Ranking the Best Rankin-Bass Inspired Alter-Egos of the Cast of "Community"
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Ranking the Best Rankin-Bass Inspired Alter-Egos of the Cast of "Community"

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | November 23, 2010 | Comments ()


On December 9th, Dan Harmon will attempt to top the already outstanding episodes of season 2 of "Community," with a Rankin-Bass inspired episode, a look at the Greendale characters from inside the imagination of Abed. As Harmon teased, in this episode "Abed wants to know what the meaning of Christmas is for a very specific reason, and the characters have to help him find out or Abed may be kicked out of Greendale."

It's another brilliant concept from the mind of Harmon, and ahead of that episode, images of the stop-motion versions of the Greendale characters have been released. Let's rank them, from awesome to awesomest.

9. Troy


8. Professor Duncan


7. Abed


6. Shirley


5. Britta


4. Annie


3. Jeff


2. Dean Pelton


1. Pierce


(Source: Vulture)

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