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Power Ranking 90s Big Name Actors Who've Faded, and a Few Who Aim to Be Permanently Etched

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | May 15, 2014 | Comments ()


Back in the day, didn’t we think Brad Pitt would be the next Robert Redford? Didn’t someone? The 90s offered us a slew of would-be classics who’d seemingly stay on our radar for years to come; surprisingly, many have either dropped out of sight or gone on to do less than interesting work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they suck dirt — just that they aren’t quite the acting powerhouses we thought. There are a few standouts who remain consistently great, but it looks like the generations that followed Redford and Newman don’t have quite the same stamina.

Permanently Faded:

13. Mel Gibson


Though we can hardly stomach the sight of him now, back in the day, Mel was the shit. He was a batshit crazy, natural talent. Now he’s just a batshit crazy bigot. Le sigh. And yes, he came to prominence in the 80s, but the 90s gave us (what we thought was) an evolved Gibson.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Hamlet, Braveheart, Maverick

Last 3 Films: Machete Kills, Get the Gringo, The Beaver

Prognosis: Awful. It’s not happening.


12. Jim Carrey


At first glance, Carrey was a powerhouse comedian, all stretchy faces and glowing teeth. But after a few dramatic entries, we realized there was more beneath the surface funny —a next-generation Robin Williams, perhaps?

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: The Mask, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon

Last 3 Films: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Kick-Ass 2, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Prognosis: Not good. Carrey veered back toward cartoon-land, and with his next Dumb and Dumber on the way, it doesn’t seem like he’s leaving anytime soon.

11. Val Kilmer


Val is an 80s boy, but in the 90s he really hit his stride and went from supercute boy to Serious Actor. “The next Brando” was on endless repeat.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: The Doors, Thunderheart, Tombstone

Last 3 Films: Palo Alto, Planes, Standing Up

Prognosis: Slight Comeback Kid possibility. Though it’s not entirely likely, Kilmer *could* pull out strong third quarter. He’s dropped a lot of weight (seriously, check out his Twitter), which has nothing to do with his acting, but may have had to do with his stepping away from the spotlight for quite a while. From the way his IMDB page looks, things are looking serious again.

10. Edward Norton


Pitt’s Fight Club co-star seemed destined for greatness, with an intensity that demanded our attention, but as quickly as Norton arrived, he fizzled out and faded away.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Primal Fear, American History X, Fight Club

Last 3 Films: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Bourne Legacy, Moonrise Kingdom

Prognosis: Rather terrible. If we can hardly think of the last time Norton made a lasting impression (2006?), the thrill must truly be gone.

9. Johnny Depp


The anti-actor’s actor, Depp took away our collective breath with a one two punch of good looks and real talent. There’s no doubt he’s still a great actor, but it’s his stylistic choices that throw his train off the rails.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands

Last 3 Films: Transcendence, The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows

Prognosis: Unstable. Johnny *could* come back around. Though his longtime alliance with Tim Burton stranded the actor in cartoonland, the right roles could set things straight. Unfortunately, his upcoming films look to be quite a mix: Into the Woods, Mortdecai, Black Mass, Through the Looking Glass, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

8. Will Smith


Behind the guy who seems like a genuinely nice person stands (with the right role) a damned good actor. After breaking through from music to television, he marched right into film-work, but there’s definitely been a quality imbalance.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Six Degrees of Separation, Men in Black, Enemy of the State

Last 3 Films: Winter’s Tale, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, After Earth

Prognosis: Iffy. Smith has the chops; but whether he picks the wrong projects, or just isn’t offered great roles, he’s not showing off his skills. He *should* do some independent film, remind us (and the industry) how good he can be, and focus on his own career instead of shepherding his kids through the industry.

7. Brad Pitt


We all fell in love with Pitt’s laid-back, easy style of acting; he seemed a natural who’d be carrying films as long as he likes. But somewhere along the way, the light in his eye has faded…maybe it’s all those kids? Pitt has been gravitating toward smaller parts and more behind-the-scenes producing gigs (although rumor has it, he may be up for True Detective season 2).

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Thelma and Louise, Kalifornia, Legends of the Fall

Last 3 Films: The Counselor, 12 Years a Slave, World War Z

Prognosis: Not great. Pitt always gives a decent, serviceable performance, but he doesn’t command the lead like he used to. 2009’s Inglourious Basterds was probably Pitt’s last great hurrah. I don’t think anyone sees him carrying a film at 76 (like Redford just did with All Is Lost).

6. Tom Cruise


Although Cruise started his career earlier, he really seemed to hit his stride in the 90s; that’s the decade we started taking him seriously — hey, he’s not just a movie star, he can really act. Though we make light of his personal life, Cruise has reinvented himself as a decent action/science fiction lead. Who knows, he may just outlast them all?

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice (90s Serious): Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Magnolia

Last 3 Films: Oblivion, Jack Reacher, Rock of Ages

Prognosis: Shaky, yet stable. There’s no doubt Cruise will ride out the next decade as a solid box office man, but can he get us to take him seriously again? He needs a solid drama, hold the cheese.

5. Robert Downey Jr.


Another 80s kid graduated to the big time in the 90s, RDJ made it through hell and back; right now he’s sitting on top of the world. But he’s veering dangerously close to Johnny Depp-land, with his over-the-top (alter) ego threatening to overshadow the acting.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Chaplin, Natural Born Killers, Richard III

Last 3 Films: Chef, Iron Man 3, The Avengers

Prognosis: Middling. He could stay in the comic world as long as age allows, make a ton of money and be in audience good graces…but would he still be considered one of the greats? For that, RDJ needs to step out of the suit and rediscover himself. I’m not sure it’ll happen.

Permanently Etched:

4. Tom Hanks


I don’t know who could have predicted that funny guy from Bosom Buddies would travel the road he did, but good on Tom. Without “classic good looks,” and too darned nice not to be eaten alive by the machine, Hanks has somehow managed to brilliantly navigate his way through Hollywood, stay down to earth, and be consistently great.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice (90s Serious): Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump

Last 3 Films: Saving Mr. Banks, Captain Phillips, Cloud Atlas

Prognosis: Great. Hanks continues to take on and effectively carry strong (if not outstanding) films.

3. Ralph Fiennes


Fiennes is an underrated powerhouse who’s paced himself well; he knows how to keep himself in our consciousness without over-exposing.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: Schindler’s List, Strange Days, The English Patient

Last 3 Films: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Invisible Woman, Skyfall

Prognosis: Excellent. Ralph’s a long-game contender.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio


Pretty boy Leo could have been just that and made a name for himself, but he also happens to be a damned great actor…despite the Academy passing him by. Someday, Leo, someday…

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo + Juliet, Titanic

Last 3 Films: The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained

Prognosis: Excellent. Whether or not he’s ever able to overcome his Lucci-dom, there’s no doubt DiCaprio will keep trying to outdo himself.

1. Daniel Day Lewis


Let’s face it, DDL was born to act, and he’s had our attention from day one (My Beautiful Laundrette, My Left Foot ) — he’ll have it until his last onscreen breath.

First Made Us Sit up and Take Notice: The Last of the Mohicans, The Age of Innocence, In the Name of the Father

Last 3 Films: Lincoln, Nine, There Will Be Blood

Prognosis: A Number One, Top of the Heap.

Cindy Davis’, (Twitter) methodology is highly scientific suspect.

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  • mph23

    "Born on the Fourth of July" is the only good (acting) movie Tom Cruise was ever in.

    "Persuit of Happyness" is Will Smith's best since 6 degrees. Although 'I am Legend' was good too...

    Please. "Titanic" sucked big time. DeCaprio (along with everyone else) was crap in that movie.

    Hanks in Gump is no where near as good as Hanks in Road to Perdition. Gump, like Titanic, also sucked.

  • 0JRB19690

    One of the worst
    "lists" I've read in awhile. Schindler's List has more humor.

  • thompsonMMA

    Its unfortunate about Gibson because i always found him to be an incredible actor. Braveheart, We were Soldiers, The Patriot.... Tom hanks will always be great, Road to Perdition is one of my favorite movies of all time. Leo always gets better with each role. Edward Norton is always good but hes a controlling ass. Brad Pitt puts out good performances most of the time. Jim Carey is a legend of comedy and will always be.

  • Naye

    No Kurt Russell? No Guvnor Arnold?

  • kirbyjay

    Brad Pitt? Still going strong but more in supporting roles, probably due to the fact that he has 6 kids and has to share parenting duties with AJ and he's also producing. I'm willing to bet that it's his choice to step down a bit. Pitt is 10 times the actor that Redford was and may I point out that after Redford's golden looks faded, so did he.
    Carrey wore out his welcome with the silly.
    I can't fathom Tom Cruise's stellar success other than the fact that he picks good projects that are well made and entertaining. He really isn't a good actor but he does have the star charisma.
    Will Smith? Not a fan and even less so after viewing his parenting skills.
    RDJ He wins the Bruce Willis Smug Award. Sometimes I just want to slap him.
    Depp has become a joke after The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows and Pirates of the Caribbean 18.
    And you forgot Denzel, who should have been included in the Hanks list. I love me some Denzel.

  • lauravan12

    Oh my - Val Kilmer, PLEASE make a gay Perry stand-alone movie happen. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite movies, mainly because of his amazing character.

    Okay, you've got 30 of my fucking seconds. Thrill me.

  • Maddy

    There's another Pirates movie? Why? (OK I know why) JOHNNY YOU NEED TO STOP

  • I'll tell you what, critics at film festivals can maunder on about artistic credibility all they like but "make a ton of money and be in audience good graces"? That's far more likely to cause you to go down as one of 'the greats.' Given the choice, I know which one I'd choose.

  • muscleman

    Agreed! But, what about Norton - "The Painted Veil" and Depp in "Chocolat?" I would also have included Wahlberg on this list, he is not afraid to try different things..

  • Alicia

    "If we can hardly think of the last time Norton made a lasting impression (2006?), the thrill must truly be gone."

    2006 might refer to "The Painted Veil" - he only did two movies that year.

  • JBolivar92

    Good movies! Walhberg - god, I remember those Calvin Klein ads and his funky bunch [not mocking - it was played in all the gay clubs!] He's certainly crafted a fine career for himself.

  • JBolivar92

    Can't. stop. posting.... What about John Cusack? Though he currently suffers from what I like to call "insincere hair" [see: Nicolas Cage] his is an interesting career, too! [side note: why can't he and cage just go grey, for god's sake? It would be so much more flattering...Yeah, who am I to comment]
    He will always be Lane Meyer to me.

  • oilybohunk7

    I love the term "insincere hair".

  • JBolivar92

    Jim Carey: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - man, I thought that would change his career forever! He was brilliant in that.

  • JBolivar92

    Good list, but I'd add Gary Oldman to the mix.
    He came out of the box swinging with Sid and Nancy, good follow up in Prick up Your Ears. He seemed to gravitate towards odd roles/grotesqueries in True Romance and Romeo Is Bleeding [maybe not the greatest film, but one I will never forget him and Lena Olin doing a crazy waltz, while she swung her chainsaw arm!- still a guilty pleasure]
    He's chosen such versatile roles, and has matured into one of the best actors around.

    There's a good argument for Richard Gere, as well - who thought, seeing him in that budget remake of Breathless, the forgettable King David, or playing the rough gigolo roles [Searching for Mr Goodbar, American Gigolo] that he'd have such staying power and be so respected as an actor? Though he did make the excellent Days of Heaven, he wasn't considered the best actor initially - more sex symbol. I remember stealing my dad's issue of Rolling Stone with Gere on the cover, thrilled because he had such a naughty reputation.
    He steadily built a solid resume with films such as Internal Affairs, Arbitrage, and Unfaithful.

    Aidan Quinn I'd add, too. He was so hot [careerwise] in the 80s/90s, and is still a great actor. Could toss in Willem Dafoe, John Lone....

    As others have commented, I'd like to see a list of women actors here, too - Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chloe Webb [her Nancy was flawless!], Madeline Stowe [Blink, Last of the Mohicans, to playing on Revenge], Kathleen Turner....

    blah blah blah

  • Debra Kessing

    Permanently etched, as you put it, are the actors who have outstanding unique talent. They may make bad film choices, they may have long quiet spells, but anyone who has seen Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Fir & Chaplin (to name a handful), Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, the original Pirates, Secret Window, Edward Norton in American History X, Fight Club, Primal Fear, Val Kilmer in Tombstone & Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Leo in almost any of his movies -- I defy you to deny their greatness :)
    Of the rest, I don't think any of them are great except DDL I guess. The others range from very good at what they do (Hanks, Fiennes, Carrey, Gibson) to meh ranging down into absofuckinglutely awful (CRUISE, Pitt, Smith) Nope, I don't loathe Tommy & Willy only because of their psychocult personalities, they also cannot act. At all. Especially Smith, who plays Will Smith real well. Anyone else though ...
    PS - I am old enough to remember the 3 "big stars" of my youth were Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. It seemed to be the general consensus that Redford was the one who couldn't act.

  • mrsatyre

    Ed Norton was my only problem with Grand Budapest Hotel. That role quite literally could have gone to anyone, including the guy who replies to this post. Miscast? I wouldn't go that far, but a waste of his talents and really the only weak character of the film.

  • emmalita

    I really liked him. I thought he brought a nice touch of gravitas to a character in a thankless position.

  • Four Eyes

    So, no Denzel Washington?

  • TacoBellRey

    Don't talk shit about Iron Man. Iron Man is my friend.

  • I had the biggest crush on Mel Gibson back in the day. Braveheart came out when I was 12 and I just thought he was SO good and so dreamy. And oh, man, I love Maverick so damn much. Gibson is hilarious in it and Jodie Foster never looked more beautiful.

    Talk about broken childhood dreams.

  • Bananapanda

    Isn't Val Kilmer doing Mark Twain in the theater right now?

    I think there's a 'time of life' thing going on - some people slow down in their late 30s/40s when they've got kids around then come roaring back when the house is empty (see Rob Lowe and Meryl Streep).

  • Plus there's the question of what they're being offered.

  • Haystacks

    I think ego and Scientology neutered Tom Cruise's and Will Smith's career more than lack of talent or plum roles did. I don't consider them emotional heavy lifters, but their charm could (and did) make billions.

    But they chose rolls that glorified them as "stars" rather than actual good films. That combined with the association with the creepy, lawyered-up cult, and constant rumors they were banging (male or female) people outside their zenu-riffic marriages pretty much killed the glamour.

    It seems like Scientology keeps its celebrity members by creating a religion around stroking egos, and the end result was their view of themselves exceeded any movie roles, and tainted what they made. It made listening to either of them utterly unbearable.

  • dilwazr

    In person, though, Val Kilmer seems to be a DELIGHT. He's so funny!

  • Enrique del Castillo

    You weren't joking, Val Kilmer is no longer a chubby guy, he just looks like an older man (an older man with a very weird twitter account)

    Ed Norton makes me sad; I always liked him, but betweenn him being kind of a dick and his diminishing roles, it seems like wasted potential. Well, at least he keeps working.

  • wjwallis

    Mel Gibson is going to be in Expendibles 3 so not permanently faded?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Isn't a requirement of the Expendables movies that the actors are faded?

  • wjwallis


  • Orleanas

    Where da girls at?...and where does Denzel Washington fit in on this list? (Well, technically he apparently didn't fit in this list since he wasn't even listed. Was this an error or just a dismissal similar to why females didn't make this list?)

  • stella

    Denzel Washington gets his own list.

  • JBolivar92

    Yeah! Denzel was such a big box office draw - and even Wesley Snipes [King of New York, baby!]

  • Andrew Arnold

    What is this article supposed to be about??? If it's not box office appeal, then it's about the acting. If it's about the acting, then these actors have all proven their chops and have made their mark in cinema. This appears to be a totally pointless article.

  • lowercase_ryan

    and the point of pointing out that something is pointless?

  • Holly Martins

    Critical thinking?

  • lowercase_ryan

    yes, the picture and tone just scream critical thinker.

  • Andrew Arnold

    Hey! I resemble that statement! Having said that, is it a wise man who judges a book by its cover?

  • Holly Martins


    Edit: without discussing the "how should it be done" I think that as a general rule expressing that thought is giving feedback and sometimes there is not much more to say about some posts. Sometimes one sentence says more that long paragraphs dissecting the content.

    And sometimes pointing out something's perceived pointlessness is an annoying waste of space. At least it's not Two and a half men.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I don't know, I mean it's a list on a pop culture website. I'm not sure what the guy was looking for. And he doesn't offer anything than saying "This is stupid". I think that's stupid.

    Sorry, I'm pissy today and that dude didn't help. You're right about 2 1/2 men.

  • Andrew Arnold

    Sorry, next time I'll be sure to get a consensus on whether I may offer an opinion. I wasn't aware of the rules. Didn't mean to contribute to your pissyness.

  • Parsnip

    I thought Mel Gibson made his mark with the first Lethal Weapon movie. Personally speaking, I never thought he was that good until I saw Braveheart.

    EDIT: oops that'd be 1987.

  • Lee

    Mad Max franchise was the movie that launched him into superstardom, Lethal Weapon sealed it.

  • Parsnip

    I thought MM brought him to attention but the LW films thrust him into the arena of international stardom, but I could be wrong.

  • Boothy K

    I loved Mel......Lethal weapon was on repeat in my house. My mother thought he was a hunk....Mad Max was sooooo cool.....it's sad, man.

  • Boothy K

    Mel Gibson in Gallipoli was one of my absolute favourite movies growing up...

  • ljridley

    I took a class on 20th century war in college (my favorite class I have ever taken). The instructor showed us the entire back half of that movie as an example of what WWI battles were like. That instructor didn't have a lot of love for the way war is depicted in movies, but thought that (very long) scene was very accurate.

  • JBolivar92

    Also the Year of Living Dangerously - jeezus, he & Sigourney Weaver were so great in this!

  • Parsnip

    Yes! I haven't seen that for years but you're right, it's one of the good ones.

  • Leo is not a great actor. He is a colossal frown in possession of a human body trying to pass itself of as an actor. An intense, intense Actor.

  • This stupid meme about him never winning an Oscar and how it's oh-so unfair needs to be stopped right away as well. There are plenty of better actors than DiCaprio who have never won an Oscar.

  • Parsnip

    I can't take him seriously at all. I just see a baby face trying hard to be taken seriously.

  • oilybohunk7

    There is so much of it too. I feel like he has so much more face than your average human.

  • e jerry powell

    I guess that's why he worked so well as Rimbaud.

  • Exactly. All I see is a person trying, trying oh so hard. Which I suppose should be applauded, but whenever he's on screen all I ever see is old Leo. trying. Never do I see the character.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I felt he was pretty natural in The Departed.

  • Parsnip

    And my heart sinks further because he seems to be Scorcese's go to actor :o(

  • Parsnip

    Tom Cruise in 'Born on the Fourth of July', that's when I thought he had some serious acting chops.

  • Belladonna Took

    I will never not hold out hope of a Val Kilmer comeback. I'd also be fine with him and RDJ just doing movies together.

  • I am just bummed his list does not include "Real Genius." But that was the 80's...

  • It is timeless.

  • e jerry powell

    Kilmer is at least still working; his Mark Twain project may yet fly...

  • Three_nineteen

    Kilmer's "Psych" cameo was awesome. So good to see him again.

  • e jerry powell

    I missed that and the one on Entourage.

  • Belladonna Took

    I hope so. Id love some more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang type work. Hell, I even liked him in The Salton Sea!

  • e jerry powell

    "Now he’s just a batshit crazy bigot."
    And I hate when batshit crazy bigots have great asses. But it's years later now, and maybe his ass has gone as far downhill as his career has.

    Are we discounting Carrey's work in I Love You Phillip Morris in the whole scheme of things?

    Edward Norton seems to be giving Mel Gibson a run for his money on the Total Asshole front. At least there are still two or three people in Hollywood willing to work with Gibson.

  • _Alexander_

    I of course know of Robert Redford but for the life of me I can't remember a single one of his movies or how he looks. All I get is a fuzzy picture of an old white guy

  • Try The Sting. He and Paul Newman are obviously having the best time, and so does the viewer.

  • Parsnip

    or...All the Presidents Men? The Sting? Wasn't it said at one point that Brad Pitt was the new 'young' Redford? Emmalita's right, you won't regret.

  • emmalita

    Go watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You won't regret it.

  • Or 'The Sting.'

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Always The Sting. What a fun movie.

  • Three Days of the Condor.

  • Three_nineteen

    Redford went through a 10 year period where his movies were Legal Eagles, Havana, Sneakers, Indecent Proposal, and Up Close and Personal. People go through slumps or a run of bad choices - doesn't mean they don't have the chops.

  • The Last Castle, too.

  • Repo

    Whoa whoa. When did we have the vote that Sneakers was a bad movie?

  • Three_nineteen

    I'm putting it in Cindy's "less than interesting work" category. If Iron Man and The Avengers are in that category, then Sneakers is too.

    Not that I necessarily agree with Cindy's assessment that those movies mean that an actor has "faded" or whatever, I'm just going by her rules to demonstrate that at times Redford didn't demonstrate the "stamina" that she attributes to him while saying that actors like Norton and RDJ have "faded".

  • BobGyro

    good job right on the ball!

  • I don't think Brad Pitt has faded, really. More like he's just sitting back a bit, doing what he wants. WWZ may not have been great, but he got to have a lot of fun and make money for his family doing it.

    He produced 12 Years, I believe as well, but his name added to it.

    He has 6 kids, does a lot of humanitarian work and does a movie when he likes. But I don't think there's anything saying he couldn't walk right back into a role and wow us all.

    He's etched for me. Maybe I just love him.

  • ed newman

    If his recent work is "fading" then I am just fine with that. It's been interesting and hasn't relied on built in hits (comic book characters and teen megabooks turned into movies. Not that there is anything wrong with them, they just have a much greater chance to be hits than what Pitt's been doing). Pitt's always been compared to Redford and I think it's pretty apt. Redford was never considered a great actor during his heyday; he got along on looks, personality, and general acting competence, and he was consistently overshadowed by his costars particularly Newman and Hoffman. Pitt is not considered a great actor and is sometimes overshadowed by his co-stars (Clooney, Damon, Waltz, even Cruise) but he gets along on his personality and general acting competence. But Pitt also sometimes exceeds his general competence and gives good to great performances or at least interesting performances. I submit 12 Monkeys, Basterds, Burn After Reading, and Fight Club as evidence.

    Pitt is going to be around for as long as he wants. Someday they will reward him with a statue like they did with Redford (they were lucky enough be able to do so as a director, but if they hadn't you can bet your ass they would have given him a supporting actor somewhere along the line or a lifetime achievement award or a humanitarian award). As he gets older he'll act less and produce more, but he'll stick around. So while it is technically correct to say he is faded, it gives the wrong impression. He is still in a very good place in his career, and probably in a better place than Redford was at the same age. (Really the whole comparison to Redford and Newman for staying power was silly. Those two faded starting in the early to mid 80s, never reaching their highs from the 60s and 70s again. Newman may have won an Oscar later in his career, but it wasn't like he was on any kind of roll heading into the Color of Money, and he didn't sustain anything special afterward.)

  • WestCoastPat

    With respect to several of these (Kilmer, Norton, Pitt), I would not be surprised to see any of those actors law low with smaller parts for a while, only to come back and floor everyone with a big performance. Worth noting that it isn't like Redford rolled straight to old age with a never-ending string of commanding performances. He largely disappeared in the 90s, and some of his early 2000s work isn't that memorable.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    He didn't disappear, he just went extremely earnest, like with Horse Whisperer and A River Runs through It. But Spy Games was great fun.

  • Lee

    Yeah, I don't get the Redford comparisons. He's been more known for his directing than his acting for as long as I can remember. I don't think Brad Pitt has 'failed' in comparison to Redford either - he's still a huge star, and I don't think many of the younger generation have even heard of Redford.

  • Parsnip

    'Indecent Proposal', not one of his best.

  • jennp421

    Okay, it's Tom Hanks; everyone likes Tom Hanks. If you say you don't, then you must be a horrible monster. However, I don't like his movie choices. I can't think of a movie in the last ten years where he was the reason I wanted to see it. To me every single one of his movies screams I want to do something that will get Oscar attention. I never have a desire to see any of his recent films - basically, I wish he'd switch it up and do a fun light hearted comedy or a dark comedy or play a villain, possibly in dark comedy, or something other than constantly doing feel good dramas.

  • Like "Larry Crowne"?

  • Lee

    You're so on the money. He's become so vanilla, and his movies have become the perfect cure for insomnia (Larry Crowne, Saving Mr Banks, Captain Phillips anyone?). I would not pay to see anything he's making these days.

  • Haystacks

    I think all his last major rolls have been fairly humorless - less in the "funny" sense and more in the "I take myself incredibly seriously." sense. It would be nice to see him have fun.

  • Three_nineteen

    I would love to see Hanks do a straight up comedy again.

  • Parsnip

    'Big'...great movie, saw it recently, forgot how much I missed seeing Hanks in comedies. Brilliant timing.

  • Slim

    Kickstarter Money Pit sequel, did you say? Take all my money!

  • luthien26

    Bosom Buddies - The Golden Girls Years.

  • Three_nineteen

    If we can add The 'Burbs, I'm in.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Shit a sequel to the Burbs would be fantastic.

  • mzbitca

    I have an irrational aversion to Tom Hanks movies. He's a lovely human being and everything but for awhile there it seemed like the whole point of his movies was Tom Hanks. Plus I feel like they adapt characters to fit the Tom Hanks vibe. like making both Walt Disney and Captain Philips nicer people then they actually were.

    On the flip side I find Colin Hanks' perpetually confused puppy dog face incredibly endearing.

  • Lee

    I'm so with you there. I have not bothered to see a movie of his in so long, coz they look more like a cure for insomnia. Movies like Larry Crowne, Angels and demons, Saving Mr Banks - all bland as hell.

  • Lee

    Oops, same comment twice - this saved without my consent :(

  • Dumily

    I would love to see him go full villain. I mean a real asshole. I don't remember him ever playing a bad guy.

  • Krissy

    That would literally break my heart and soul because I love him so much

  • Dumily

    I love him too, but I love lots of bad guys. What about Voldemort up there?

  • Krissy

    I see your point when it comes to Fiennes and just about everyone else...but I love Tom Hanks so much that I want him to stay in my own personal pigeon hole of wonderfulness.

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