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Power Ranking The 20 Most Delightfully Redonkulous Accessories Of Sundance 2014

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | January 20, 2014 | Comments ()

Star stalking (from afar) is one of the most enjoyable things about the Sundance Film Festival. Sure, the films are extraordinary, but having gone a couple years, I’ll admit that I’ve never experienced anything quite like the massive A-List explosion that is Park City, Utah in mid-January. And unlike seeing a bunch of famous faces gowned to the nines at an awards show or even strolling the streets of Hollywood, Sundance is something altogether different. Why? The temperature. It is cold as f*ck, you guys, and we’re all very lucky that I’m typing with all ten toes* after one particularly harrowing line experience in a concrete walkway back in ‘04. So it’s sort of delightful watching Hollywood stars grapple with trying to look hip (you know, in a relaxed way, man) while also not freezing their lucrative asses off. Some just don’t give a sh*t (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, we salute you), some are old pros and some never quite get the hang of it. But nothing beats turning the corner and seeing Paul Rudd looking like a lumberjack Dexter or having John Hawkes offer you a King Straggler CD out of his beanie. Here are a few of my favorite looks from Sundance so far. Warning, Robert Redford nipples ahead.

Anne Hathaway’s Completely Confusing Velvet? Window? Shirt? Sweatshirt? Thing?

Kristen Stewart’s Harry Potter Glasses

Jason Momoa’s Amazingly Ravaged Fedora

…in motion.

Robert Redford’s Headlight Revealing Tank Top

Harry Styles’…Turban…Is That What That Is?

Sam Rockwell’s Adorable Pink Fuzzy Hat

Oh! That’s Chloe’s Hat. Somehow Even More Adorabler

Lt. Daniels’ Nubbly Scarf

Michael Shannon’s Frosted Tips

What I Can Only Presume Are Elle Fanning’s Boyfriend’s Clothes

Aaron Paul’s Slightly Moth-Eaten Sweater

Rose McGowan’s Mothra-Eaten Sweater

Kristen Stewart’s Dog Tags…For Her Movie About Being In The Army…It’s Just A Little On The Nose, Right?

Brit Marling’s Pistil ‘N Stamen Sweatshirt

Jesse Eisenberg And Richard Ayoade’s Battling Curly Tops

Matthew Gray Gubler’s Dino Sweater

Joe Manganiello’s Sweater…As In…Why Is He Wearing It?

The Lower Half Of Diane Kruger’s Sleeves. Where’s Pacey When You Need Him?

Mark Webber’s Steve Zissou Hat (Don’t Let It Distract You From Anna Kendrick’s Flawless Steve Martin Impression)

P.S. Speaking Of Flawless…



*you know what I mean.

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