Mindhole Blowers: The Less than Impressive Working Titles to 25 Memorable Films

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | April 6, 2014 | Comments ()


  • Halloween was originally titled The Babysitter Murders

  • The Village was originally called The Woods

  • Unforgiven has the working title of The Cut-Whore Killings

  • 2009’s Star Trek had the original working title of Corporate Headquarters.

  • Not Another Teen Movie was originally called Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can’t Hardly Wait to Be Kissed

  • The working title for Field of Dreams was Shoeless Joe

  • The original title for Annie Hall was It Had to Be Jew

  • Alien worked under the title Star Beasts

  • The original title for Psycho was Wimpy

  • The Dark Knight used the working title Rory’s First Kiss to elude fanboys.

  • Likewise, The Return of the Jedi worked under the title Blue Harvest for the same reason.

  • Bring it On was originally titled, Jump.

  • Strangely, Cloverfield was originally called Cheese

  • Clockwork Orange was originally titled Chocolate Orange

  • Casablanca was originally called Everybody Comes to Rick’s

  • Hitch was originally titled The Last First Kiss

  • Dogma was originally titled Bearclaw

  • Saturday Night Fever was originally called The Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night

  • Some Like It Hot was originally called Not Tonight Josephine

  • Scream was originally titled Scary Movie

  • Stepmom was originally titled Good Night Moon

  • Titanic was originally called The Ship of Dreams

  • Pretty Woman was originally called 3000

  • The hilariously accurate working title for American Pie was Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Your Reader Will Love But The Executive Will Hate

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