It's Time To Make A Valentine's (Or Galentine's) Day Mixtape

By Jodi Smith | Lists | February 12, 2018 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Lists | February 12, 2018 |


Valentine’s Day is in like, two days. It’s on a Wednesday this year, so if you are able to go out then you’ll likely in the minority. Or not. I don’t know how that works. The husband and I once did the White Castle Valentine’s Day Dinner and IT RULED.

What am I talking about? Oh yeah, MUSIC. Specifically, playlist of music meant to do one of three things: get you snoo-snoo, get you through your anger and loathing and help you move on, or get you dancing. I’ll start with a couple of songs for each list and then you can all do your choices in the comments.

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Help Me Make It Through Today

Dance Like Any Other Wednesday

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