Get Rid Of The Tights. They Make Him Look "Faggy"

By Brian Prisco | Seriously Random Lists | October 5, 2010 | Comments ()


Superman's been played by a shitton of actors -- both through voice work and live action -- throughout the years. Now that they are re-re-rebooting Superman again maybe probably but not, I remember Kevin Smith's story about Jon Peters and his rules for rebooting Superman. No tights, no flying, and he had to fight a giant spider. This was the man that owned the rights to the project, and he was able to make stipulations about how Superman should be played. And Barbra Streisand's former hairdresser -- yes, that was Jon Peters -- was afraid of making Superman too "faggy."

So I checked five of the actors who've played Superman (according to IMDb) and checked to see whether or not they've ever done a gay role in Hollywood. And whaddya know? Pretty much most of them have. And give Tom Welling time now that Smallville's wrapping.

  • Christopher Reeve -- Deathtrap


  • Brandon Routh -- Zack and Miri Make a Porno


  • Bobby Cannavale (played in an upcoming comedy sketch film ala Kentucky Fried Movie) -- "Oz"

    cannavale 2.jpg

  • George Newbern -- Far Harbor


  • Dean Cain -- The Broken Hearts Club


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