How Well Can You Tell White People Apart?

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | April 6, 2011 |


It feels like a lot of the major Hollywood stars of today -- Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, etc. -- are aging past their blockbuster action movie primes, and there's a vacuum that has to be filled. Lately, there's a lot of younger actors and actresses rising up and filling in the gaps, and for many of you -- especially those who don't spend an inordinate amount of time in theaters -- it's probably difficult at times to both keep up and make the distinctions between all those newbies. But summer blockbuster season is approaching, and there's a lot of faces you're probably going to be seeing a lot, if you haven't already. Today, I want to try and help you concretize their faces in your minds. All these new young white people -- they're not always easy to tell apart. To demonstrate that, I'm going to give you a series of 11 images, with two of these newcomers (more or less) on each, and in the survey question below each, try and see if you know who is whom?

And though it should go without explanation, I'll give it anyway: Picture A is the person on the left; Picture B is the person on the right.

Garret Hedlund vs. Sam Worthington: One of these men starred in Tron: Legacy and the other starred in Clash of the Titans. Which one is Sam Worthington?


Chris Hemsworth vs. Liam Hemsworth. These two men are brothers. One will star in Thor, while the other will star in Hunger Games. Which one is Liam Hemsworth?


Colin Egglesfield vs. Matthew Goode: One of these men starred in last year's Leap Year, while the other will star in this summer's Something Borrowed. Which one is Colin Egglesfield?


Lily Collins vs. Emily Browning: One of these women was in The Blind Side and will be in Priest while the other was in Sucker Punch. Which one is Lily Collins?


Gemma Ward vs. Abbie Cornish: One of these women will be in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the other was in Sucker Punch. Which one is Abbie Cornish?


Olivia Wilde vs. Summer Glau: One of these women will be in Cowboys and Aliens while the other is set to star in Knights of Badassdom. Which one is Olivia Wilde?


Jessica Chastain vs. Bryce Dallas Howard: One of these women will be starring in the upcoming adaptation of The Help while the other was in the last Twilight film. Which one is Bryce Dallas Howard?

jessica chastain bryce dallas howard2.png

Amber Heard vs. Blake Lively: One of these women will be in The Green Lantern while the other was recently in Drive Angry 3D. Which one is Amber Heard?


Scout Taylor-Compton vs. Rooney Mara: One of these women was in the Halloween remakes and the other was in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Which one is Rooney Mara?


Jennifer Lawrence vs. Brit Marling: Both of these women are new indie darlings. One will be in X-Men: First Class and the other is in Another Earth. Which one is Brit Marling?


Felicity Jones vs. Gemma Arterton: One of these women was recently in The Tempest while the other was in Clash of the Titans. Which one is Gemma Arterton?


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