Kidman Does Dunaway, Rickman Woos Winslet; Cooper Does Fleming and Eleven Will Direct: Five Things You Need to Read This Week

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Kidman Does Dunaway, Rickman Woos Winslet; Cooper Does Fleming and Eleven Will Direct: Five Things You Need to Read This Week

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | January 20, 2013 | Comments ()


You wouldn't want to miss anything, would you?

5. BBC America Announced It Will Co-Produce and Air a Miniseries About Ian Fleming.


Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger, My Week with Marilyn, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) will star as the adventurous author whose own life inspired the James Bond novels he wrote. "Fleming" will explore the writer's early years, during some of which he floundered with an unsuccessful attempt at military college and a poor stint in banking/finance. Through family connections, Fleming found his niche as a journalist, later recruited by the Royal Navy; the combined experiences set the Bond stage and with Casino Royale, a spy legend was born. Annabelle Wallis (X-Men First Class, "The Tudors") will co-star as Muriel Wright, one of Fleming's high profile romances and rumored Bond girl inspiration. The four episode drama short, a joint production with Sky Atlantic, begins filming in Budapest and Britain this February.

4. Ron Moore Headed Back Home to Syfy.


"Battlestar Galactica" and "Caprica" writer and executive producer Ron Moore has developed a new series, "Helix," for his favorite network. Described as a thriller, the series will focus on a group of scientists based at an Arctic research facility. After the outbreak of a deadly disease, the group is tasked with finding a way to stop its spread before humanity is wiped out. Details of the straight-to-series contract are being finalized, and "Helix" is expected to air on Syfy this year.

And Speaking of Science Fiction, the First Snowpiercer Promotional Shot Was Released.


Anticipation is running high for Joon-ho Bong's adaptation of the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige. Starring Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer and Kang-ho Song, Snowpiercer has humanity's last survivors hurtling through the year 2031 on a train "powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine." The remaining people are separated by class, and a revolution is coming...

We need this trailer yesterday.

3. Stan Lee Sent a Get-Well Message to a California School Shooting Victim.

Last week, after a 16 year old was left in critical condition in the shooting at Taft Union High School, his friends banded together in support. Bowe Cleveland had been shot in the chest and abdomen by a fellow classmate, airlifted to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery and was put into a medically induced coma. Using the power of Twitter, Cleveland's mates got in touch with Lee, who created the teen's favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Not only did the 90 year old Lee take the time to send a personal video message, he also promised to send Cleveland signed copies of comics and posters to help speed his recovery.

2. We Got a Look at New Images and a Clip from Park Chan-Wook's Stoker.








If you're a fan of Chan-wook Park's Oldboy, you're no doubt looking forward to what dark twists and turns lie ahead, despite the gorgeous photography. Stoker, the director's English language film debut, brings to life a sinister script by Wentworth Miller (yes, the "Prison Break" actor), which tells the story of what happens after India's (Mia Wasikowska) father is killed in an auto accident, and a mysterious uncle (Matthew Goode) moves into the family home. This latest clip features India's unstable mother Evie (Nicole Kidman) giving her views on parenthood in a rather interesting way. Stoker also stars Dermot Mulroney, Jacki Weaver, Lucas Till and Alden Ehrenreich, and is premiering at Sundance this week.

1. Idris Elba and Matt Smith Will Both Make Their Directorial Debuts.


After the success of last year's "Playhouse Presents," Sky Arts is preparing for another round of plays starring--and directed by--some of our favorite actors. Elba wrote the script for and will direct ""The Pavement Psychologist," starring Anna Friel as a woman whose life changes after she meets a homeless man. Eleven, aka the current Doctor, aka Matt Smith will direct "Cargese," a story about adolescent love starring Craig Roberts and Joe Cole. Other "Playhouse Presents" actors on tap include Julia Davis, Vanessa Redgrave, Stephen Graham, Kathy Burke, David Harewood, Katy Brand, Peter Serafinowicz, Ricky Tomlinson and songstress, Kylie Minogue. Series 2 begins March 14th on Sky Arts 1.

While, Alan Rickman Invited Kate Winslet to His Second Directorial Outing.


Rickman is finally ready to breathe life into a script he's had in the works since 2007, A Little Chaos. The period love story will star Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts (Rust and Bone) as rival gardeners commissioned by Louis XIV to create a fountain at Versailles. Not exactly up my alley...but the Rickman/Winslet combination is enough to pique my interest, and hey, maybe we'll get to see Kate's fantabulous boobs again?

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is a fan of fine boobery.

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  • Mary

    Just an addendum to the Bond tv series news: Fleming actually used William Stephenson's experiences as a basis for James Bond (ie the Man Called Intrepid), so there is a little Canadian in the spy's background.

  • Idle Primate

    Transperceneige/Snowpiercer sounds potentially great

  • Jezzer

    That clip has me intrigued. Nicole's become such a Botox punchline I'd forgotten she knows how to do actressin'.

  • e jerry powell

    I couldn't get past the lips to tell.

  • duckandcover

    It's peculiar how Nicole Kidman's natural hair color doesn't work with her naturally.

  • Gabs

    Helix sounds like my kinda show... diseases and outbreaks are so fascinating.

  • Mr_Zito

    Pajiba, please, when a video starts running automatically, why don't you just link to it instead of embedding it? My Pajiba experience would be much more delightful if you did so. Thank you.

  • e jerry powell

    Did Kidman get lip collagen along with her latest round of botox? Somethin' ain't right around her mouth.

  • Lee

    I can't take her seriously as an actress anymore coz she looks so freaky

  • Mrs. Julien

    a. I agree with you, but, and this is the important part,
    b. it's her body.

  • e jerry powell

    That's very true, but she earns her living how? By having people look at her body. So yes, she is free to do with her body as she will, and she can deal with everyone's opinions about what she's chosen to do.

  • googergieger

    Song Kang Ho is the greatest living actor today. Park Chan Wook has made five masterpieces to date and a very entertaining movie in I'm a Cyborg. Hopefully Hollywood doesn't turd it up. I know Park was talking about how one of the differences between here and in Korea is that in Korea the director's get the final say on everything, and here you have to listen to a lot of feedback and try to incorporate some of it.

    Stoker is also more along the lines of, well, no spoilers. Just go into it without knowing a thing about it except the greatest director ever is doing it and if it sucks it is because of you stupid Americans. Imagine the stupid Americans said in a very very horrible french accent.

  • carrie

    classy Stan Lee

  • annie

    I haven't seen Oldboy, but Stoker has me hella intrigued, especially a Wentworth-penned screenplay. He is one pretty man; let's see what brains are behind those looks.

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