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Hot Women Can't Be Funny? You Bet Sofia Vergara's Sweet *ss They Can.

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | November 22, 2011 | Comments ()


Olivia Munn, on the other hand, is objectively attractive. She's also aggressive about her sexuality, one is hard pressed to find an image of her where she is not half-naked and draped over something. But that's her prerogative. There is plenty of room in the world for half-naked draped women.

What these women are not, however, is funny. Not pratfall funny, not clever funny, not dry, sardonic funny. Just. Unfunny. And I reserve the right as a woman and as a person with eyeballs to call them out on their lack of talent. It's not because I'm sexist and it's not because I'm jealous. Because of course a woman can be sexy and funny and not draw any ire. In fact, I would argue a talented comedian is made that much hotter by her ability to deliver a joke, fall on her ass and execute a well-timed double take. So here, in honor of them, are twelve funny, sexy ladies currently (or soon to be) steaming up your televisions. Enjoy.

Katie Aselton--"The League"

Casey Wilson and Eliza Coupe--"Happy Endings"

Tina Fey--"30 Rock"

Ellie Kemper and Mindy Kaling--"The Office"

Alyson Hannigan--"How I Met Your Mother" (Click here for the wicked hot photo I was too shy to post.)

Sofia Vergara--"Modern Family"
sofia vergara (3).jpg

Busy Phillips--"Cougar Town"

Cobie Smulders--"How I Met Your Mother"

Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie--"Community" (Same photoshoot, slightly different angle, you guys!)

Joanna Robinson also enjoys non-conventionally attractive lady comedians. But this ain't about that.

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