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Entertainment-wise, my two favorite things in the world are in direct opposition with one another: Football and romantic comedies. What can I say? I’m from the South. But my Dad was gay. What would Mortimer and Randolph Duke make of that? The problem with romantic comedies, of course, is that there are only 11 great ones, 17 good ones, 198 decent ones, and the rest are absolute shit. But, unless you’re a romantic-comedy aficionado, the lines from both the great ones and the shitty ones have a tendency to run together in your mind. This quiz is designed scientifically to test your knowledge of those movies. Seriously: I enrolled the assistance of 17 behavioral specialists and Cameron Crowe.

This quiz also comes with a prize. The high scorer will receive a DVD copy of the romantic comedy of their choosing, within reason. If you score about 1,500 points or more, I’d suggest you register your name (either your real name or your Pajiba handle), if you want to be considered for the prize. And please, feel free to drop your score into the comments so we can laugh and point.

The quiz should take no more than 5 minutes. It’s also timed, so the quicker you answer the question, the better you do.

A Romantic Comedy Quiz

A Pajiba Quiz / Dustin Rowles

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