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By Seth Freilich | Seriously Random Lists | March 31, 2009 |

kalifornia.jpg4. Dominic Sena. Who dat, you ask? Well he directed a little ditty in '93 called Kalifornia. But you know what Sena's done for us lately? Gone in Sixty Seconds and Swordfish. Fuuuuck. I mean, thanks to him we got Haley's breasts in Swordfish but still, have you seen that movie. Ain't worth it.

cary-elwes.jpg3. Cary Elwes. Very early in his career, Elwes gave a fantastic performance in the beloved The Princess Bride. Fast-forward 20 years, you only know one other thing about Elwes besides the fact that he was the Dread Pirate Roberts -- that he melodramatically had to cut off his own leg in an attempt to appease Jigsaw. His overacting made me want to cut my own leg off.

jack-black.jpg2. Jack Black. Eighty-four acting entries on IMDB, including an amazing turn in High Fidelity, which was well before Jack Black the actor became Jack Black the character. Then came Shallow Hal,, The School of Rock, Envy, King Kong and Nacho fuck-you-in-the-ass Libre, among many other horrors. I loathe watching Jack Black on the screen, and the only fate worse than death I can think of at the moment would be getting tied down and forced to watch his upcoming turd Year One.

chucky.jpg1. Chucky. In Child's Play, Chucky was terrifying. He really brought the horror like few actors before him. From Child's Play 2 through Seed of Chucky, though, he was a joke. And he's been unwilling to try to show any range, refusing to do anything but the Child's Play flicks. Come on, little dude, at least try to stretch your wings and fly.

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