'I Know What You Did Last Summer' And I Know What You Look Like 16 Years Later.
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'I Know What You Did Last Summer' And I Know What You Look Like 16 Years Later.

By Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | October 13, 2013 | Comments ()


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Guess what I watched the other night! WRONG! I watched I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and it super sucked! Anyway, let’s see how the stars of the far superior IKWYDLS have aged. Also if we still want to bone them.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Julie James



Freddie Prinze Jr. - Ray Bronson



Sarah Michelle Gellar - Helen Shivers



Ryan Phillippe - Barry Cox



Johnny Galecki - Max Neurick



Bridgette Wilson-Sampras - Elsa Shivers



Anne Heche - Missy Egan



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  • WillSmithSpreadsAids

    Anne Heche FTW! They say u shouldn't stick your dick in crazy but what if the crazy is also rich?

  • Berzerker37

    Most of them aged very well, but what the hell happened to Geller?? Good Lord, it looks like she hit that big ass nose on something and gave herself infinite black eyes. To be honest, Jennifer Love Hewitt was always just a set of boobs. You take those away and she's very plain...

  • KC

    Actually Geller (imo) still looks pretty great, that's just a terrible angle.


  • F'mal DeHyde

    Anne Heche has always been beautiful in a delicate and easily-overlooked kind of way but she's perfection in that photo.

  • I don't know where the 'still' came from. I guess this ain't my demo.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's a sequel, obviously.

  • Berry

    Ryan Phillippe obviously looks really good, but there's just something so off-putting about his general mien that it prevents me from wanting to bone him.

    That's right, pretty boy, an over-weight no-body from one of the remotest corners of Europe WOULD kick you out of bed for eating crackers. Think of that, and weep.

  • bastich

    That's what he's thinking about in the picture. They had to Photoshop out his tears.

  • Berry

    But they could do nothing about his wistful expression. "Oh Berry", he's clearly thinking "we could have had something special, if only my smug mug and overall air of assholiness weren't so repulsive to you."

  • Gistine

    Hahaha! "Barry Cox."

    And may I just proffer the merits of Vitamin B-otox? Oh, never mind! Those ageless being just showed proof. I love Vitamin B! I don't think my forehead has moved since 2006 - and it's a good thing considering all the shit I have been through in the past 7 years. My face has NO idea, either. I just know that once I quit, shit's going probably fall quicker than a layer cake in high altitude.

    All good.

  • I'm reminded of a classic AbFab moment, from the "Parralax" (black-market Botox) epi:
    Edina: [Patsy] still has feelings, darling! She just doesn't have to pay for them in wrinkles.
    Patsy: I'm happy about that, can you tell?
    Edina: No.
    Patsy: Money well spent.

  • SIDE NOTE: Based on her current arc, Anne Heche will be so beautiful at 60 that a unicorn has an orgasm every time she looks in the mirror. Dayum.

  • Holy boy-whores, Batgirl! Normally, the gym rat look doesn't do it for me, but my preferences just wandered down Philippe's Abercrombie Trail and got lost. (sigh) Oh, Sebastian. I wanna have coke-fueled rich-bitch hate sex with you.

  • bastich

    When on the Abercrombie Trail, be careful you don't catch dysentery.

  • Mostly what you catch on the Abercrombie Trail is footballs and predators.

  • Wrestling Fan

    Wow, Hewitt got FAT!

    (it's a joke, people! i know she's knocked up in that picture.)

  • BlackRabbit

    So that means that you do know what she did...never mind, labored set up.

  • bastich

    tee hee..."labored"....

  • Ben

    Holy shit Ryan Phillippe got CUT like a mother fucker. I'd like to reinstate my boyhood crush on him from watching Cruel Intentions like a hundred times growing up.

  • Jill

    How many safety pins are holding Gellar's shirt closed in her second pic?
    Yes, yes I know, too many.

  • Obvious vampire is obvious.

  • The Kilted Yaksman

    Anne Heche looks stupendous. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras has either coked the inside of her nose away, or had one too many 'procedures'.

  • I just shouted, "DAMNNN, Ryan Phillippe!"

  • "if we still want to bone them" An unconditional 'Yes' to Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anne Heche, and a conditional one to Buffy and Bridgette as long as they remember to watch the teeth.

  • Billhilly88

    Apparently IKWYDLS IS the fountain of youth!! Damn you hot kids of the late 90's, if only you were as talented as your skin care regimes.

  • Finn

    The woman's off her rocker......but, damn. Anne Heche has aged well.

  • Berry

    Who knew that being crazy was so good for the skin?

  • Miss laaw-yuhr

    Everyone know this! Have you seen that Mary Kay Letourneau? She has the most amazing skin and it is directly proportional to her crazy. There's a certain type of crazy that just straight up gives you good skin.

  • Berry

    So all these years of therapy and trying to find juuust the right meds have been a complete waste, skin-care wise? Huh.

    Be right back, have to go wander around muttering about UFOs.

    On a slightly more serious note, I had not seen Mary Kay Letourneau, had in fact not even heard of her before this day, and her wikipedia page has made me a bit nauseous. Her crazy I do not want.

  • NoPantsMcLane

    That is NOT how you war a hoodie, Ryan Phillippe! It makes the rest of us look bad...

  • I'm more put off by the 35 lb dumbbell being carried like a security blanket.

  • nixiepoo

    They all aged pretty well, DAMMIT!!!!!

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