The 10 Most Unexpectedly Resonant Movies in a Sudden Trump Era

By Daniel Hardy | Lists | January 2, 2017 | Comments ()

By Daniel Hardy | Lists | January 2, 2017 |


Jackie — A woman mourns the death of a hopeful administration at the dawn of an American nightmare.

Green Room — Apathetic millennials misjudge the very real threat of being trapped in a house with neo-Nazis.

Rogue One - Women and POC fight against a fascist regime made up of old white men with a nuclear arsenal and no sense of humor.

10 Cloverfield Lane — A smart woman is trapped with an overweight, mentally unstable white dude who tries to brainwash her with fake news.

Loving — Because without Civil Rights and a Supreme Court that believes in human decency, we’re totally fucked.

Nocturnal Animals — A successful woman realizes she underestimated a man’s manipulative use of red state venality for vindictive purposes.

Barry — Because the once in two generations ascendancy of a great political leader now feels like a distant dream.

Southside with You — See above, but throw in best First Lady since the number one pick.

Arrival — Because why we can’t we all get along and you know, not be the worst intergalactic species in the cosmos?

Captain America: Civil War — Because two fantasies of what America is and should be literally pummel the crap out of each other.

Daniel Hardy is a Brooklyn-based screenwriter with a current batting average of one produced script per every 10 written. He’s also a new Dad, doesn’t sleep much, and would be thrilled if more people followed him on Twitter.

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