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Ranking The 10 Best TV Theme Songs Clocking In At Under 20 Seconds

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | March 27, 2014 | Comments ()


I love a nice, short theme song: They get in, they get out. They set the tone, and sometimes they’re very catchy, and they provide maximum power without taking away any of the show’s run time, and with the ever-increasing number of commercials, allowing for more run-time is all the more important (and sorry, folks: Community is at 25 seconds, and even the catch Big Bang Theory theme song clocks in at 22 seconds).

10. New Girl Theme Song (19 seconds)

9. Hannibal (20 seconds)

8. Ben and Kate Theme Song (20 seconds, starting at :25)

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (20 Seconds)

6. Lost (11 seconds)

5. How I Met Your Mother (14 seconds)

4. Fringe (20 seconds)

3. Adventure Time (13 seconds)

2. Scrubs Theme Song (13 seconds)

1. Breaking Bad (19 seconds)

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