How Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer Ranks The New Fall TV Shows

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How Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer Ranks The New Fall TV Shows

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | October 10, 2013 | Comments ()


Rotten Tomatoes, the service which aggregates movie reviews and gives them a percentage score, recently unleashed its service for television shows. Of course, the same problems that plague the movie review scores mar the TV percentages, too, namely that there is no room for nuance. The services takes into account whether a critic likes a show, or doesn’t like a show, and leaves no room for in-between, which is why something like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sports a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the same score as Iron Man 3.

Still, the Tomatometer does a fairly decent job with the new falls shows, although it severely over-inflates the dreadful The Michael F. Fox Show, while Agents of SHIELD — which was just picked up for a full season — ridiculously ends up with the same percentage as Boardwalk Empire. There’s your flaw in the system.

However, I do find some amusing irony in the fact that the best reviewed new show of the season has as its lead-in the worst reviewed new show of the season.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine — 90%
2. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD — 88%
3. The Blacklist — 84%
4. Sleepy Hollow — 76%
5. Trophy Wife — 74%
6. The Michael J. Fox Show — 71%
7. Mom — 67%
8. Hostages — 55%
9. Back in the Game — 52%
10. The Goldbergs — 51%
11. The Crazy Ones — 51%
12. Welcome to the Family — 41%
13. The Millers — 47%
14. Super Fun Night — 33%
15. Lucky 7 — 30% (cancelled)
16. Ironside — 15%
17. Sean Saves the World — 24%
18. Betrayal — 9%
19. We Are Men — 5% (cancelled)
20. Dads — 0%

After sampling all the new fall shows for the last two (grueling) weeks, I am personally quitting everything from The Michael J. Fox down, save for The Goldbergs (though, I may give Mom one more week to see if it improves). Time is too valuable to waste it on mediocrity.

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  • Bell Swerve

    Can I ask about accents in the current crop of tv series, in particular British/Irish - American. So any feedback please on:

    Rupert Friend, David Harewood, Damian Lewis - Homeland
    Michael Sheen - Masters of Sex
    Hugh Dancy - Hannibal
    Matthew Rhys, The Americans (I know his is a fake accent though).
    Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten - True Blood
    Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy
    Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey - The Walking Dead
    Josh Bowman - Revenge
    Alan Cumming - The Good Wife

    By the by, I've started rewatching Queer as Folk. Boy do Jax and Littlefinger have some explicitly lovemaking.

  • Veronica

    Ughs! Why am I the only person enjoying Super Fun Night? Yes, there are some cliche jokes but Rebel Wilson is so charming and hilarious. I was laughing through the first and second episode (3 way group date? Kimmie's impromptu Russian model? So cold we fed him to the wolves?). There's funny stuff here and with Conan producing I think it's worth sticking around to see where it goes. Plus I'm loving the simplicity of a show with such a minimum agenda.

    PS. even though it's drenched with sitcomy-laugh-track-CBS-nonsense, I'm going to keep watching Mom because I adore Anna Faris and she continues to make it utterly with worth watching.

  • Three_nineteen

    I am giving Super Fun Night a lot of leeway because four of the five main cast members are women, and the male love interest is not only not dating or crushing on the mean skinny girl, he actually notices that she's mean. It does have a couple good jokes every episode so far, and that's enough for right now.

  • Thor

    Brooklyn 99 is amazing considering how it's four episodes in with characters already more fleshed out than Big Bang Theory. I literally don't care about any of the other ones on this list.

  • Bell Swerve

    No Masters of Sex? Why no Masters of Sex?

  • Veronica

    Network, dude. Network TV.

  • Bell Swerve

    Ah I see. In UK it's on Channel 4, which is network. I'm still amazed it's not on Sky/cable. Lucky us, and strange that stuffy Brits get it for free.

  • I guess everyone must be grading SHIELD on one hell of a curve. Because...seriously? That much?

  • Captain D

    It may be the "Firefly got cancelled after only eleven episodes aired" curve.

  • Keith Ballard

    It's certainly important to understand what an aggregate site is doing before you use it as a resource, but I'll certainly take RT's black and white scores over Metacritic's muddled average. When you average everyone's dissenting opinions the number always seems to be in the 40-70% range

  • Marcus

    The Millers will get one more week out of me because I will watch anything with a Happy Endings alum on it, except for Dave, Dave was, and still is, the worst.

  • Laura26

    I love The Blacklist, really like Hostages and like Ironsides .

  • I agree, The Goldbergs is too fun to quit yet. I'm liking it.

  • JayWantsACat

    I'm on the sort of 'like' side of the fence. I'm just waiting for them to get past the "'80's REFERENCE LOOOOOL' as joke" period. Granted, they've been mostly good about it, and there have only really been a few instances, its just not quite there for me yet. Needs to go more towards The Wedding Singer, I guess.

  • Word. The top 4 or 5 are the only good ones and even among those none are stellar (Sleepy Hollow and SHIELD are mediocre). This is a disappointing TV season.

  • Blake

    Is the M.J. Fox show any good? It's got Katie Finneran who I love and have missed since Wonderfalls.

  • dizzylucy

    I knew she looked familiar!

  • Meli_V

    I watched the pilot episode of MJ Fox Show and felt a little bored. I really wanted to laugh and like the show, but I only chuckled a couple of times. I think I'll give episode two a try before making a final decision.

  • Anthony Hoffman

    It's more cute than funny. Which is fine, I guess. There should be a little corner of TV land for stuff like that. Not good, however, when the only remote laughs came from Mike Fox's Parkinson's ticks.

  • Becks

    Get ready to never watch it again after that because episode two was a steep drop in quality to the point where it was actually a little uncomfortable.

  • Blake

    Sounds like an avoid. I'll hold out for maybe seeing Finneran on Hannibal at some point.

  • Blake

    I haven't watch any of the 19 others... I have Zero interest in any of them.

    But I will probably watch Sleepy Hollow when John Noble appears.

  • stella

    Wait. Wait. John Nobles going to be on Sleepy Hollow?

  • Blake

    YUP. I'd prefer him in G.O.T but there's still time.

  • stella

    Dude you just made meso happy, you dont even know.

  • memikeyounot

    I only watched SNL a little bit during the last few years and always found Andy Samberg to be the least interesting cast member, to put it mildly. I watched the first 2 eps of his new show and won't need to see it again. I feel bad for Andre Braugher getting stuck in it.

  • KatSings

    Am I the only one that thought Brooklyn Nine Nine ceased to be funny after episode one? I watched the first two and just got bored with it.

  • Thor

    The third episode is where it took off. You know of the 5 episode rule, right?

  • ed newman

    I'm not sure the pilot was even that funny. This is getting a looong leash because of Michael Schur, but so far it has been average at best. Still better than just about everything else on this list though.

    Maybe they should just rerun Barney Miller?

  • Anthony Hoffman

    The premise of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is kinda tiresome. Hopefully the supporting characters can engulf Samberg's overused, wise ass annoying the straightman shtick.

  • Green Lantern

    I've already gone on record as liking "Nine-Nine" rather well. I laughed aloud at least four or five times during the pilot, and that's more than most comedies get out of me.

    'Course it helps that I like Samberg...

  • Blake

    Its only been 3 episodes, I just glad to see a cop comedy.

    Sandberg has a been a pleasant surprise, to me anyways, but I've never been a fan of his.

    Kyle Secor for Holts husband!

  • Semilitterate

    Want a cop comedy? Dig up some old Barney Miller. None other need apply

  • Tammy

    I cannot upvote this enough. Are you listening, Universe? Please make this happen.

  • Blake

    I'd have a Nerdgasm just have them in the same room on the show, but it will probably never happen.

  • Aaron Schulz

    The most recent episode did a pretty good job of that. The secondary story is solid and even the main story with him does a decent job of making it feel slightly more ensemble.

  • Anthony Hoffman

    The pedigree of the producers and writers gives you hope this will get better, once the kinks are worked out.

  • Aaron Schulz

    yeah i think they know sandberg is too intensely irritating, and parks and rec was just the worst first season so im hoping it keeps climbing.

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