It's A Fumble! FUMBLIYA!

By Brian Prisco | Seriously Random Lists | September 10, 2010 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Seriously Random Lists | September 10, 2010 |

There are a shitton of movies that are made or have plots that revolve around football. And we have carefully screened and/or vaguely remembered most of them to assemble this crack list of ten. Normally, here's where we breakdown and kind of waffle about what a difficult decision this was, and how we struggled. Well, we didn't. This list of ten movies is it. If you don't see one on here, it's not because we forgot about it. It's because it didn't deserve to be on the fucking list, because it's not a good movie, and you are an idiot for thinking it is. Also, I'd normally enter in a brief descriptive argument for why it's here, but really, football's on, so fuck you, I've got a fantasy football roster to work on.

Argue in the comments. I'll be over here, watching football and not giving a shit.


10. Wildcats

9. Varsity Blues

8. Brian's Song

7. Remember the Titans

6. Necessary Roughness

5. Any Given Sunday

4. The Last Boy Scout

3. The Longest Yard (1974 version. There is no other version.)

2. Rudy

1. Friday Night Lights

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