In Honor Of Our Favorite Ginger's Birthday We Dispel The Myth That Blondes Have More Fun

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | May 3, 2011 | Comments ()


Well she may not be YOUR favorite Ginger, but Christina Hendricks has given a lot (of page views) to Pajiba. So I thought that today, on her coughety-coughth birthday, we should give something back. Last week my boss displayed a certain penchant for blondes. Blondes are all very well and good (I'm a blonde. . .sometimes), but Gingers have all the spice. To prove that fact, I've amassed a list of Hollywood beauties, some natural Gingers, some not. (How can we ever know really know these days? Don't answer that.) You know what? They all look better as red-heads. All of them. Every single one. This is fact. What? You disagree? Sorry, I can't hear you, I've got henna dye dripping into my ear. Also, if I missed your favorite Ginger, odds are she has sense enough not to blondify her fiery locks.

emma stone.jpg


Kirsten Dunst.jpg


Amy Adams.jpg


Nicole Kidman.jpg


(Not exactly Hollywood, I know, but you can't ignore the Spiciest Ginger.)

Joanna Robinson thinks you're all equally beautiful, not matter what color your hair is. But, like, especially you, Gingers. You're especially more equally beautiful.

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