Tentacles on the Brain Keep Me from Falling Asleep: Top Ten Creepiest Creatures of Science Fiction

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | June 7, 2011 | Comments ()


Not sure why I even started this particular list--I'm the biggest wuss in the history of movie watching--the girl who is forever covering her eyes when the creepy creatures jump out, explode from a body or quietly appear behind someone. Sometimes I even watch, hand over eye, through the cracks between my fingers. Yes, I know, I should just turn over my Pajiba card right now. But, at least I watch, dammit! I love science fiction and I love the scary aliens once I get past that first onscreen sighting. One can't help but appreciate how far film creatures have come since the days of The Blob. So here they are, the things that make you jump in your seat or scrunch up your face or laugh out loud; the stuff of nightmares...

10. The Thing, The Thing:


9. Bib Fortuna, Return of the Jedi:


8. Kuato, Total Recall


7. Jabba the Hutt, Return of the Jedi:

Jabba the Hutt.jpg

6. Sil, Species:

species sil.jpg

5. "Brundlefly", The Fly:


4. (Fookin') Prawns, District 9:


3. Predator, Predator (1987):

Thumbnail image for predator.jpg

2. Predator, Predators (2010):


1. Xenomorph, Alien:

Thumbnail image for alien_.jpg

Of course, now I have to do what I do after I've seen anything creepy or scary: watch something funny. Any suggestions?

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