Gaze At These 14 Foreign Posters For American Movies And Let The Confusion Wash Over You.

By Jodi Smith | Seriously Random Lists | January 27, 2014 |


The Shining - Thanks, Cuba. It’s minimal and creepy.

Cuba - The Shining.jpg

The Big Lebowski - Italy chooses foot fetish over all else.

Italy - The Big Lebowski.jpg

The Terminator - Damn, Czech Republic. You creepy.


Let the Right One In - It’s bloody and French! C’est beau!

France - Let the Right On In.jpg

American Psycho - I like the cut of your hakama, Japan.

Japan - American Psycho.jpg

Sex and the City - Poland is my spirit country.

the-polish-version-Sex and the City.jpg

Blazing Saddles - Germany likes boobs and starry eyes. Also lots of faces.

Germany Blazing Saddles.jpg

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Japan just gets it.

Japan - Ferris Bueller.png

The Fly - The Turkish have thoughtfully focused on naked Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis side-boob.

Turkey - The Fly.jpg

Cujo Damn it, Ghana. Did you even WATCH the movie?


Planet of the Apes - Listen, Romania. Drugs are bad, mmkay?


Cliffhanger - Turkey. I forgot this movie even existed. Thanks for the unnerving reminder.

Turkey Cliffhanger.jpg

Back to the Future - Hungary knows we all watch for that dreamy Christopher Lloyd. Michael J. WHO??

Hungary - Back to the Future.jpg

Total Recall - Thailand, um. Wow.

Thai - Total Recall.jpg

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