Pajiba's 2011 List of The Cheapest Actors in Hollywood

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | April 7, 2011 | Comments ()



10. Stephen Root -- Asking Rate: $11,0001 (Contract stipulates that he always make $1 more than J.K. Simmons)

  • Credits Include: "Justified," Rango, Cedar Rapids and Red State.


    9. J.K. Simmons: Asking Rate: $11,000 per appearance.

  • 2011 Credits Include: The Music Never Stopped, Geezer, Young Adult and "Raising Hope."


    8. Barry Bostwick & Christopher McDonald: $7,500 (or both in a package deal for $12,000!).

  • Credits Include: Some Guy Who Kills People, Home Run Showdown, Grassroots and Balls to the Wall.


    7. Kevin Sorbo: Asking Rate: $7,000 (will deduct $500 if he's allowed to wear a Vote for Tim Pawlenty Political Button in every scene)

    Credits Include: FDR: American Badass, Flesh Wounds, SoBe Real, Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury, Avarice and Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice


    6. Danny Trejo -- Asking Rate: $6,000 per picture (add $1,000 if the roles calls for facial expressions that do not fall under the many variations of "scowl."

    Credits Include: You name it.

    50 Cent Weight Loss 2.jpg

    5. 50 Cent -- Asking Rate: $5,000 per picture (add $500 for extreme weight loss)

    2011 Credits Include: Lives of Vengeance, Setup, Blood Out and Things Fall Apart.


    4. Val Kilmer -- Asking Rate: $4,750 per picture, and preferably an all-black, wardrobe (for thinning purposes).

    2011 Credits Include: Kill the Irishmen, 5 Days of August, Deep in the Heart, Blood Out, Twixt Now and Sunrise, and many more.

    Vinnidadsfae Jones (6).jpg

    3. Vinnie Jones -- Asking Rate: $4,000 and a haircut.

  • 2011 Credits include: "Chuck," "The Cape," Not Another Not Another Movie, Cross, Kill the Irishman. All of them.


    2. Cuba Gooding, Jr. -- Asking Rate: $12.72 per appearance

  • 2011 Credits include: Ticking Clock, The Hit List, Sacrifice and Red Tails.


    1. Chris Klein: -- Asking rate per picture: A sandwich, preferably with mayonnaise (mayo not a deal breaker).

  • 2011 Credits include Chris Klein: Fantasy Man (YouTube Only), Panhandling in Brooklyn, Nash Out: The Quickening, and reminding his agent that he's still alive.

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