Ranking the Hair of SXSW

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Ranking the Hair of SXSW

By Vivian Kane | Seriously Random Lists | March 15, 2014 | Comments ()


Well, South By Southwest officially comes to a close this weekend. The Pajiba folks all came home earlier this week (safe and sound), and things are returning to normal. The film reviews are coming in, for better and for worse (and for meh). But we have yet to discuss one of the most important elements of the festival: the hair.

SXSW is a place where beards can roam free, where everyone you meet may be mistaken for Seth Rogen. But this year, the hair burst out of the streets and onto the screen. (Pretend that makes sense, k?) Here is the ranking of SXSW hair, both facial and regular-kind.

8. Kathryn Hahn’s obliviously disheveled topbun in Bad Words

7. Bill Murray’s beaut of a ‘stache in Grand Budapest Hotel

6. Mac’s indestructible helmet

5. Vinnie Van Lowe’s indestructible helmet

4. Frank’s perfectly coiffed do

3. Harmontown’s Spencer

2. The Immortalists’ hard-drinking scientist, Aubrey de Grey
Not pictured: a stunning array of scrunchies.

1. The entire eternally-bedraggled cast of Only Lovers Left Alive.

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  • Stephen Nein

    Ain't no Iowa State Fair, but ya take what comes . .

  • lowercase_ryan

    Men In Blazers had a theory on their podcast this week, after getting back from SXSW, that the more primped and coiffed your beard was, the less interesting you were as a person.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    Just saw Bad Milo and wanted to see more Ken Marino; if there's one thing that dissapointed me from the Veronica Mars movie is that we didn't get enough Vinnie

  • ViciousTrollop

    I loved it but I wanted more Wallace and Mac.

  • Berry

    I loved it, but wanted more of everything. It could have easily been 30 minutes longer. As it is, it's kind of rushed. A little breathing room would have been nice.

  • ViciousTrollop

    I completely agree.

  • Jim

    What? After a hundred years you stop coveting a bob or a nice up-do?

    Or maybe ... You can drive off a vampire with garlic, silver ... and product!!

  • e jerry powell

    Did you actually watch Twilight, or did you just mock it ruthlessly, like I did? Twinkly vamps like RPatz mainlined hair product throughout.

  • Jim

    I couldn't even bring myself to HATE watch it.

  • MB

    That last shot is such an Orlando homage!

  • Berry

    Are we sure Tilda Swinton isn't actually a being that can live for centuries, and switch genders occasionally while they're at it, because she does not look much older now than she did in Orlando, and that was what? More than twenty years ago.

  • e jerry powell


    But seriously, Viv, just walking down the Drag or Congress any given evening would give you six times this many...

  • Your reply reminded me that it's nearly Fug Madness time again.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, those girls, I love 'em!

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