The 10 TV Characters We Most Want To See Killed Off
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The 10 TV Characters We Most Want To See Killed Off

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | December 16, 2013 | Comments ()

Brooklyn99-Chelsea Peretti-Gina-I Hate You.png

Man, between The Walking Dead, sBoardwalk Empire, Homeland and Sons Of Anarchy, the last few weeks of television have been a blood bath. No need to go into specifics, but everyone's been fair game. Between characters we expected to die, characters we thought were guaranteed survival and characters we loved too much, it's been quite the emotional roller coaster. Yes, of course I'm talking about Brian the dog. Who did you think? But the willingness (almost eagerness) of shows to kill off main characters has made for some great storytelling. Once upon a time, if your name was high enough on the cast list, you were considered safe. But mainstream television has shown an increasing comfort with higher-stakes storytelling, perhaps ushered in by the success of trigger-happy shows like Lost, Game Of Thrones and Downton Abbey. There are a few shows, however, that could do with a little more killin'.

Scandal -- Quinn: Once a guilty pleasure, Scandal has gone completely off the rails in a few short weeks. I don't think one death is enough to bring it back, but we would all certainly breathe a lot easier if we didn't have to deal with Quinn and her little Dexer "dark passenger" plot. Kill off Quinn and give all her airtime to Josh Malina.

The Walking Dead -- Caaaaaarrrl: Not that the AMC show has shied away from killing off major characters, but they've been slow on the trigger with this one. I know the show is based on a comic series and, hey, maybe Carl gets really interesting later on, but for now I'm done. In fact, I've been done for awhile. This kid is my Lori. He's my Andrea. I cannot stand him. Anyone who says he's getting better with age is lying to themselves. His reaction when Judith went missing was somewhere between an eye roll and full meltdown. My only thought when I saw that bloody car seat? They took the wrong Grimes kid.

Downton Abbey -- Lady Mary: Really, what's left for Lady Mary to do now that her husband is out of the picture? Downton Abbey could choose to tell an interesting story of a woman (with bags of money) making her way alone in the world (with positively bags of money) at a time when that was hard for a single mother (with steamer trunks and hat boxes full of money). However, Michelle Dockery (whose resting bitch face and eye rolls are stuff of legends) has said that in the next season, Lady Mary is back on the dating scene. Oh good, here we go again. I'd much rather spend time with Lady Edith or, better yet, the reanimated corpse of Lady Sybil.

The Mindy Project -- The Inexplicably "Fat" British Doctor: What is going on with this plot? Can someone explain it to me? It's as if the writers determined poor Ed Weeks (who was originally cast as a cad) had all the sexual fizz of old shoe leather. Thus they shoved a small throw pillow up Dr. Jeremy Reed's shirt for the first half of the season and tried to make him ... "complicated"? "Funny"? WHAT WERE THEY GOING FOR? The plot was sort of addressed in the mid-season finale. Sort of. But I still have no idea where they are going with it. So if they could kindly bump him off and if 3/4 of the staff could quit out of despair, then we could solve this show's overcrowding problem and get back to shipping Mindy and Danny.

Girls -- Marnie: I know many of you would rather see Hannah gone. Well laugh it up, fuzzballs, it's never going to happen. Not until the final season, anyway, and that's still highly improbable. I'd much rather see the awful, grating Marnie go. Maybe the shock of her death will ground Hannah and smooth out some of her rougher edges. It could happen! Replace Marnie with Elijah. Problem solved.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -- Gina: Still the very worst character on that wonderful show.

Parenthood -- Max Braverman: This once beloved show has lost an unbelievable amount of momentum this season. Between character assassinations and recycled plots, everyone seems to be either spinning their wheels or making me throw my hands up in disgust. While I understand that Max is meant to be a difficult kid because of his difficulties with social interaction, I simply cannot tolerate him anymore. The show's better parts used to be able to sustain Max and his annoying plots, but we're past that now. The kid has got to go.

Mad Men -- Don Draper: As we enter the final season of Mad Men, I think the arc must finish with "the death of Don Draper." Unless they pull off "the rebirth of Don Draper." I'm worried that's what last season's finale was pointing toward, but who in their right mind wants to see Don Draper in the '70s? Don Draper in bell bottoms and sideburns? Dear lord, it would be a Mr. Brady nightmare. Kill Draper, save the (already wonderful) show.

Sons Of Anarchy -- Everyone. Every. Single. One. But mostly Juice.: The show has already done an impressive job of bumping off main characters. I think about half of the series originals are gone. But if the next season (the final season) doesn't end with a Shakespearean blood bath, then I'll be deeply displeased. Everyone's gotta go. Especially you, Juicy.

Justified -- Nobody. Ever.: Though my feeling in general is that shows are made better by major character deaths, I feel irrationally protective of the Justified cast. I want Boyd and Ava to have a nice wedding; I want Art to retire in peace; I want Tim to find a nice young man and Rachel to get some lines or screen time or whatever else she desires. I'd even settle for Raylan and Winona riding off into the sunset together if it meant a happy ending. But, well, this is Harlan. We all know how that song goes.
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Joanna Robinson doesn't dare bring 'Game Of Thrones' into the discussion for fear of inadvertent spoilers.

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  • ariesgemini

    go to hell with that carl mess.

  • TX1961 .

    Joffrey from "Game of Thrones." He needs to suffer a painful death.

  • Hunter

    I definitely agree about Carl from The Walking Dead. He's become more annoying than anything else. He's the bratty kid you just want to smack dead in the face...or empty a magazine into.

  • K-Sulls

    Alright, lets get started: firstly SOA is an amazing show and if you think everyone should die then u personally suck! The walking dead, also an amazing show and if u knew anything you'd know that they're going by the comic book series(ehhhh about 85% by it) so Carl will not be killed off and is no where near as bad as you chalked him up to be. And I'm not a huge fan of Brook-99(like it don't love it) but if u understood Gina's character and her style of comedy/sense of humor you'd laugh at most of the stuff that she said. Yea her voice is mad annoying but it even makes her funnier at times. Everything else u talked about is child's play. Soooo I kinda think/know that u suck and I wish I got back these 5 minutes and never saw this stupid random blog by u. Go fondle yourself to your beloved Justified!

  • Ice Cube

    cant kill caaaaaarl! he is the personification of the fragile balance between civilised and savagery that mankind faces in the wake of the outbreak and the fall of humanity. I did hate him in the beginning tho.

  • B S

    this is why i've always felt no dramatic show should EVER have child actors thrown into the mix if they're required to talk, emote or ACT. unless they're that one kid in a million who can pull off something other than precocious brat everyone sets on fire or hysterical whiny brat everyone wants to set on fire they're invariably just THERE, no more than a strategically placed pot plant or other set piece. everyone always ends up hating the damn kid actors so don't include them.

  • David Copeland

    Sansa from 'Game of Thrones'. Most useless, whiney, vapid character ever. Surprised that was missed here...

  • amp69

    FU Gina is one of the best on Brooklyn Nine-Nine!!!

  • Jim222001

    I think Boyd and Ava have ran their course. Is starting to be annoying how high and mighty they find themselves.

  • Queen Kortni_ of Cockistan™

    I disagree about Justified. I hate Winona. Dislike her so much. Don't kill her off, let her have the kid and then leave or die or something. She grates on my nerves.
    I don't know if I agree about Downton Abbey. We've had so many main character deaths, I don't know. I wish they would've kept Sybil alive and killed off Mary. Lady Sybil's death still hurts. I'm annoyed with Mary this season.
    I totally disagree about Scandal. The show is almost unwatchable for me, except the parts with Quinn, and the parts with Eli and the First Lady and Cyrus. Kill off the redhead (Abby?) or the President. I hate Fitz.

  • Shelly Kay Rowland

    Totally agree with the post about Justified but Definitely do NOT agree with The Walking Dead comments. Carl is a kid having to grow up in a world that NO child should ever have to live through. He had to shoot Shane in the head even though it killed him to do it, saw his friend Sophia (Carol's daughter) had been turned into a walker and watched his father shoot her in the head. He witnessed his mother having to deliver her baby via c section on the nasty floor of a prison with NO anesthesia and ended up having to shoot her in the head after she died during the birth! That kid has endured more suffering in the last 2 years of his life than ANYONE should ever have to go through in a lifetime. Didn't care for Andrea really but I can't bring myself to wish for the death of Carl, I'm rooting for him!

  • Mahesh Babu (

    haha hahaha :) so funny -

  • Troy Dalton

    A. Carl does get very interesting, yes.
    B. I've never seen "Justified" - is it a show about hydrocephalics? If not, how do they justify everyone in the lead cast having a 5-head?

  • shadowcub

    Carl and Daryl who should really take a bath sometimes, I just don't see the appeal. I see guys like him daily.

    Most overrated character ever. Next Beth, I think her name is; singing loudly at night, the zombies just love that.

    I want Andrea back.

  • KP

    Dumbest article I have ever skimmed through. And I once spent 10 minutes on Fox News

  • Ryan Smith

    I would rather see Rick go before Carl. He has become the useless character the group could do without.

  • SubSumeYou

    This bitch complainer doesn't make any sense. You want Carl to die because, your pussy isn't being rubbed right? Get the fuck outta here.

  • mudywaters

    Girls sucks, but at least Marnie is eye candy.

  • Superman

    Translation: Joanna Robinson watches way too many shitty shows!!

  • ge205

    So, what is Ms. Robinson's ideal boy who had to shoot his own mother before she turns into a zombie and who lives in a post apocalypse is suppose to act? Carl is the man!

  • Colin

    You're crazy man, Carl's a boss. He has wayyy improved since season 2 and we haven't even gotten to his good plots yet

  • mopremtech

    gemma must die she gets away with everything, but since she is the shows creator's wife I doubt if anything will happen to her.

  • Santiago

    don draper and carl? both characters who help move their show along. and then you list brooklyn 99, which is painful to watch, as a wonderful show. maybe kill yourself instead.

  • Liderc

    lol, "kill yourself instead" indeed.

  • Shawn Cameron

    How about the entire cast of every tired rehashed cop, hospital or lawyer drama there is, and anyone who pitches a new one gets cremated alive.

  • aka, Lady Jane Hind

    "...the reanimated corpse of Lady Sybil."
    I'd watch that. They seem to be recycling the same basic plot over and over: X dies, whatever will the poor family do now? Sybil coming back as a vampire in the roaring twenties would certainly liven things up. ;D

  • Jeremy Stubner

    You couldn't be more off base when it comes to Carl from Walking Dead. You're clearly just trying to be different because honestly, what has Carl done that's annoying to anyone? He hardly speaks and when he does it's not irritating. Carl might be one of the more intriguing characters overall. A child that's growing up during the zombie apocalypse. It's called depth which is clearly something you lack.

  • namertamer101


  • Tinwoods

    How about the four, fat sourpusses on PAWN STARS who are each making at least over $50,000 a week while pretending to fret about who is buying their Subway (sponsor plug!) lunch. Oh, and ALL the reality stars of anything shot in the South of that takes place in any storage facility.

  • ron

    They can't kill Carl because when the writers of the walking dead kill of rick Carl is going to be the main character

  • Karim

    carl should definitely be taken off that list because he's really stepped up.

  • Tinwoods

    Stepped up? To what? An able killer of slow-moving zombies? Beyond that, he's boring as hell.

  • Karim

    A young leader, deadly accurate shot and is very protective of his friends. Rick put that AR in his hands and he even had to step back and admire Carl has changed

  • Karl is the only interesting character left on the Walking Dead.

  • Joe Chava

    Terrible list. Of the ones that I'm familiar with, killing Carl over Bob or Don over, I don't know, Betty, is nonsense. To not want to save at least one person from Sons (I'm gonna riot if or when Chibs goes) and to not want anyone from Justified gone (Winona just brings trouble and is Raylan's weakness) is a weak stance. Everyone has an opinion, I know, but this is far from who "we" want gone or not, unless by "we" it's just I and by always-agreeing friend.

  • Queen Kortni_ of Cockistan™

    I agree about Justified. I don't think she should be killed though, it would crush Raylan.

  • demoncat_4

    killing dan draper would not only be interesting but also a test to see if mad mean can do like when the office had to move on from steve carol if the show can just move on with out a main character and glad i am not the only one who finds carl on the walking dead annoying enough to get eaten by a zombie. though given that the show proved that even a baby like judith can be whacked carl could wind up zombie food sooner or later.

  • yup

    urgh wasted my time reading this thinking you might have a good reason for wanting carl dead. NOPE!
    you should call the article "My unfiltered and senseless thoughts of negativity"

  • Tinwoods

    Boo hoo. No sense of humor, clearly.

  • Hm

    I would gladly got rid of the main female character of "Blacklist". She's simply unbearable...

  • Kian Drury

    Carl .... just no - keep him alive!

  • Cheyenne

    Scandal -- somebody take out Rowan. He's a sadistic pig.

    Grey's Anatomy -- Arizona, Cristina, Jesus-Freak April, Shane and all the interns. In fact, cancel the whole show. It's long past its expiration date.

  • fmt136

    If it was season one or two I would def be cool with Carl getting killed off but I've done a complete 180 on him since the third season up to now. He has grown into one of my favorite characters on the show this season.

  • Sons Of Anarchy -- Everyone. Every. Single. One. But mostly Juice.

    (And definitely Unser and Gemma)...But not Bobby.

  • G-Lo

    How did Elena from Vampire Diaries not make this list?

    And now I've admitted I watch the show. *walks away sulking*

  • Aikidojra

    Better yet, Kill Stefan, this poor man's Angel (Whedon's)

  • PerpetualIntern

    There are many of us. Do not be ashamed.

  • Maddy

    I'm no Quinn fan, but I'd get rid of Huck over her any day. And take all of B16 with him (but not Jake, he's nice to look at)

  • e jerry powell

    What's with the Gina hate? Didn't everyone already think that Chelsea Peretti is annoying enough just on her own? That's what I've been hearing for months, anyway. Kind of the next Whitney Cummings, or so I'm told.

    Where's her "2 Broke Girls"?

  • mrapp769

    Please kill Gemma again and again and again! I hope the Mayans wipe out all the sons and slowly kill Gemma

  • dizzylucy

    "Justified — Nobody. Ever" Ah, Joanna, I can always count on you for the well deserved Justified love.

    Gina's probably become my least favorite, but I don't mind her so much.
    I think I'd take out the whole cast of Scandal except for Olivia and Mellie.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I know one day Boyd and Raylan will have to face off, and I know I will weep bitter, bitter tears on that day. Until then, I hope we get more episodes where they're kidnapped by hill-folk and must work together.

  • When that day comes I will cease watching Justified and will be done with the spoilerific Internet forever. I don't want to live in a world without Boyd in it.

  • Sean

    Every one on Fox news.

  • AvaLehra

    How about this little asshole?

  • Laura

    I could just stare at that last picture for HOURS.

  • Lotney

    Crap. I was so sure this was the last season of Sons Of Anarchy.. Was so glad it was over... So.. now that it is still on yes.. absolutely... a bloodbath is absolutely necessary.

    Can Gemma go first though? Pleeeeeeease......

    PS.: Get your dirty hands off Gina!!!
    Edit: PS

  • Naye

    No. Gemma should die some slow tortuous death.

  • rio

    Up until the season finale I wanted to see everyone but Juice to die and now… damn you kid, I was rooting for you, now I just wanna see you burn! You and Gemma can die a thousand deaths and I still won't be satisfied! But year everyone has to go to, I just want the hospital administrator and her badass back tattoo to leave a burning Charming with Abel and Thomas.

  • Robot Devi

    I would also add Chibs to that list. He's the most competent person on the show.

  • Naye

    OMG ive been totally fine with everybody dying in a bloodbath, even Chucky, but for some reason I NEVER considered that would include Chibs. Yes, that will be my final tear =(

  • carrie thompson

    Yeah- Chibs should live. Maybe he can raise Abel and Thomas, because right now the prospects for those kids are bleak.

  • rio

    Chibs is probably asking himself, "Why the fuck did I left my badass ex wife for this shit?". If Dustin is right and he ends up betraying everyone I'm actually perfectly fine with that and I would actually encourage it.

  • Cas Bloom

    They're on decent terms with the IRA now, can Chibs just peace out back to Ireland with his wife and daughter? Please? Everyone else is welcome to meet their Shakespearean doom. Chibs can be Horatio.

  • Lisa

    Hmmm. I thought I kind of liked Carl. But I guess I'm just "lying to myself".

  • amylu

    I'm definitely in the "he's gotten better" camp.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    He's gotten SO much better. He hasn't had much to do this season so far but he's turned into a great character and the kid's acting has improved a lot.

  • bastich

    I agree with you about Marnie. In fact, "Girls" should get rid of every female lead except for Shoshanna.

    Then it could be called "The Shoshanna Show", where Shoshanna could shuttle around, sholving myshteries.

  • Robert

    The Mindy Project is going to make for some very odd marathon viewing on Netflix in the future. Just imagine someone who had no idea the show was retooled every 5-7 episodes is going to think everything the show inexplicable becomes something different with new cast members and story angles.

  • BendinIntheWind


  • el_mediocre

    Disagree on Gina. She has her moments.

    Disagree on Sons of Anarchy. I mean, everyone definitely needs to go, but I would replace Juice with Gemma. Or include Gemma with Juice. Or... God, I just want to be done with this shit.

  • Aidan Harr

    I submit Councilman Jamm from Parks and Rec.

  • grr arrgh

    Maybe then he can die from something like auto-erotic asphyxiation and then Leslie can have his job. I don't care if that's not how it would work in real life, that is what I want. I do think that if they got rid of him he should die in some bizarre/embarrassing accident, AES was the best I could come up with.

  • Tinkerville

    He is so overused and so unfunny. He was good for one episode, two tops.

  • JulesVerne

    I don't hate Gina, but I definitely like her the least of the 99 gang. But what I really want to say is WHAT ABOUT MORGAN on The Mindy Project?? God I just hate him so much, he is such an annoying little weirdo. Die Morgan, die!!!!!

  • mairimba

    I've never understood the hate towards Carl. He's a kid. I think the show has done a great job with him growing up a maturing giving the circumstances he's living.


    I got to say thru the first 2 and half seasons i found Carl to be one of the most annoying characters on TV. Especially the 1st two season. I got to say though I don't find him annoying at all anymore. I like the character now. I also find the actors acting better as well.

  • Stephen Nein

    Okay, my son is Carl's age, just a bit older. We may not like the little bastard's attitude, but Carl's being appropriate and played exceptionally well. "I'd like to see your fucking little genius deal with the end of the world better."

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    That's what I think makes Chandler Riggs a great fit as Carl. His cheekiness in season three got him into trouble a lot but we're reminded that in that kind of world, he has to grow up quick. Nice to see he's matured.

  • Cree83

    Hm, I don't see death for Don Draper. I see Don Draper losing his looks, losing his craft, losing his power, and growing very very old, all alone, having driven away everyone he cares about.

  • John G.

    I don't watch the show, but I love Chelsea Peretti in general. I can't imagine she's terrible in anything

  • Oh Goody Goody

    I'd be fine losing Gina and Peralta on Brooklyn 99. Or adding Abe Vigoda to the cast. Fish didn't have to retire, right?

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Jesus Christ. I hadn't checked in about 10 years and was fearing the worst.
    He's still alive everyone! It's going to be OK!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I saw Abe Vigoda in person at a musical reading about 10 years ago. He looked ancient then. (I also couldn't figure out why people were making a big deal that he was there.)

  • Aaron Schulz

    i swear that guys been 75 since 1944

  • WestCoastPat

    Thank you for including Gina. Terrible character. I think I've laughed at maybe one or two of her lines the entire season.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Joanna everyone but you enjoys Gina.

  • becks2point0

    I hate Gina too. Muggy over-actor.

  • becks2point0

    Oh, also her fans are those shitty people who go around downvoting everyone they disagree with and no one wants to be in a club with those passive aggressive nipple chafers.

  • Tammy

    I 90% still hate Gina, though I will concede in the two most recent episodes she's starting to grow on me. We'll see. At the beginning, it felt like they would write lines they liked but that didn't fit any of the other characters, so they just gave them to Gina and told her to mug as much as possible while saying them. And I wanted to punch her face. Now, she's still weird and random but I want to punch her SLIGHTLY less.
    But, to be frank, I hated Tom Haverford on Parks and Rec for the first 1.5 seasons; it wasn't until "Treat Yo Self" that he really started to grow on me.

  • GDI

    Haverford still bothers me at times, but I like that he has become more mature and self-aware.
    Anyone that bothers Ron tends to bother me.

  • Three_nineteen

    Wow, then you must hate everyone on Parks & Rec. Tom doesn't bother Ron any more than anyone else on the show. In fact, he admires Tom's entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Aaron Schulz

    pretty sure andy and april are the only two Ron regularly likes

  • GDI

    Think how many times their "foolhardiness" has saved the day. It's because of their adventurous spirit(s) and general lack of drama.

  • GDI

    I've never liked the Grimes family in general. I know Rick is the supposed to be the audience avatar (generally upstanding, but "morally conflicted; i.e. boring). Perhaps that's why I've always hated them in both the comics and the show. I feel nothing for them.

    Andrea was a complete letdown. She was supposed to be a badass sniper/warrior princess. Way to screw over one of the more interesting characters, along side with Michonne.

  • Conor

    Hey Joanna, any chance of you and Dave Chen bringing back the JustifiedCast? I'd definitely get on board if you got it on Kickstarter.

    Also, has it been confirmed that Tim's gay, or are you just shipping?

  • GDI

    He was a former Army Ranger (sniper, I believe), so he's definitely a man of mystery and intrigue. Apparently, sophisticated and mysterious man equals gay. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

    Just kind of a hasty conclusion, no?

  • NateMan

    Getting rid of Gina would be like getting rid of Cheryl\Carol on Archer; a tragedy.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Just like the gypsy woman said.

  • Luke Lane

    Deputy Tim DOES need to find a nice young man, I even forget where his probably gayness came from, but MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

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