will find a way...

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is revisiting "Rock Star: INXS."

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • googergieger

    Valhalla Rising was a piece of shit, and you guys seriously need to start making at least a minimum effort when it comes to movie watching. That director is MTV style art school and is totally in love with himself and absolutely brings nothing else to the table. At least Kim Ki-duk brings pace to his awfulness.

  • Maguita NYC

    I saw Valhalla Rising when it first came out, that is when I fell for Mads' mad acting skills. The movie oddly captivates no matter the long stretches of silence, interrupted only by blunt violence. The background noise was filled with nothing but the sound of cold wind blowing over rocks, interrupted only by static and thunder. And the camera never shied away from detailed cruelty. And always silent.

    I am disturbed by my sudden need to watch this movie again.

  • googergieger

    Nothing happened.

  • Strand

    Welp. At least this Jurassic Park 4 doesn't sound as stupid as that initial screenplay we heard about years ago with trained Velociraptors shooting guns as some black ops experiment.

  • Maguita NYC

    "The Expendables 4 - Rise of the Raptors" project had to be nixed due to insufficient funding.

    Praise Godtopus.

  • ViciousTrollop

    Has anyone read King's newest book Joyland? I'm wondering whether I should pick it up or not.

  • John G.

    I'm sold on JP4. They don't need to bring back any of the original cast, either. Throw some up and comers in there, and have them do different things. We don't need to rehash the stories that have been tarnished in the previous two sequels.

  • John W

    Jurassic Park details. Let me take a stab in the dark, a team of scientists go to an island and face off against....poodles?

  • Captain D

    Ooh! I like this. Instead of vanilla dinosaurs like T-Rex or Velociraptors we can cross-breed them with poodles to come up with hypo-allergenic versions for the theme park. Of course, the triceroodles (trademark pending) would immediately begin herding all of the other dinosaurs....and you don't want to see how mad they get when not properly groomed.

  • Perfect. A triceradoodle. A yappy, hyperactive dinosaur that can't understand why you don't want him sitting in your lap, even though it's the size of an elephant.

  • e jerry powell

    Standard poodles can be vicious gossips, you know...

  • John W

    Poodles were originally hunting dogs.

  • e jerry powell

    Yes, but Lagotto Romagnolo were better ancestrally, I think. They seem less snobbish than a fully groomed standard poodle, too.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Water retrievers in fact - hence the funny hair cut to keep their kidneys, chest, and joints warm.

  • John W

    And now the last thing people think about is taking them out on hunting trips. Go figure.

  • Jerce

    Sorry Matt, you’re no Michael Hutchence

    ...Are you serious? You're not being fuckin' serious there, are you??

    Christ, I know I'm old and everything, but...Christ.

  • Jerce
  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, we know. Everything is derivative. INXS's Need You Tonight/Mediate is the more immediate reference point for those under 40.

  • googergieger

    Damn, you motha suckas is old.

  • e jerry powell

    I keep tryin' to tell ya...

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Immediate? Yes. I contest that it's better known, though. MTV still showed the Dylan video in my time, and I'm under 40.

  • e jerry powell

    That must have been after I quit watching MTV, actually, because I can only remember seeing the Dylan video on PBS.

    Ye gods, but I hate MTV.

  • delle

    I agree that the Dylan video is less immediate but likely more recognisable; I've not seen the INXS video that I remember, but seeing the Dylan video on MuchMusic (Canada's version of MTV at the time) as a kid was my first introduction to Bob Dylan, and I'm also under 40.

  • Daniel Valentin

    Not gonna lie, that Jurassic Park 4 plot synopsis gave me a boner I'll need heroin to knock down.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    That's a pretty long scar Smith has on his head there.

  • Book trailers have been a thing for years. There's a dystopian YA series that had one running as part of the AMC theaters pre-show in April and May. They normally go nowhere and do little to no good for the book. That's why they always look so...Newgrounds 1999.

  • ferryman

    I've decided that this is the new, smarter dinosaur; check out the size of that noggin!

  • Salieri2

    That's a virtual planetoid!

  • We have a piper down!

  • Salieri2

    It's all right, he's just pissed!

  • Steph

    That guy was in The Lost World. He headbutted a car.

  • That's a pachycephalosaur for those playing along with the home game.

  • AnnaKendrick'sLoveMuffin

    I thought that dome was solid bone and was used it to headbutt other dinosaurs.

  • ferryman

    "I thought that dome was solid bone"
    Now mix a few naughty words in there and you'll have the beginnings of a new rap...

  • delle

    "...and I cannot lie!"

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    That's what it wants you to think.

  • Danar the Barbarian

    Yeah, and he looks smug as fuck about it too. Bastard dinosaur.

  • googergieger

    He looks high.

  • toblerone

    Thanks Matt... You will always be my Doctor and will be terribly missed.

    *Rory Kinnear is apparently at the top of the list for 12th Doctor.

    Really? Seriously? No (if only because I dont want 12th to be a pig f*cker. Thanks Black Mirror).

  • lonolove

    Does the plot sound like Deep Blue Sea to anyone else? SUPER INTELLIGENT PREDATORS! GAH NOES!

  • BiblioGlow

    It also sounds like the plot of Jaws...4 or 5 or something. It was set in a 'Sea World-esque' theme park - until the sharks wreaked havoc! From...inside their tanks. Somehow. Also it was in 3D, I think? It was a long time ago.
    I can't wait until SyFy combines all three into a super-smart dino-shark adventureland showdown! To the death! With lots of blood!! It is the SyFy movie way.

  • You make that sound like a bad thing...

    Oh wait, you didn't want it to be a comedy like DBS? Then, yeah, that might be a problem.

  • ZizoAH

    I wouldn't mind being owned by Michael Fassbender

  • ZombieNurse

    I want to make it clear that I don't condone racism, and I know how hurtful "that word" can be. I live in Alabama, and trust me, I get to see more than my fair share of ignorance when it comes to racial issues every single day. It's gross.

    That being said...Paula Deen is a 60+ year old white, southern woman and if you can find anyone who fits that same criteria who hasn't said that word at least once in their life, I'll eat a shoe slathered in butter. People say lots of disgusting, wrong things every day and they don't deserve to lose their jobs over them. I mean, yes, if she was a vocal and outspoken racist, I'd feel totally differently, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Maybe there are details I don't know, so maybe I don't have all the facts.

    I know not many people will agree with me about this, and that's understandable. Also, many people have zero tolerance of certain things, and that's their right I suppose, but doesn't this whole thing seem to be excessive?

  • googergieger


  • Sara_Tonin00

    I can see your points, however, it does sound as if there are "facts you don't know." Her contract isn't being renewed, which, to me, is different from being fired. And there is a difference between using the word about someone who held a gun to her head - which happened, and which I could probably give a pass to - and suggesting that there be dancing white-jacketed black servers at a plantation style wedding. And, when it comes down to it, in helping to create a hostile workplace, even if that workplace is not The Food Network.

    The Food Network has a right to protect its reputation (and profits, aka advertisers & viewers) in whatever way it sees fit. She is certainly not going to find herself destitute.

  • ZombieNurse

    You're probably right, although I'm wondering if there isn't something more to all of this. I find it hard to believe that unless PD went on a public/on-air rant, that the Food Network would get rid of someone who makes them a considerable amount of money. As much as we'd like to believe that a giant corporation would forgo contract renewal on moral grounds, that seems unlikely. Business is business and money is money.

    I hope I don't come across as someone who'd be apologetic for anyone who'd be racist. I guess I must be jaded, because I know a LOT of older people who'd say these types of things and it would never occur to any of them that it was offensive. That sounds crazy, I know, but hand to God it's the truth. It's just the world they were raised in, and it doesn't come from a malicious place. I, unfortunately, know people who are maliciously racist, and there is a huge difference. I know it doesn't necessarily make it better, or acceptable, though.

  • googergieger

    No, I think you're just coming across as someone that doesn't know what argument they want to have. She said something offensive. The network she was on, didn't want to be associated with her because they were probably pressured by sponsors and such. Or just didn't want to deal with the backlash or whatever of having to stick with her. Suffice to say what you are trying to say is there is a difference between ignorance and racism, and sure enough there is. Though fine line really. Still neither should be defended.

    Example, one day a gay friend of mine was having a conversation with this dude. Never mind what it was about but the conversation came to a screeching halt when the guy said, "Well if your parents are okay with you being gay, they'd probably be okay with incest". Now he didn't say that to be offensive or homophobic or anything other than ignorant. He honestly believed that. Now he shouldn't lose his job over it, whatever it was. Let us say a bartender. He should be mocked and chastised over it, but not fired. However if his bar happens to have a huge gay client base, and word gets out, and they are offended enough or just can't see themselves going somewhere that employs somewhat that ignorant, it would make perfect sense to fire that guy.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Yeah, I know older folks who have been casually racist. But they aren't on tv. And Paula probably issued the coup de grace herself when she was "physically unable" to do the Lauer interview which had been widely advertised.

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    And perhaps she had already garnered some bad press for the network when it came out that she suffers from Type 2 Diabetes....?

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    *opens wallet, throws it at JP4* Fuck it, take it all.

  • Zirza

    With cast names like Fassbender, Cumberbatch and Ejiofor it's a small wonder Cruise, Depp and Pitt ever made it. I suspect this is the main difference between the nineties and now. We want fancy names, dammit.

    Edit: also, I'd like to share that we're getting a cat from the shelter a few weeks from now and I'll be damned if I don't name it Steve McQueen.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Ejiofor and Fassbender acting it up together, you say?
    I'll go put myself in a coma until December then shall I?

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