Oscar Presenter Dream Pairings
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Oscar Presenter Dream Pairings

By Vivian Kane | Seriously Random Lists | February 24, 2014 | Comments ()


The full list of Oscar presenters has been released, and it’s a pretty solid lineup. There are some heavy hitters, a couple of legends, and a lot of eye candy. Since we know each presenter will be paired up for roughly 30 seconds of either mindless chatter or amusing riffing, here are the best matches we can hope for.

Odd Couple Pairings (For Maximum Awkwardness)

Daniel Day-Lewis and Zac Efron
Zac Efron was in The Lucky One and I’ve always got the feeling that Daniel Day-Lewis could kill you with his mind. A match made in heaven!

Samuel L. Jackson and Goldie Hawn
He’ll drop an f-bomb and she’ll giggle tipsily through her bangs. Adorable.

Harrison Ford and Whoopi Goldberg
She has a lot of energy and sometimes says horrible things. He has no time for any of this.

Pairs to Set That Place On Fire (It’s a three hour show. Enjoy the view.)

Penélope Cruz and Amy Adams
I’m predicting a lot of inner boob.

Anna Kendrick and Chris Hemsworth
He would just pick her up with his pinky.

Michael B. Jordan and Jennifer Lawrence
The presenters you most want to hang out with after the show.

Benedict Cumberbatch and NO ONE.
No one deserves to be paired with Cumberbatch. NO ONE.

Mind-Blowing Pairs of Awesomeness

Kristen Bell and Bill Murray
So much spunk!

Christoph Waltz and Kevin Spacey
Just imagine. The stares. The monologues. The potential for dance-offs!

Matthew McConaughey and Kim Novak
I don’t care if she is 81, I want to see McConaughey take off his shirt and hit on Kim Novak.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • CyT

    This might be my favourite ever Pajiba post. I would love to see ALL of these pairings. Including, and especially, Benedict Cumberbatch casually wandering out on his own, winning over everybody.

    Oh, and Waltz and Spacey doing the only silent presentation ever: *scowl, *ponder, *retort, *shock, *intrigue, *amusement turn to camera and say the nominees are....

  • BWeaves

    Are these for real, or just your moist lion dreams?

  • Berry

    Moist Lion Dreams, a band name, or possibly the name of my yet to be named band's first album.

  • emmalita

    Or my autobiography.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Christoph Waltz and Garry Oldman. There's your four hour award show right there.

  • Laura

    It's too bad Walken isn't involved.

  • Don't forget the top pick: Gabby Sidibe presenting with everyone. She knows how to banter.

  • oui

    alan rickman & benny cumby; emma thompson & michael dudikoff, adele & trent reznor

  • Fabius_Maximus

    "emma thompson & michael dudikoff"

    That's a bit ... random. Is Michael Dudikoff even still alive?

  • emmalita

    I want to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Christoph Waltz do something together. McConaughey and Mads Mikkelson must not be allowed in the same room. Their combined cheek bones would rip the space time continuum. Kristen Bell and Bill Murray should do a movie together, so long as they are a romantic pairing or father/daughter. I see more professional rivals, or nefarious grifters.

  • Berry

    Ooh, I don't remember why I know this, but some time ago there was talk of a movie that was supposed to star Kirsten Stewart and Ben Affleck as some sort of grifters/con-artists, him being the older, more experienced one and teaching the tricks of the trade to her. Now, something like that could go terribly wrong, but if we're fantasy casting, Bell and Murray playing off each-other? Would intrigue me. Their charisma and screen-presence vs. Affleck and Stewart's? I know which pair I'd rather see.

  • emmalita

    Murray and Bell would be fantastic in something like that. Everyone thinks Jennifer Garner made Affleck drop the movie because she was afraid KStew would steal her man, but I think it was because she knew even the crew would fall asleep during filming.

  • Berry

    Right? Affleck and KStew might both be serviceable in the right part, but they're not exactly dynamic.

    And now I remember where I knew about the project: from reading celebitchy quite a lot when the whole thing with Affleck and Stew in it/not in it went down.

  • Berry

    The hair jealousy I'm experiencing for Amy Adams right now is INTENSE. That's a good head of hair.

  • Ashley Nicholas

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    ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗A match made in heaven!

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