The 10 Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2014
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The 10 Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2014

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | January 14, 2014 | Comments ()


Need for Speed (Total Domestic Box Office: $35 million) — We were so happy to see Aaron Paul in a major feature film after Breaking Bad, but not happy enough to actually go see it. I mean, it was based on a video game with no discernable storyline, and it looked like cinematica roadkill. Jesse Pinkman wouldn’t speed across country in a race car. That’s ridiculous. He knows a guy with a van who could transport him quietly!


The Legend of Hercules (Total Domestic Box Office: $23 million) — The $70 million budgeted action film from Renny Harlin starring Kellen Lutz opened in early January and was completely forgotten a week later after scoring a lousy 4 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Granted, the film became a camp classic when it was released on Netflix in November, but it was hardly enough to make up for its huge box-office losses.


Pompeii (Total Domestic Box Office: $60) — Never underestimate our growing disinterest in swords-and-sandals films, even the Titanic of swords and sandals films. Kit Harington and Emily Browning are no Leo and Kate, and a volcano isn’t a gigantic cruise ship crashing into an iceberg. Harington’s abs looked great on a movie poster, but great abs don’t sell movie tickets (just ask Ryan Reynolds). Sure, we turned out for 300 and its sequel earlier this year (out of morbid curiosity) but a roster of B-stars wasn’t enough to motivate the moviegoing public off their asses to go see a schlocky Paul W.S. Anderson historical tale when we all knew how the damn thing would end. We stuck with Game of Thrones, thank you very much. Beheadings are much preferable to meltings.


Noah (Total Domestic Box Office: $63 million) — Darren Aronofsky is an amazing director, just stop giving him huge budgets! Remember The Fountain? Neat movie. It made $10 million. Noah was an interesting movie, but it wasn’t a commercially viable one, and it didn’t matter how good the film was, it’s failure at the box office will stain it as a failure of a movie. I mean, look at Russell Crowe’s beard. Did Aronofsky actually think people would pay to see that? No sir, not at the multiplexes.


Transcendence —(Domestic Box Office: $59 million) It was a great Black List script, and came from director Wally Pfister — the excellent cinematographer behind the Dark Knight films — but he didn’t have enough clout to push back when the studio insisted on a broader vision to suit the current incarnation of Johnny Depp. It was a smart small-movie concept — a terminally ill scientist downloads his mind into a computer, which grants him power beyond his wildest dreams — that got lost in the translation into a huge, Johnny Depp tentpole. (The Johnny Depp fatigue didn’t help). Hopefully, Pfister gets another shot.


Blended (Domestic Box Office: $35 million) — We’ve been saying it would happen for years, but 2014 was finally the year that audiences gave up on Adam Sandler, and not even a reunion with Drew Barrymore in a sh*tty family movie could bring them back. Thank God. The Happy Madison era is finally over.


Edge of Tomorrow (Domestic Box-Office: $65 million) — Yeah, it made up for much of the losses internationally, but here in America, no one wanted to see yet another Tom Cruise sci-fi film, nor yet another twist on the Groundhog Day concept (we liked this movie better when it was called Source Code). Plus Emily Blunt is even bigger box-office poison than Cruise is these days, and I have no idea why.


Jupiter Ascending (Domestic Box Office: $45 million) — The Wachowskis managed to keep their box-office flop streak alive, mostly because their concepts are too dense, and too weird for mainstream audiences. Audiences who saw it — not that there were that many — were fairly divided, with some calling it original and groundbreaking, while others called it mawkish. Their novel ideas, unfortunately, are often weighed down by scripts that are obtuse in sci-fi matters and ham-fisted in matters of the heart. Jupiter Ascending was no different.


Hercules (Domestic Box Office: $69 million) — Two Hercules movies in one year, and two Hercules flops in one year. Audiences love Dwayne Johnson, they just don’t like “Dwayne Johnson” movies. He’s much better in large ensembles that aren’t directed by Brett Ratner. Honestly, guys, we’re just not that interested in dumbed down versions of Hercules, and not even the huge Hollywood marketing machine can make us go *foot stomp*

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 2.31.35 PM.png

The Expendables 3 (Domestic Box Office: $60 million) — The first one made $100 million. The second one made $85 million (and no one liked it) and the third one dropped another $15 million, veering into unprofitable territory. Stallone has to be feeling pretty crummy about writing Harrison Ford a $3 million check for four days of work now. Did he not see Paranoid in 2013? Of course he didn’t. No one did. That’s the point. Ford has no more box-office pull that Stallone and Arnie these days, and even the combination of 80’s action stars has diminishing returns. And why did anyone think that Mel Gibson would help, and not hurt the box-office prospects?

The Equalizer Movie.jpg

The Equalizer (Domestic Box Office: $40 million) — Actually, this was a pretty typical Denzel movie: He played a former black-ops guy, who had to rescue a young girl, ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, and it was directed in typically competent fashion by Antoine Fuqua. The only problem with The Equalizer is that it tried to borrow on an 80s brand name with zero nostalgic appeal, and instead of attracting audiences, it turned them away. Not even Denzel could bring them back. Plus, everyone knows that Denzel with the goatee > clean-shaven Denzel.

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  • Primo Uomo Assoluto

    What the hell, half of this movies have not even come out yet...

  • Lane Meyer

    Wait until they come out so you don't look like such a huge fucking moron later, what do you say?

  • jon schultz

    how is it that most of these are not out yet but they have made up sales for them not even projected ?

  • Timothy J Calnon

    more then half this list has yet to open at the American Box Office so how can they be flops yet?

  • Bryan Pickering

    what the hell is this? Thanks for making me waste my time. Half of these movies ARE NOT EVEN RELEASED YET so how the heck can you say the've already bombed??? AND, your information on the BOX OFFICE BUDGETS are TOTALLY innaccurate. The budget for "Noah" has not even been announced to the public. On every site it says N/A Did you just make this article up for no reason? You and your article are a fraud. YOU ARE THE BOMB(meant as insult not compliment) not these soon-to-be well-received movies, ya jerk! Bomb or not, its entertainment, and people love that.

  • Christine

    Some of these movies haven't even come out yet....How can you even comment on what the domestic money it has made or have the movie did if it hasn't even come out yet? Are you a psychic? This is a crap list.

  • Catherine Vidinha

    I don't get it, how are you citing box office returns for films that aren't out yet? Feel certain I'm missing something really basic here but just not seeing it.

  • Sindie Albright Simmons

    I will bet every one of these movies is worth seeing. I tend to disagree with movie critics 99.9% of the time, I mean come on these are the critics who think Woody Allen movies are awesome, yeah no thanks...

  • ickles

    I came for the article, but I stay for the hilarious reactions from people who appear to just not get it.

  • ChinQuip

    How the hell are you making comments on movie ticket sales without these films being even moderately close to release? Stupid site.

  • Gary p

    I don't get it... Not one of these movies are out yet and more then half of them are still in production.

  • The Great and Powerful Turtle

    what is this a freaking joke ...most of these films haven't even been released and your calling them bombs ,bad reporting and reviewing i can handle but this is blatant dishonesty...
    btw if these are your "predictions" of their BO then have some integrity and state that somewhere

  • gozer

    These movies arnt out yet.

  • Tonya231

    wow this is possibly the douchiest article ever

  • Lorrie

    This article is CRAP! Most of these movies haven't even been released yet AND the ones that "bombed" were released in 2013. Stupid.

  • Asia ShaMecca

    Just curious, but will Pajiba be kind enough to share their time machine? As of it's publishing date only 1 of the movies on this list of "box office bombs" had even been released and that one (Hercules) had been out for all of 4 days. Yet the writer keeps on blissfully talking about audiences not turning up in the past tense like it's all ready happened and each has a non-existent total box office gross. Um.. it's February... not late December. These are at best predictions, but more like a total waste of time. Why does no one seem to have noticed how ridiculous this list is?

  • Sam Mills

    I don't get it. Some of these films haven't been released yet!

  • Guytano Law

    Wondering where they are getting these figures from! Half of these movies haven't been released yet. How are they considered bomb?!?

  • BishiBashi

    I don't think Jupiter Ascending will bomb. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum will make it a sleeper hit I think.

  • hoyaguru

    OK, just went a little further, and there are all kinds of movies listed here that aren't even released yet. I'd say it's a April fool's joke, but it's not time for that yet either. Would love to hear an explanation to the person who wrote this article, though I bet there will never be one. Just found this site today and favorited it, and just now took it out of my favorites, what a waste of time.

  • hoyaguru

    Am I missing something here? Need for Speed hasn't even come out in the theater yet, isn't due out until March 14th, and yet it's number one on the list for box office bombs of 2014? Huh? And no one in the comments has caught that yet? WTF site did I find myself on?

  • Mary Clifford

    Most of these movies haven't come out yet

  • bigfro

    Adam Sandler is has made over a billion dollars for his studio and he makes people laugh for a living/ You're just a loser who can't afford a magazine so you write on a FREE website.

    If you didn't mention Adam Sandler then no one would ever care what you have to say. HE OWNS YOU!

  • CJ

    I can't believe someone would write this drivel and not immediately blown their brains out.

  • krone888

    Um, why isn't this speculative article titled as if these films are already released, why isn't the word prediction used. It seems rather egotistical to state these theories as fact before they're released, granted your predictions are based on very good speculative evidence but yeah I feel like the writer is trying to show off how good he is at predicting outcomes of things that have variables that are almost always unaccounted for when doing a list like this. Possibly should be using these keen powers of observation playing the tables in Vegas.

  • krone888

    yes there are typos and such in this, I type fast and move on. I like the pics but it seems rather bold when it's clearly speculative.

  • baronvg

    Did I miss something? Like most of you(I am assuming, of course), I figured out after a few seconds of reading that this list is either a joke or a preemptive strike or maybe both. But I'll be honest, without an opening paragraph telegraphing it first, I really did think for a moment there that I somehow ended up in some time warp and was in the future of January 2015 or something. haha!

  • Spinner

    What are you talking about? A nice number of these films aren't out yet... How about "predictions" "possible" "anticipated"... Genius!

  • Kyle Nitro Gowling

    All of these films, except The Legend of Hercules, have not even come out yet, so how can you call these unreleased films box office bombs?

    Dustin Rowles, you're a moron for posting this article.

  • Janay Kingsberry

    i didn't even realize half of these movies had been released/existed

  • Hercules, Noah & edge of tomorrow will do amazingly office gold. But you should have predicted more mainstream movies coming out in 2014 like....dumb & dumber to, the purge 2 basically anything that already did horribly the first time around or a sequel we've had to wait 20 years for.

  • Joshua Timms

    Did I miss something? None of these movies have even been RELEASED yet. Already calling for the worst movies of 2014 14 days in? Epic fail. Furthermore, all of you are arguing over hypothetical crap. I suppose that's your right.

  • Krazy Joe

    What the frak is this guy talking about? When 'Expendables 2' came out, it was agreed almost universally that it was a major improvement on the original. "No one liked it", my butt!

    Was that a weird attempt at a joke?

  • Tinwoods

    What does "almost universally" even mean, Mr. Oxymoron? Regardless, it was as terrible as the first one.

  • lol are these box office busts when most haven't been released yet? are you from the future? :o

  • RockyJohan

    Expendebles made $274,470,394
    Expendeples 2 made $311.9 million(And got way better reviews)
    Get your facts straight!

  • Alex Critoph

    These movies didn't even come out yet so this whole thing is false, it is even talking in past tense as if these movies were already released this is a bunch of bullshit.

  • ah

    half of these movies haven't even hit the US

  • The Flobbit

    Bullshit on absolutely all except Hercules and Blended and Pompeii.

  • Shane

    I knew the comment area would be filled with morons, but damn. Well done most of you, you've made a YouTube comment board look like the Algonquin Round Table.

    You have all bought shame to your family name.

  • Kelvin Ju

    I am sorry but I must have missed something here. Need for speed opens 2014/3/14; The Legend of Hercules (13.55 million as of Jan. 17); Pompeii (opens 2/21); Noah (opens 3/28); Transcendence opens 5/23 with all the other films in mention opening later this year. So is this Dustin Rowles' assumptions? Or these films have shown elsewhere already?

  • Al Acevedo

    Some of these movies aren't even out yet. How the hell is there a Domestic box office $ amount let alone be judge as bomb when no one has seen them?

  • Internet Reality

    Edge of Tomorrow looks SWEET and Groundhog Day came out 2 decades ago so there's an entire generation of people who are barely familiar with the idea. Plus this movie is based on a Japanese book so blame the book.

  • Internet Reality

    A lot of really dumb people posting here...the article is a PREDICTION.

  • spacemonk

    No it's the writer getting his reviews done early so he can take the rest of the year off.
    Plus he can say I told you so when all other critics copy his 'first', since we all know critics don't like stepping out of line with each others opinions...

  • Joseph Lobosco

    I must be missing something.How can all of these movies be 2014 bombs if some have not been released yet? I maybe answering my own question but I've not heard of hall of them.They could have only been screened a week.Sigh

  • joedirt

    is this satire Im confused, these arn't even out yet I'm lost

  • Randy Clark

    "Disinterest" does not mean a lack of interest. Use a dictionary every now and then.

  • Trodayne

    Disinterest - the quality or state of not being influenced by personal feelings, opinions, or concerns, or lack of interest, indifference By Odin's beard what are you talking about or are you being facetious?

  • damian

    How can u review movies that haven't hit theatres yet?

  • Overheten

    I think you miss the mark on Edge of Tomorrow. I am not a big Cruise fan as a person, but his films have always surprised me and I am not alone.

    I say that because I am a staunch anti-Scientologist. I watched those vile people bilk my gullible and emotional wrenched mother of her life savings and worse, make her question herself.

    With that said- EoT is one of my most anticipated films to see this year. That and Godzilla.

  • gumperman

    Either the author of this article has a time machine or didn't get enough attention as a child.

  • S.T. Funken

    a thousand times this

  • Saunderizer

    Considering 9 of these movies haven't been released yet, this is the stupidest fucking article ever written. The author deserves to die of AIDS.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    Harsh...but I'm assuming with as much vile as you are spitting you are a democrat.

  • Matthew Coull

    how to get these numbers half of these movies are not even out yet

  • Scott West

    Did I miss something? I mean they are not out and they have made some money? I dont get this.

  • Pizza the Hutt

    Called humor article

  • Tinwoods

    Doesn't that suggest there is humor contained within? Cuz there ain't.

  • Scott West

    Oh ok, Well I agree on most of them.

  • e jerry powell

    "The Happy Madison era is finally over."

    I double-dog dare you to tell that to Adam Sandler.

  • Willy Billy

    So this is just a random list? Most of the movies here are pretty anticipated. The budget for Transcendence is $100m and if the movie gets a good word of mouth it will top that domestically and make a profit. It won't be a flop, let alone a bomb.

  • Hercules w the Rock will score big unless it gets reviews similiar to the January released Hercules. Ratner's hit or miss (Red Dragon, Rush Hour 1 & 2) with his films. I'm in hte minority that doesn't blame him for X3 but the studio and writers as they were all pissed at Singer for running away to do Superman w half of the X Men crew (including Cyclopse). But how knows maybe sword and sandal fatigue will set in by the time it comes out after Hercules, Pompeii and the 300 sequel.

  • The Flobbit

    The Rock can do no wrong, but I'm tuning in for Joseph Fiennes and Rufus Sewell. They are so totally awesome. PS, did you see that movie Lutz was in a few years back, Immortals? That was a kickass film.

  • The Immortals was a good film. You would have thought that after Lutz did that he would have known this new Hercules film was going to be a disaster.

  • The Flobbit

    Is it just me...or was that film absolutely visually stunning? I just saw it and I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. Every scene was visually stunning, gorgeous, rich, and full of detail. Henry Cavill and Luke Evans were kickass, and the fight scenes were brilliant.

    The story telling was crap, but on the whole that movie was quite something.

  • The director has a great eye for visuals (see the Cell w Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn). I saw it in theaters just after Cavill was announced as Superman and was really impressed w him. Also Stephen Dorff is always cool to watch. Yea the story itself was kinda crappy but it was still a fun movie to watch.

  • The Flobbit

    About Hercules, I never thought that Lutz's film would hurt Johnson's film. There was obviously no competition, right? But I think LOH undermined Rattner not by stealing his customers, but by making Hercules a byword for "bad movie".

    I think, in the end, Kellan Lutz will have his sweet sweet revenge.

  • Some of these sound like solid predictions, but some of them are, I think, wishful thinking.

  • stryker1121

    You had me at 'huge, Johnny Depp tentpole."

  • e jerry powell

    If Johnny Depp has a huge tentpole, why haven't I heard about it? I've only heard about Billy Bob Thornton's tentpole. And Milton Berle's. And Liam Neeson's (though I'm still awaiting confirmation from Helen Mirren on that one).

  • Guest

    (I know it was a mistake, but...) Just the thought of Pompeii only grossing $60 domestically made me laugh and laugh.

  • Sean

    Yes, $45 million, TOPS.

  • NateMan

    Half of these are scifi, and I want them to succeed for that. And in Transcendence trailers at least Depp doesn't completely Depp out. So I'm keeping my hopes high on that. But then, it looks like a bit harder scifi than the others, and audiences don't usually respond to that.

  • JK

    Seeing Depp look and act like a normal-ish person is already worth the price of admission to me.

  • The Walking Cuban

    No joke!

  • DarthCorleone

    Source Code wasn't that good in the first place.

  • bastich

    "Pompeii (Total Domestic Box Office: $60)"

    Is there any way that we could find the six people who will watch this in theater so that we can get the pointing and laughing out of the way?

  • Guest

    Has Pompeii even come out yet? IMDB lists the American release date as 21 February 2014.

    Did I miss the point completely? I think I missed the point completely. Move along. Nothing to see here!

  • Jiffylush

    These are his predictions for how well they will do (or not do).

  • Mark Walters

    But it's definitely confusing, as there's nothing anywhere in the article that says these are predictions. It almost looks like a retrospective article about what these films made after coming out. The title should say "We predict the 10 biggest box office bombs of 2014"

  • pajiba

    Oh, and here's the numbers that Brandon provided. (Thanks, sir!)

  • The Flobbit

    Wow, you really blew it on Oblivion, Epic, This is the End, Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim, Dredd, Star Wars, and John Carter...but other than that, good work, and this is WAY more accurate than I would ever have done it. Kudos.

  • That is a really impressive track record. I would like to invest in your hedge fund!

  • John W

    How Grown Ups 2 made 134 mil is a mystery to me.

  • Sean

    How is the fact that most people are stupid a mystery? And that 30 million or so of them went to a stupid movie.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Dredd only pulling 13 is crazy and a crime.

  • Breaks my heart. Most underrated film in recent history.

  • The Flobbit

    You're here too, DNA?

  • I'm everywhere.

  • Dredd? A crime? Uh, he IS the law!

  • the_wakeful

    What Star Wars movie came out in 2012?

    Also, props on being so dead on everything except Sandler.

  • NateMan

    Re-release like Sara says, or it might have been one of the Clone Wars thingies.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    3D re-release, I think?

  • John W

    Dustin where's the one from 2013 so we can see how accurate you were?

  • pajiba

    One of our awesome readers, Brandon J, actually looked it up and compared the numbers, and you know? I had a few big misses, but overall, the track record is pretty decent (I predict the end of Adam Sandler every year, and every year I'm wrong, though).

  • Internet Reality

    You were way off on a bunch of them

  • ASFan

    Hopefully, this is the year he fails. Saw the trailer with Anchorman 2, barely any reaction. Neighbors and 22 Jump Street, however, which are opening within close proximity of Blended, were hits with the audience. And I remember audiences laughing with other Sandler movie trailers, though I wish they hadn't.

  • eag46

    Excuse me but I loved The Equalizer TV show and even got a pair of red-framed glasses like Edward Woodward wore on the show. People thought it was to copy Sally Jessy Raphael. HA! Seriously though, I don't think the movie will quite match the same calm style the series had. Nothing personal Mr. Washington.

  • Jiffylush

    I used to love that show and when I heard about the movie I had no idea that it was related in any way to the show.

    Maybe soon they will do a movie based on Mike Hammer, or even better...

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