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Tentacles on the Brain Keep Me from Falling Asleep: Top Ten Creepiest Creatures of Science Fiction

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | June 7, 2011 | Comments ()

10. The Thing, The Thing:


9. Bib Fortuna, Return of the Jedi:


8. Kuato, Total Recall


7. Jabba the Hutt, Return of the Jedi:

Jabba the Hutt.jpg

6. Sil, Species:

species sil.jpg

5. "Brundlefly", The Fly:


4. (Fookin') Prawns, District 9:


3. Predator, Predator (1987):

Thumbnail image for predator.jpg

2. Predator, Predators (2010):


1. Xenomorph, Alien:

Thumbnail image for alien_.jpg

Of course, now I have to do what I do after I've seen anything creepy or scary: watch something funny. Any suggestions?

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