Six Bucks and My Right Nut Says We're Not Landing in Chicago: Nineteen Reasons We Still Miss John Candy

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Six Bucks and My Right Nut Says We're Not Landing in Chicago: Nineteen Reasons We Still Miss John Candy

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | March 18, 2013 | Comments ()


Like an inexplicable little whisper in the back of my head, John Candy kept popping into my brain, so I went to take a look at how long it had been since he'd died. It's been nineteen years this month (how can that be?) and still, we can't shake him. Take a little stroll with me down Candy Lane.

1. He Was Always Happy to Help a Friend.

2. He Could Fix Most Anything.

3. He Did Great Impressions.

(Orson Welles)

(Alfred Hitchcock)

(Luciano Pavarotti)

(Julia Child)

4. He Wasn't Afraid to Show His Dark Side.

5. He Was Musically Talented and Able to Leap Bad Accents in a Single Bound.

6. He Was His Own Best Friend...and Ours.

7. He Was Always up for a Challenge.

8. He Was Highly Skilled in the Martial Arts.

9. He Knew How to Talk to Kids.

10. He Stood up for Their Rights.

11. And Threw the Best Birthday Breakfast Ever.

12. He Had a Brilliant Serious Side.

13. He Was a Good Coach.

14. He Knew How to Have Fun on a Long Drive.

15. He Could Make Sense of Illogical Situations (For a While, Anyway).

16. And Could Make a Guy Feel Right at Home.

17. He Made Us Laugh and Cry.

18. He Was Funny in Any Language.

19. He May Not Have Been Born in the U.S.A., But He Loved Us Like the Redheaded Stepchildren We Are.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is doin' the mess around.

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  • kirbyjay

    May I add John Candy to my dinner list? His was one of the few deaths of a person I actually didn't know, that made me cry. Probably because I felt like I knew him. Funny as hell but seemed like a gentle soul.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    How many times have I watched Uncle Buck?


    Don't even start with SCTV. I WISH I owned all of it. Holy cow, he was Divine on it.

    I laugh so hard at the end of Johnny LaRue's Lunchtime Street Beef when he gets into a random fist fight in front of the cops and as a direct response to the crane shot in POLYNESIANTOWN they end the episode with a helicopter shot.

    That William B. Williams face and laugh

    Mr. Messenger would always give Mrs. Falbo a ride home (I remember reading that Candy and Martin's acting styles were so different that they had trouble working out a rhythm and so decided that Falbo and Mr. Messenger were exes to explain the awkwardness). Man's Laughter, indeed!

    Hey, Gyorgy!

    His (and Eugene Levy's) performance of 'Billie Jean' in THE LAST POLKA

    His performances in The Recess Monkeys and The Queen Haters


  • Enrique del Castillo

    No Home Alone scenes? He was the best part of the movie! This is sacrilege!

  • Love when he tells the story of leaving his kid at the funeral parlor all day with a corpse lol

  • Bea

    I don't know why, but the part where he offers Catherine O'Hara a ride home in his polka van always makes me cry.

  • BWeaves

    Now Candy would have made a good Ignatius J. Reilly, but I think the time has really past for making a film out of A Confederacy of Dunces.

  • Wif

    Friends of mine, Melanie and John, are improvisers, and at their wedding chose to improvise offers into their thank you's. One of those offers was "John Candy", and when we heard it I think we all became a little uncomfortably nervous because he was such a beloved performer and oh dear lord what were they going to say? WIthout missing a beat Melanie said, "After a looooong night of John candy, I wake up grateful to....." Now whenever I hear his name that's all I can think of.

  • No lie...I could watch "Uncle Buck" EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY! It's my go to movie when I'm bummed out or during the holidays or I'm having a good day or I want a chuckle. Uncle Buck and Groundhog Day get me every time.

  • Brooke

    Just this last Friday I ordered a steak that came out so gristly that shades of John Candy in the Great Outdoors flashed through my mind. His movies strike me at the oddest times.

  • BobbFrapples

    The Great Outdoors is still a movie I will drop everything to watch. "Big Bear. Big Bear, chase me!"

  • ViciousTrollop

    I remember the day he died. I was eight years old and it was the first time a celebrity death really hit home.

    He was in so many of my favourite childhood movies from Uncle Buck to Summer Rental to the Great Outdoors.

    I'll never stop loving his movies and I'll always miss him.

  • You saw it. He beat the woman unconscious with a puppet.

  • logan

    I swear to God I was talking about Candy today with a co-worker. Great minds must think alike huh Cindy?
    I watch Uncle Buck every time its on. I flat love it.

  • Frank Booth

    He was also the nicest and gentlest of persons. i remember once he got caught on some hidden camera show when he visited Montreal. They were trying to get a rise out of him in the lobby of his hotel by pretending they had lost his luggage. If anything he became nicer the harder they tried

  • I saw a stripper once who was named 'Candy Lane.' She kind of looked like John Candy which, while it worked for him, is kind of unfortunate for a stripper.

  • "I knew a hooker once named Minnie Mazola."

  • VonnegutSlut

    I know this is probably sacrilege to more than a few people, but I honestly think that, 30 years later, the vast majority of SCTV sketches hold up better than a chunk of those early SNL sketches. Also, the whole concept behind SCTV--that it was a show about making "shows" for a fictional TV network & all the behind-the-scenes BS that went with it--always fascinated the shit outta me.

    My personal favorite was Johnny LaRue's "Chinatown" knock-off, "Polynesian Town." That fucking crane shot, man...

    True story: About 5 years ago, I found all four volumes of the SCTV DVD sets at the Dollar General store for $8 each--it was one of the single best days of my life, getting all four volumes for only $32!!!

  • John W

    What's also amazing is the careers of the original cast: Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugen Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O' Hara, Harold Ramis and Dave Thomas. Compare their oeuvre to that of the original SNL cast.

  • I absolutely agree. A lot of the early SNL stuff was just absolute dreck. I think we're due for another competing sketch show since they don't even show Kids In The Hall or MAD reruns anymore

  • Jill

    The end of Uncle Buck, when he does that simple wave from the header photo and the movie goes to black is almost too painful to watch. But I'm also a huge pussy.
    I remember reading once many years ago an interview with Annette Bening. She came from a strong theatre background and The Great Outdoors was one of her first films. She made it a point in the interview to point out how much fun she had making the film and how much she learned about film vs. theatre while working on it. I'm not sure why, but I've always thought of her as a classier lady because she liked that film so much.
    You know what hot dogs are made of, don't you?

  • George

    Totally agree about the wave at the end of Uncle Buck. For such a simple gesture/shot, it's strangely moving.

  • John W

    See if you can find his Alpo dog food parody commercial on youtube. It is classic John Candy and SCTV.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser


  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Next time I'll spell that correctly. Ain't it great when you notice a typo a nanosecond after it's too late?

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