Our Favorite Cinematic Assholes: A Seriously, We Love To Be Annoyed By Them List

By Jodi Smith | Lists | August 26, 2015 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Lists | August 26, 2015 |

In no particular order:

1. Chet (Bill Paxton) - Weird Science

2. Everett (George Clooney) - O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?

3. Walter (John Goodman) - The Big Lebowski

4. Nathan (Oscar Isaac) - Ex Machina

5. Ed (Nick Frost) - Shaun of the Dead

6. Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) - Filth

7. Walter Peck (William Atherton) - Ghostbusters

8. Regina George (Rachel McAdams) - Mean Girls

9. Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) - There Will Be Blood

10. Detective Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) - Training Day

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