Ranking the Best Roommate Pairings from ‘Friends’

By Nadia Chaudhury | Seriously Random Lists | April 23, 2014 |

13. Joey & Janine
Because you should NEVER live with someone you want to sleep with.

12. Monica & Phoebe
Because Phoebe secretly moved out without Monica realizing it at all.

11. Joey & Rachel
Because Joey shouldn’t have let his pregnant friend move in when he’s in love with her.

10. Monica & Chandler
Because of the one with the true love and all that junk (part one).

9. Phoebe & Mike
Because of the one with the true love and all that junk (part two).

8. Phoebe & Gary
Because Gary killed a bird when it chirped too much. Not cool.

7. Chandler & Eddie
Because of that poor, poor fish.

6. Ross & Rachel
Because of baby Emma and the awkwardness of living with Rachel’s baby daddy ex-boyfriend who’s her true lobster.

5. Joey & Phoebe
Because it should’ve been true love.

4. Phoebe & Rachel
Because of coveting overpriced fake vintage furniture together.

3. Chandler, Joey, & Ross
Because two grown men, and whatever Ross is, living in a two-bedroom apartment can still build forts and play Cowboys and Indians, and it’s not ENTIRELY creepy.

2. Monica & Rachel
Because this began it all.

1. Chandler & Joey
Because chick and duck, foosball, and barca loungers.

Nadia Chaudhury would want to live with just chick and duck, please.

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