Should Obama Be More Like Spock Or Kirk? And 10 More Film/TV Dynamic Duos Who Make For "Unfair" Presidential Comparisons

By Rob Payne | Seriously Random Lists | October 11, 2011 |


When you're one of the world's most famous pop icons like William Shatner who has mellowed recently from his "It's just a damn TV show" days and has come to embrace his status as a former fictional Enterprise captain, and you're posed a question along the absurd lines of, Do you think President Obama should be less like Mr. Spock and more like Captain Kirk?, you answer graciously and try not to slap the satisfied smirk off the supposed reporter sitting across from you. Specifically, you asnwer: "Mr. Obama has the onerous burden of obeying the Constitution... Captain Kirk... is a dictator... Unless [Obama] becomes a dictator, comparing Kirk to Obama is unfair."

In honor of Mr. Shatner's response, which would be worthy of our own Eloquent Eloquents, here's a seriously random list of 10 More Film/TV Dynamic Duos (And One Real Life Pair) Who Make For "Unfair" Presidential Comparisons that simply do not work when considered, well, logically. (Feel free to include your own in the comments, but try not to turn them into a political cage match):

"President Obama should be less like Abed and more like Troy."

"President Obama should be less like R2D2 and more like C3P0."

"President Obama should be less like Batman and more like Robin."

"President Obama should be less like Cagney and more like Lacey."

"President Obama should be less like Chandler and more like Joey."

"President Obama should be less like Harold and more like Kumar."

"President Obama should be less like Scottie and more like MJ."

"President Obama should be less like Sherlock and more like Watson."

"President Obama should be less like Turner and more like Hooch."

(h/t: The Mary Sue)

Rob Payne also writes the indie comic The Unstoppable Force and tweets on the Twitter @RobOfWar. He has studied film and television and believes he is clearly using his not-inexpensive college education to perfectly good use.

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