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November 11, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | November 11, 2008 |

There is nary a more likeable guy in Hollywood than Paul Rudd, who has been bopping around now for over 15 years without ever really gaining widespread fame. He’s usually got a best friend role in the big movies he does, or he plays the lead in the movies fewer people see. But he also seems awesomely loyal to his friends, which is probably why he takes the roles he does: They are his friends’ movies. He’s just been fortunate enough to hook up with both the Apatow gang and the David Wain gang, though perhaps not as fortunate to be connected to Amy Heckerling, who did give him his big break, but also apparently forced him to repay that debt with the atrocious I Could Never Be Your Woman (and don’t ask me to explain Over Her Dead Body). It’s hard to ignore his most high profile roles in Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin or his strong performance in Diggers, but that’s just what I’m going to do. Here’s his top five:

5. George Hanson in The Object of my Affection, a terrible movie salvaged by a strong performance from Rudd, who was Jennifer Aniston’s Chasing Amy.

4. Mike Hannigan in “Friends.” How unbelievably likable was he in “Friends”? He was just about the only decent thing about the show in its later seasons.

3. Josh in Clueless. Smirky, wry, and so young. It’s where he first warmed the hearts of Lady America.

2. Danny Donahue in Role Models. Easily one of the best comedies of the year, and perhaps a first where Rudd has had box-office success as a leading man.

1. Andy in Wet Hot American Summer. After Clueless, it looked like Paul Rudd would probably slip through the cracks of B-level Hollywood leading men or be saddled with small supporting roles for most of his career. But, Wet Hot American Summer revealed that Rudd was more than winsome, the dude was fucking hilarious.

A Seriously Random List XX / Dustin Rowles

Lists | November 11, 2008 |

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