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Not-So Fun Fact: As a high-schooler, I played Quiz Bowl. I was pretty good, too. My expertise was popular culture and American History. Unfortunately, a future champion of College Jeopardy and a finalist in their Series Long Tournament of Champions was also on my team. His expertise was also current events and American history. We were 8th in the nation — I rarely got to play. You think being a benchwarmer on your high school basketball team is pathetic? Try being a benchwarmer on your high-school Quiz Bowl team. Yeah.

Still, I did carry with me all these years an incredibly amount of useless Presidential Trivia knowledge that I gained by studying for months and months for no apparent reason So, I’m dumping it onto you folks — readers of a pop-culture site. Hahahahahahaha: Fuck You.

Again, it’s a short quiz (less than five minutes long) and, again, a T-shirt goes to our winner, so long as you post your results in the comments and register your score with the system. (Speaking of which, DarthCorleone was the winner of the Romantic Comedy quiz. Please send your details to me at dustin a pajiba dot com to receive your DVD).

Have at it, folks:

How Well Do You Know Your Presidents?

A Pajiba Quiz / Dustin Rowles

Lists | November 4, 2008 | Comments ()

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