The 10 Worst Tweets of 2013

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The 10 Worst Tweets of 2013

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | December 27, 2013 | Comments ()


Last week, Justine Sacco — for better or worse — demonstrated the power of Twitter in unleashing a single, thoughtless tweet before getting on a plane to South Africa that cost the woman her job, and got her face and name plastered all over the Internet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.21.44 AM.png

On the one hand, the woman got what she deserved — the loss of her job — for saying something ugly and racist. On the other hand, did the entire world need to drop what they were doing and follow the woman’s flight, relishing in her media evisceration? She’s not much more than a kid — a dumb, thoughtless kid — but a kid, nonetheless, and for a few hours, she was one of the least liked women on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated her ruination.

Twitter is a weird place, an avalanche of jokes, of negativity, of pointless arguments, of banal thoughts, of occasionally amusing conversations, and tiny nuggets of useful information. The arguments people used to have with their televisions in the quiet of their homes are now put on Twitter for the world to see, and some guy’s instant impressions of the latest scene in Scandal gets just as much play as a tweet about the passage of a budget bill in Congress. It’s Democracy, and chaos, and humor, and stupidity, and anarchy, and it’s all reflective of and completely disconnected from humanity. It’s millions of people who can barely hear the world over the sound of their owns tweets, but it also allows for people who would otherwise never communicate with one another to have lengthy 140-character exchanges. An 11-year-old aspiring astrophysicist can ask Neil Degrasse Tyson a question and get an answer, and that is f**king amazing.

Twitter is the best, and it is the worst. It allows people to put their sh*tty little thoughts out into the world, but it also allows the rest of us to call them on those thoughts, to chastise them, and in some cases, ruin them. For a day or two anyway. On social media. But are those social media personalities real, anyway, or just constructs that can be rebuilt just as fast as they are torn down?

I doubt any of the people who delivered the ten worst tweets of the year suffered any long-lasting consequences. Some of them were amusing mistakes; some were tasteless attempts to exploit tragedies to the benefit of their brands; some were narcissism run amok; some were bad jokes that didn’t have the desired effect, and some were just plain racist. What they all have in common, however, is that they were passed from one Twitter account to another, to blogs, and back to Twitter, as the media continued to feed itself, bouncing a ball off the walls of a locked room until every surface had been pelted and bruised, and until another dumb tweet propelled the ball back into action.

10. Richard Simmons

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.02.24 AM.png

9. Christiano Ronaldo

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.17.34 AM.png

8. Geraldo Rivera

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.14.21 AM.png

7. Kenneth Cole

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.03.42 AM.png

6. Spaghetti O’s

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.15.36 AM.png

5. Home Depot

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.05.17 AM.png

4. Lisa Lampanelli

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.05.49 AM.png

3. Dr. Phil

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.11.05 AM.png

2. Atlanta Journal Constitution

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.04.16 AM.png

1. The Onion

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.13.38 AM.png

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  • Al Borland's Beard

    I just found out from reading this who Justine Sacco is. Between this and the duck fucker, I wonder if we could ever muster this kind of outrage over something that actually matters.

  • bokchoi

    I wonder - would Phil Robertson actually be fired right now if he had made his statements to Twitter instead of GQ?

  • How old is Justine Sacco? Her LinkedIn has her as a junior account exec in 2005. If she graduated college by 2005, wouldn't that make her at least around 30-ish? Not ancient but older than "not much more than a kid."

  • Some Guy

    Are you sure at some point the President or Jay Carney didn't tweet any promises about getting to keep your plan and/or your doctor?

  • Maddy

    What the actual fuck Dr Phil?

  • Melissa D

    Much as I hate (and I mean HATE) to defend Dr. Phil, it's in reference to the Rehteah Parsons case; the day he tweeted that, her mother was filming an episode of his show. In a nutshell, when Rehteah was 15, she was at a party where she got drunk as hell and four guys took turns sexually assaulting her, took pictures of it, and distributed it all over school. She was tormented by her classmates, the police who she went to did nothing, and two years later she hung herself. The defence of the boys was that she wasn't unwilling, she was drunk (she was SO drunk she was throwing up in one of the pictures in the middle of the act), she went into the room willingly so therefore she wanted everything she got, blah blah blah typical bullshit. So anyways, that's where the tweet comes from.

  • Maddy

    This makes it even worse to me but nice to know the context

  • Melissa D

    He was trying to start a dialogue and challenge that assumption, but yeah, not the way to do it. If you don't know the context (and since it's not referenced at all why would you?), it's very easy to misconstrue.

  • Alberto Cox Délano

    In poor Cristiano Ronaldo's defense, English is not his native language and he doesn't speak it very well. But it's the same with Portugese, so there's that.

  • googergieger

    You are kind of the reason Modern Family wins so many effin Emmys.

  • manting

    Can someone explain to me the difference between twitter and a facebook post? Couldn't people just write their tweets as facebook posts?

  • There is no difference between the two. Each of them is as vapid and moronic as the other.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Disqus will only allow me to upvote your comment once.

  • manting

    I am not on twitter, I don't "follow" anyone on Twitter, and I don't see the point of twitter. Unless Oscar Wilde is on twitter there is no one writing anything worth reading in 140 characters or less.

  • Tend to agree, though I admit (sheepishly) to being a Twit. I got on because I thought following the randoms of a few witty people - writers and comedians - whose work I already enjoy would be worth it, but sadly, most of their output is constant promo push for their various appearances. Which I understand is important for their career, but feels like "BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINE" to me.

  • bastich
  • manting

    Fuck. That is just criminal. Next you are going to tell me that Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce also have twitter accounts.

  • bastich

    Ha ha...yeah, that would be crazy, wouldn't it?

    Well, gotta run....

    /kicks and links under rug while no one is looking

  • manting

    is nothing sacred?

  • BWeaves

    You are kidding me (sarcasm font).

  • The thing is, a list of 'Worst Tweets' presupposes a list of 'Best Tweets' and that's just not in the cards. There's nothing that's ever been written on Twitter that was worth the energy it took to read, much less type.

  • I use it to follow agents and authors, and for that, it's a decent tool.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I disagree, because there are some people on there - like Steve Martin - who do make me laugh. And I've got a friend whose tweets are usually good for a chuckle.

    But I'll grant you that 98% is garbage.

  • BWeaves

    And even Steve Martin can get Twitter backlash, as the Lasonia tweet showed.

  • James Bergquist

    @ #2
    I guess chicken and Koolaid jokes were "bad taste"

  • Y'know, here's the thing with Sacco: I can definitely read her tweet as an attempt at ironic self-deprecation and a jab at what it means to be part of a privileged class..."The odds are slim that I'll get AIDS because I'm a wealthy, educated white woman with access to top-quality health and preventative care, and won't be spending much time alone and vulnerable in the ghetto besides. Life is pretty criminally unfair, no?"

    In that sense, her comment was no more racist than any of the caustic, dead-on social commentary we applaud when it's presented onstage by a skillful comedian. Edgy acts are FULL of digs that make us laugh nearly to the point of pissing ourselves, even as we gasp to our friends between giggles, "Oh, he/she is so BAD!" Our laughter implies a trust that the comedian shares our contempt for certain attitudes; without that trust, we'd just be shocked and disgusted.

    I would believe Sacco if she said she was going for irony, mainly because it's just hard for me to swallow that in this day and age, a racist works her way up to a top PR job without learning to keep that shit under wraps. But if the most generous interpretation of events is that she had an epic brain fart and made an AIDS joke in the context vacuum of Twitter... it may not qualify her for Public Enemy #1, but it hardly qualifies her for PR boss, either.

  • Dave Dorris

    That's the part her defenders seem to be missing. You're a PR rep specializing in social media and you post a potentially inflammatory "joke" tweet, then you get on a plane and let it simmer for hours without being able to explain it or give it context. It. Was. Dumb.

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    "Our laughter implies a trust that the comedian shares our contempt for certain attitudes; without that trust, we'd just be shocked and disgusted."

    Very well said.

  • Thank you!

  • rio

    I agree, dark dark dark humor can fail to be funny but it doesn't mean she was being racist, the only problem is you should know that twitter doest channel sarcasm that well and if you fail at a joke of that nature you gotta be ready for the ginormous backlash you will get. I used to have an incredible dark sense of humor, doesn't mean I was actually capable of funny jokes but every now and then in the mist of my failed Seth MacFarlanes I actually pulled a funny, super dark joke, and now I often censor myself, and I frankly don't know if it is because I've become more aware that words have meaning and weight or is it because now days, even if you are a nobody your words get broadcast, and the public doesn't do not-politically correct self aware humor really well (just genuinely offensive one). The thing is my humor hasn't really changed much, but I know better than to make certain jokes that cause more damage than laughter, if this makes any sense.

  • Makes perfect sense. As one known for a twisted sense of humor myself, believe me - I know. Sometimes you hit the sweet spot, sometimes you go too far, and sometimes - if you're lucky - you think "Nah...don't need to say it" just in time. ;)

  • crispin

    Who the fuck is Justine Sacco and why should anyone give a shit about what a person writes on Twitter?

  • manting

    exactly. I have no clue who she is, also that is a delicious profile pic.

  • Tinkerville

    Every time we have a post like this it should be accompanied by the opposite list of the best so I have less of a need to bleach my eyeballs.

  • The only one where I don't see the problem is Richard Simmons. People do know he's pretty flirty, right?

    I mean, his appearance on Whose Line Is It Anyway? should have made that clear:

  • llp

    Yes, I love the Richard Simmons one. He is a delight.

  • The SpaghettiOs one still makes me laugh. The stupid smiling cartoon with the flag gets me every time.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    It's so completely absurd that I had to laugh when I saw too.

  • Pawesl

    I can't believe anyone is defending any of these tweets.

  • googergieger

    Yeah but to be fair, you still can't believe it's not butter.

  • Steve Ward

    So much of this makes me question Pajiba as my home page. Losing your job is what you "deserve" for making a dumb joke? Ruthie O's comment about her being fired because she was a PR rep and her tweet was horrible PR on a public forum makes sense, but I assume Dustin wrote that in the usual "bad person say bad thing, fire them~!!!!" kind of way, which troubles me.

    Also, Lampanelli is Lampanelli, context is everything. Are we really still at a point where "nigga" automatically makes a white person the devil incarnate, regardless of intent? Kenneth Cole seems totally innocent, just making fun of a turn of phrase. And the Onion was just plain funny. The unnecessary brutality was the point!

    PS. Can we get at least a dishonourable mention for Nancy Grace's "#toiletbaby"?

  • Guest


  • Steve Ward

    I just like the ability to be offensive without a sword of Damocles coming with it. I am also a fan of context.

  • Uh no. One, being offensive always has consequences. The key is being outrageous enough to convince objectors that you can't possibly mean what you say, and that may not always be guaranteed. So getting flamed for an offensive joke comes with the territory.

    Two, the Lampanelli tweet isn't offensive because she used the word "nigga", it's that she called a RICH WHITE WOMAN her "nigga". I don't care how many black guys she claims to bang, she cannot sell that one.

  • Steve Ward

    Offending people doesn't need to go hand-in-hand with one's employment, though. If you're on a show and your ratings drop because of your personal fuck ups, THAT is the marketplace speaking, not some cunty blogger leading a small but vocal minority to attack your sponsors, or appeal to idiots who will trust that out of context quotes encapsulate the essence of your being.

    There's "getting flamed" and then there's some stupid Duck Dynasty shit. Never watched the show, totally disagree with the dickhead, but getting a guy fired for an opinion or joke is truly fucked up. Kudos to Lampanelli for not giving a shit and subjecting herself to predictable over reactions.

    Disagree if you want. Hate if you must. But say that someone "deserves" to be fired for saying something? Fuck off.

  • Jezzer

    Look at the fucking context, dude. She works in PR, and created a PR disaster. That's why she lost her job.

  • Steve Ward

    And now you're the second person to miss it, have that pointed out, then return here to respond to something else entirely and down vote the part where it's pointed out that you can't read two lines before reacting. Good work.

    As for any distaste towards my verbiage or tone, if you disregard or devalue a contrary opinion just because it isn't presented in a nice enough container, that's just a shame.

    This is what I attribute your perceived dichotomy in Australians to, by the way. If i may be so bold as to speak for an entire nation, i suggest that we feel comfortable expressing ourselves, and naughty naughty words have no power, so less things bother us in terms of opinions or non-issues such as celebrity tweets. But when discussing something, we do so honestly, and without conforming to debate club rules. If you see us reacting to something that would cause an uproar elsewhere, we seem laid back. If you see us disagreeing about something, even amongst friends, it appears off-putting and overly confrontational.

    Sorry to actually respond to something you said, please continue avoiding any form of dialogue.

  • Steve Ward

    I addressed that about three times, and you're not the first to miss it, despite it being in the second line of my first post. Really says something about the kind of people who are okay with jobs being at stake in 140 characters.

    There will be no dialogue. There will be no addressing parallel issues or precedents or consequences. Opinions must be formed in two sentences, everything thereafter is invalid, conversation is off the table.

    ADD meds should be mandatory.

  • As much as I feel that A&E were hypocrites from suspending Robertson from that show (they knew who he was and what his beliefs were; are they really going to get gunshy now?), that was their choice. They wanted to get him out of the way for a while, so people could go back to enjoying the show about a family that makes money off of convincing ducks they want to fuck them (still my favorite joke about the whole thing). That was a corporate decision, and I find it hard to feel sorry that he is temporarily losing one of his many money trains.

    Lampanelli is what she is. Like I said, I get why folks didn't like it. The word is already a powderkeg in the first place; Lampanelli just likes dancing with matches. If anything, I'm more offended that people got upset over such a lame joke. I mean, if you are gonna lambast someone, can't it be for something more than what could have been tweeted by a 14 year old?

    As far as the internet lynch mob mentality, I do agree that it gets out of hand and doe way more harm than good. That doesn't excuse stupid or unfunny tweets; I just feel both sides look ridiculous. Yes, 140 characters do not encapsulate an entire person's being; but it is often the only thing most people ever see, and we are hardwired to judge on first impressions. It is not fair, it is not right, and it is not going to change anytime soon. All one can do is try to avoid jumping in half-cocked.

  • Steve Ward

    Honestly don't disagree with a single word of that. I just don't see a need for a firing or some such consequence based on what we, and most people, can easily identify as (at least an attempt at) a joke.

    Even if the case of Lampanelli, who much like Duck Dynasty guy and most other figures who get wrapped up in shit like this, I largely don't like, I just don't see any avenue of punishment worth exploiting rather than just saying "Well that was dumb. So, what else is going on?" and going about our day.

    Getting someone fired over a shitty joke has far, far more negative consequences than the joke (or dead serious opinion) itself.

  • Dave Dorris

    It's not just the joke, and it wasn't just a bad one. It demonstrated ignorance in a number of ways. How can you be a good Social Media / PR executive if you're dumb enough to post something like that on a social media site?

  • Steve Ward

    Well crap, I sure wish I addressed that within my first two lines. I mean, get it in there nice and early for the ADHD set who can't be bothered actually reading a fucking thing before jumping to a conclusion and replying with a recycled opinion that they have co-opted as their own, and indeed only, opinion, you know? The kind of people also most likely to leap into backlash over a tweet, strangely enough. If only I had addressed this valid point to this specific case, but not the overall trend and problem up front. But alas, now I feel like a right twat.

  • Dave Dorris

    You kind of are acting like a "right twat". An opinion can be shared without it being "recycled". At least I'm assuming so, because there are those on here expressing the same opinion as you and I'm not claiming you're just part of the herd. Take a xanax.

  • Steve Ward

    See, now the easy, safe way to go with my response would have been "yes, I addressed that and I agree. I said so multiple times, but my issue is with the overall trend in the media today". I could have been generously measured, and ignored the fact that you responded without even reading two lines of what I wrote.

    Instead, I responded in what was intended to be a comically over the top, sarcastic, insult comedy method. And because of that, you have diagnosed me as a twat who is too irrational. Nevermind that you didn't read two lines of my original point, you're standing by your demonstrably baseless distaste for me. If my intent was lost in translation between nations, or simply in the text based format of comments on the internet, then I simply say "case in point".

    In short, you exemplify everything I take umbrage with.

  • Jezzer

    You're being "diagnosed" as a twat because you're acting like a twat. I don't really have to drag out the protractor and measure angles to confirm a rectangle when I see one.

  • Dave Dorris

    Sorry, I guess your comedy didn't translate well for me. I suppose that could be my fault, or it could be you just sounded like a jerk. Maybe somewhere in the middle I guess?

  • Steve Ward

    Just goes to show how ambiguous and subjective things can be, doesn't it? Certainly not the kind of circumstances that one's employment should be beholden to.

    Also, that thing about how you were responding to something I had addressed directly and immediately from the very beginning...? Nothing on that? No progress towards dialogue on whether or not a firing would be justified if she wasn't in PR? Just going to keep illustrating everything I've been rambling about?

    Can you at least appreciate the irony in backing a firing based on 140 characters when you managed to form your opinion and summary of mine in less than that, showing that context was irrelevant, you just needed to take quick action, regardless of the context because reading is hard, and how could someone's intent or opinion not be summed up in two short sentences? You know, just like the people doing the firings do. It's pretty great in how fitting that is, right?

  • llp

    Re: Duck Dynasty. I don't watch that either, but I assume that A&E has a standards of conduct for its employees, and that the guy who said those terrible things contravened those standards and thus was "fired." Free speech doesn't mean consequence free speech.

  • Steve Ward

    First, let me just reiterate that I completely and utterly disagree with DD guy, have never seen the show and think he's a dick in how he said it.

    Buuuut, he was just saying stupid Christianity-based prejudices and ignorance. He didn't incite violence, or even recommend hate. He was just on that whole "it's a sin" kick that those types love so much, and he worded it like an idiot. So just so we're clear, "terrible" things = "Christian" things, right? That gives him at least two freedoms backing him, versus "I don't like what the bad man said, he should lose money because the Christian said Christian things and I can't stand to hear that".

    The consequence to being offensive should be people turning off his show. If ratings drop, the consequence to that is a loss of income, or firing. There's no reason to skip the middle step of actually letting the market decide.

    And again, I can't stand his opinion/belief. I don't particularly like living in a country with a leader whose decisions are strongly governed by his religious beliefs. But I'm not going to call for anyone's firing, or support such a firing, because of someone's belief. If that's what the marketplace/viewers/voters want, if that's the opinion of that many people, then my belief in tolerance and freedom says I disagree, then go about my day.

    Sorry for being as rambly with this one, I'm just prattling on because I can't edit a stream of consciousness at this point...

  • No one "got" the dude from Duck Dynasty fired. A&E didn't like the reaction his statement got, and as his employer, it was their right to terminate his contract. Trust me, if I went on a racist/sexist/homophobic rant in a public sphere, my university would fire me in a hot second - and I would have no good argument for why they should not. The chick above made a stupid, offensive statement in public, and her job was Public Relations. Obviously, her employer figured out that she has judgment issues and they can't trust her to act wisely. Free market at work.

  • Steve Ward

    Scared, pathetic executives overreacting to non-events get people fired all the time. Sometimes a special interest group yells and screams, other times the corporation preempts them and makes the firing before there's a fake public outcry. But every single time, if the company just waits it out, special interest groups very quickly lose interest and non-stories get ignored like they should.

    Remember Jay Z and Barney's? It's already disappeared because those involved let it blow over.

    And didn't A&E "suspend" him, having already filmed the next season with him in it? No one will care when they film the season after that and he is "reinstated".

  • Steve Ward

    Heh, turns out his "suspension" is already over, and he lost a grand total of $0 because of it. Well played, A&E. Placate the vocal minority, let it blow over, move on with everything as planned. Well played indeed.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    I like the cut of your jib, but jaysus Francis, lighten up a smidge. Is your beer cold enough?

  • Steve Ward

    My beer is never cold enough. I'm Australian.

  • Jezzer

    OOOOH! That explains so much. Every Australian I've ever met is either the nicest person on the planet, or an utter prick. Why do you people have no middle ground? Is it the spiders?

  • ryallen

    whats so bad about 4? its not like taylor swift said that. its fucking lisa lampanelli...

  • stryker1121

    Oh come on, consider the source with Lampanelli. It's friggin satire!

  • googergieger

    Well, not satire, but yeah, pretty much obvious trolling when you put her on this kind of list. Not to mention the onion. Heck most of the list really.

  • Some Guy

    The woman made one tasteless joke and she deserves to lose her job? Because that will what, make her really sorry and change her mind? Really? Why stop there? That type of thinking is clearly unacceptable, so why not really make sure she never says or thinks anything again and maybe "reeducate" her? She's clearly a danger to herself and those she works around, right?

  • BWeaves

    It wasn't just her last tweet that got her fired. She had several previous tweets on her Twitter site that were also racist or inappropriate. But mostly, she was supposed to be a high level PR exec, and her personal tweets showed that she did not understand the basic concept of her job.

    Update: OK, I see the Ruthie O already posted something similar.

  • Some Guy

    I was unaware of any previous incidents. From my understanding the woman tweeted it and lost her job in the time it took her to fly there.

    That seemed pretty reactionary to me, but I'd understand it more if there were history behind it.

    My "re-education" point still stands.

  • googergieger

    Actually racist, or racist because people have forgotten what context and intent mean?

  • Dave Dorris

    How can you read that "joke" and not see it as ignorant and racist? And how can a social media / PR exec be that stupid and not get fired?

  • googergieger

    Because I understand context and intent. And I don't care about the fired thing. I care about context and intent.

    I mean how is it ignorant firstly? Ignorant would be an old guy asking me, "Do you people celebrate St. Patrick's day?". Which has actually happened. THAT was ignorant. Even racist. However again, the intent behind it wasn't malicious. In that case it was an innocent question from a very old and ignorant man. I could have acted offended beyond all hell, but I'm a better person than that. Who saves his outrage for, honestly, never. So when it comes to fake outrage, well, I'll leave that to you all.

  • Dave Dorris

    I'm not "outraged", I just thought it was stupid, especially for someone in her position. For her to tweet a statement espousing an ignorant opinion like that, even in jest (?), was a dumb thing to do. And just out of curiosity, how do you know her "intent".

  • googergieger

    I don't think you know what ignorant, or opinion mean.

    Her intent was clearly a joke. Was it bad? In poor taste? Whatever it was, it isn't what you all are making it out to be. Again fake outrage. Fox News would be proud, if they weren't busy using the same type of fake outrage over some sort of war on Christmas that never has existed.

  • Ruthie O

    I believe she was fired because the tweet showed she was clearly inept at performing her job; she was PR exec for social media sites. The tweet demonstrated a lack of understanding of both public relations and social media.

  • googergieger

    No, she was fired cause of a bad joke.

  • I still say that Onion tweet was gold.

  • googergieger

    Whoever upvoted you and has also downvoted me in the past for literally only using that word, is a hypocritical that word.

  • Jezzer

    I just downvote you on general principles because you're unlikable.

  • googergieger

    I thought it was because it took you ten days to think up a barely reply.

  • Jezzer

    No, no. It's the "Googs is a douche" thing.

  • googergieger

    Back to not knowing the meaning of words eh? Cause I'm pretty sure douche doesn't quite describe the level of hate I generate. I mean at this point it's practically a compliment.

  • Jezzer

    I think you're seriously overestimating your emotional importance to people. You're essentially that bad smell in the pantry that won't go away.

  • googergieger

    *looks up*

    Yeah? Alright.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I disagree with your number 1, because 2, 6 and 9 blew my mind. Oy. And perhaps Sacco's isn't on there because she's a nobody, but hers WAS unfathomably stupid and wrong and a young person of any race from South Africa should know better.

    I don't see what's offensive about Kenneth Cole's, though. It's an inane tweet, but "boots on the ground" is used so often in corporate speak now; though the saying had its genesis in the military, it's more generic than that now.

  • Theunis Stofberg

    Please note that Justine Sacco is NOT South African. She is in fact American

  • Sara_Tonin00

    But she is from South Africa, having been born there.

  • mzbitca

    I think it was because he came shortly some sort of blow up in the MIddle East and there was talk of sending in soldiers

  • Sara_Tonin00

    ah, syria related, perhaps? I never heard anything about this tweet (which is fine with me, actually)

  • mzbitca

    That or Libya

  • JustOP

    Honestly, it just seems like people have too much time on their hands and the need to become 'outraged' at someone for largely trite reasons.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Speak for yourself. My high-horse is awesome.
    It's organic and fair-trade.
    I'd to pay extra to make sure it was free of horse meat but the hypocrisy extensions came for free.

    Looking down at people is tiring work though, but we each have to do our bit.

  • Did you get it from the same place as the gold-plated soapboxes with built in First World guilt massagers?

  • If you ask, they'll sell you attachments for the FW guilt massager.

  • These are Goop products, I assume.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Oh totes.
    What am I, a savage?!

  • Paddington

    drop what they were doing? Twitter takes almost no effort. Also, when you do something on a public forum and you get shamed publicly that's just desserts.

  • Clara Smith

    Sіeոոа.­ yօս­ tհіոk­ ոісօle`s­ reрօrt­ іs­  sհօсkіոg,­ yesterdаy­ і­ рісked­ սр­ а­ greаt ­ ոew­ MсLаreո­ F1­ sіոсee­ getіոg­ а­  сհeсk­ fօr­ $4726­ tհіs­ раst­ mօոtհ­ аոd ­ wօսld­ yօս­ belіeve,­ 10-k­ tհіs­ раst-mսոtհ.­ іt's­ сertаіոly­ my­ fаvօսrіte-wօrk­ і­ հаve­ ever­ dօոe.­ і­ stаrted­ tհіs ­ fօսr­ mօոtհs/аgօ­ аոd­ рretty­ mսсհ­ іmmedіаtely­ stаrtаd­  mаkіոg­ mօre­ tհаո­ $81..­ рer-հr.­ і­ սse­ tհe­ detаіls­ օո­ tհіs­ websіte,,... WWW.ChristmasGiftFromGoogle201...

    ☢☢☢☢☢☢ ☢☢☢῜☢☢☢ ☢☢☢☢☢☢On social media. But are those social media personalities real, anyway, or just constructs that can be rebuilt just as fast as they are torn down?

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