Sleep with One Eye Open: Five Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week
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Sleep with One Eye Open: Five Things You May Not Have Heard About This Week

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | August 19, 2012 | Comments ()


I find the Important Stuff so you don't have to.

5. David Beckham Stripped Down for New Underwear Ads.




Additionally (as part of a contest), he's been immortalized in the form of metallic statues in and around New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.



I'm on a mission to get one of those statues. Who's in?

4. A&E Released a Clip of Ridley and Tony Scott's "Coma."

Over thirty years after Michael Crichton's adaptation of the Robin Cook novel, the brothers Scott are rebooting Coma as a television miniseries. (*Insert collective "Why?" here*) Perhaps Ridley wanted to further explore his Prometheus inspired ideas of modern medicine? Whatever the impetus, Ellen Burstyn seems to hit just the right note of creepy and the cast is fairly impressive--maybe it's worth a look. "Coma" stars James Woods, Richard Dreyfuss, Gina Davis, Lauren Ambrose, Steven Pasquale, James Rebhorn and Joe Morton; it airs on A&E September 3rd and 4th.

3. Focus Features Backed Out of Eastern Promises 2; Cronenberg Confirmed the Film is "Dead."


What the fuckity fuck fuck? Though Cronenberg had already lined up Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel, and production was set to begin in October, the studio suddenly pulled the plug. "It's done... If you don't like it talk to James Schamus at Focus. It was his decision." Um, phone number please?

2. HBO Gave Us a Behind-the-Scenes Look At What Goes Into Making "Game of Thrones;" Book Forthcoming.

It's a short but interesting look at some of what goes into creating the "Game of Thrones" world. The show is so well done, we tend to take for granted all the details that make it so easy for us to get drawn right into each episode. For those who want more, the companion book will be released September 25th.

*Spoilers Ahead, People!

1. (Read This in That Movie Preview Guy's Voice) In a World of Progressively Diminishing Trailer Information, Showtime Gave Us Quite the Peek at "Dexter's" Seventh Season...

Finally! After faulty audience predictions five out of seven seasons, Dexter has to deal with being caught in the act by his sister. Will she protect him? Will he kill her? Is there a more inept police department in the television world? Find out by watching only the first and last two episodes.

And "Homeland's" Second:

If there was any question as to whether this outstanding series could maintain the thrill, there is no longer. Heart-pounding, even without a single word uttered.

While FX Released Only a Blip Previewing "American Horror Story: Asylum."

Albeit, an intriguing blip. Were those (*shudder*) fetuses?

Cindy Davis is already terrified of Jessica Lange's "AHS" Season 2 character.

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  • Wormer


  • jams

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  • I guess now we know what Posh Spice wants, what she really really wants.

  • dahlia6

    Am I the only person on earth who finds David Beckham 'meh?' I mean, he's a good looking guy in great shape, but I swear, I can't force myself to find him attractive. I've had this discussion before with people about what we find attractive, and to the best I can figure out, I like short, dark haired guys with dark eyes who're just a little bit bent, the word in its several manifestations. Give me a Robert Downey Jr. any day of the week.

  • I think it's that he's a bit of a cypher, or at least clearly appears to be, and that's where people find him to be less than what he appears. At least people with, you know, appreciation of non-cyphers.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I think his raw materials are gorgeous...but too many freaky religious tattoos, and that mustache, oh that mustache. It's not a good thing.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    What about the voice? He sounds like George Formby...

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Just think of Dianne Wiest in Bullets Over Broadway. "Don't speak...shh, shh, no - don't speak."

    (I did not know who Formby was, but upon looking him up I'm delighted to see a YouTube video of him singing "Why Don't Women Like Me?")

  • Ash

    i find him very 'meh' now - i prefer when he was all pretty, young and blonde. and playing for ManU.

  • Heather O.

    Am I the only one who is unreasonably attracted to David Benioff and DB Weiss? Yes, ok then.

  • Blake Shrapnel

    You probably saw their initials and thought they were David Beckham

  • Colin

    Oh my God, that Homeland trailer is stunning... So excited! Marvelous show.

  • JFC, that trailer was damn fine. I haven't even watched the first season (I best get busy), but totally stoked by the vibe and the snatches of provocative scenes.

    Plus, how is Damian Lewis not in the Pajiba Ten Hall of Fame. Dude oozes, am I right ladies and guys for whom oozing that way is super-hot?

  • Colin

    Also, YES you should watch season 1 before the new one starts! Or just, you know, at some point. Totally worth it.

  • Colin

    As a guy by whom that oozing is very much appreciated, I concur. One of the finest gingers humankind has to offer!

  • kirbyjay

    So just what the hell is Posh Spice pouting about? You can't be too rich, too thin, or apparently, too BIG!!

  • dahlia6

    As little as she is, you really think its anything but impossible to fit that underwear dragon in her swimsuit area?

  • Groundloop

    Super stoked for the return of "Homeland", and I'm looking forward to "AHS: Asylum", but the only thing that could get me to watch "Dexter" is Zombie Doakes.

  • bleujayone

    I'd be wary of going towards any of those statues of Beckham. They might mistake you for one of the Connor family and kill you.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Which part of him elongates and pierces you?

  • Louise

    I believe I know. So does Vicki, apparently.

  • zeke_the_pig

    +1. This. He does seem rather vigilant.

  • Clancys_Daddy

    I have no problem with the lack of a sequel foe Easter Promises. It was a good film. I just wish Hollywood made this kind of decision more often. Think of the amount of dreck that passes for a sequel for every one that is actually even watchable.

  • kirbyjay

    I agree. The story was told, the penis was seen, what else is there?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    But..he earned his things could be happening...

  • $27019454

    Point taken, but Viggo is in so few movies, and his pairing with Cronenberg is undeniably compelling, so, barring a whole new movie pairing these two (and Cassel, actually), this sequel was something to look forward to.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I hadn't scrolled down all the way and I was just thinking that if klingonfree hadn't chipped in with a "Viggo" yet, I might stand as her proxy. Good to see you are on top of things.

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