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There are scores of so-called great movies that I wish I’d never seen, probably enough to create a completely separate seriously random list — The Hours, English Patient, Moonstruck, Crying Game, Beautiful Mind, and Lord of the Rings come to mind — but as a critic, I try to watch most of the classics, or at least those from the last 20 years, so I don’t sound as ignorant as I am when I’m asked about film. It’s almost inevitable, but when I meet someone new and tell them I review films, they almost always ask my opinion on one of the few films I haven’t seen. Then I feel like an idiot. Then I decide that I hate that person.

I don’t make a lot of new friends.

But then there are movies, Oscar winners and nominees, well-respected films, movies among IMDb’s top 250, etc., that I just can’t bring myself to watch. They usually involve war, or they’re period pieces, but no matter how good someone tells me the film in question is, or how much coaxing I receive, I just won’t do it. These are ten of them — ten great films that I absolutely refuse to watch. Ever. You can’t make me. I will not do it. Don’t even try to talk me into it.

10. Children of a Lesser God

9. Howard’s End

8. Sense and Sensibility

7. Into the Wild

6. The Queen

5. Letters of Iwo Jima/Flags of Our Fathers

4. Chariots of Fire

3. Lawrence of Arabia

2. The Piano

1.The Prince of Tides

Ten Great Movies I Absolutely Refuse to Watch

A Seriously Random List XXVII / Dustin Rowles

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